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The true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, through her sheer determination and unwavering faith.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2011-04-08

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $18m

Revenue $47m


TMDB 7.1


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great and very inspirational movie. A must watch!"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "I love movies where people overcome a challenge,and as a disabled person I relate to this one!"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Very inspiring story. I just found out it’s leaving Netflix after today though! 😩"

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april_smallwood shared a tip "Best movie ever"

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tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Watch this movie if you haven’t already! Great movie! Watch on Netflix"

Polaris 's profile image

polaris.wesche shared a tip "There was one scene that made me want to puke and had a lot of blood"

Mikayla 's profile image

kayywayy shared a tip "absolutely one of my favorite movies ever! such a powerful story makes me cry every time"

liv_marshmallows 's profile image

liv_marshmallows shared a tip "Loved this when I was younger, definitely a nostalgic movie for me."

Maria Zareh's profile image

maria_zareh shared a tip "She is an inspiration to all of us"

Amanda Aragona's profile image

amanda_aragona_9906 shared a tip "True story. Inspirational. Survival"

sherie_smith shared a tip "Good movie"

brianna_hasson shared a tip "the storyline is so beautiful"

j3da 's profile image

j3da shared a tip "it was very emotional"

hannah_albaugh_1101 shared a tip "Such a great movie!"

sophie_breton shared a tip "It was good but it was not great"

Wil 's profile image

apricotti shared a tip "My sister watched this every day for like three months straight"

sherrie_mcphee shared a tip "It’s was such an inspiring movie."

Cathy Bowling's profile image

cathy_bowling_3124 shared a tip "Wonderful movie"

Alex 's profile image

willow_the_whimsy shared a tip "This movie was awesome! Very touching... Gripping... Just a great movie."

Monifa Tyson's profile image

monifa_tyson shared a tip "This movie always makes me cry. Inspiring movie"

Cheese Fries Enthusiast 's profile image

kermit_the_frog_2863 shared a tip "I loved renting out this movie in the summers <3"

Jaden <3's profile image

Jadenthelovebug shared a tip "It gives me summer vibes and is such a great,cute movie which also gives confidence so so much more!!"

Morgan Bulloch's profile image

morgan_bulloch shared a tip "I just love when she overcomes what was holding her back"

Marquala Basnight's profile image

marquala_basnight shared a tip "One of the first great movies I’ve seen. It’s a must watch."

brenna_robbins_4915 shared a tip "Literally breath taking"

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "one of my all time fav movies growing up, so good"

BHEB87 shared a tip "Love this Movie, awesome Adventure Movie from the 90s"

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "this was my favorite movie for so long when I was like 9 idk"

Haley Whorton's profile image

haley_whorton shared a tip "Very motivational movie! Highly recommend😊"

Campbell Fedders's profile image

campbell_fedders shared a tip "AN AMAZING MOVIE!"

Richiier Nambo's profile image

richiier_nambo shared a tip "Its based on a true story very inspiring if you ask me. Approved by me :)"

Sarah Nelson's profile image

sarah_nelson_4979 shared a tip "It was a good movie, but my sister played it on repeat so it lost its appeal"

p e r s e p h o n e 's profile image

jmac shared a tip "I pretty much cry through the whole movie. In the best way."

Aya Daisey's profile image

aya_daisey shared a tip "Very raw story about overcoming challenges within yourself. A very inspirational movie"

mallory_jessee shared a tip "Very interesting"

LP 's profile image

l_p_3511 shared a tip "Love this movie! So uplifting based on a true story. Love the quotes helps me see it can always be worse."

Kricket Nicole's profile image

kricket_nicole shared a tip "Heartfelt, inspiring, and encouraging."

mia_7734 shared a tip "It was so good"

Kassie Brooks's profile image

kassie_brooks shared a tip "Very powerful and impacted my life in many ways"

faythe shared a tip "Love it! Really pulls you in. Lets you see the strength and perseverance Bethany had."

Audrey Harper's profile image

audrey_harper_1488 shared a tip "It’s kinda sad but inspiring at the same time"

Katy Pritsel's profile image

katy_pritsel shared a tip "Good movie. I don't see why they're removing it, I don't even thinks it's been on there for long either."

Sarah Campbell's profile image

sarah_campbell_5821 shared a tip "One of my favorite feel good movies"

Lily Ladd's profile image

lily_ladd shared a tip "Such a good movie 10/10 recommended"

Angel Maudlin's profile image

angel_maudlin shared a tip "It was a touching movie, I watched in when I was younger with my mom. It's emotional yet happy at the same time"

Claire Scheiblhofer's profile image

claire_scheiblhofer shared a tip "Based on a true story, religion is involved, heartwarming"

nikilynn_baptista_182 shared a tip "Great movie"

Meg m's profile image

meg.m shared a tip "heroic journey"

Ica Bailey's profile image

ica_bailey shared a tip "It is really good. It is about Bethany Hamilton"

Sofia kistner's profile image

sofia_kistner shared a tip "I don’t know I haven’t seen a lot of their movies"

lexi_adkins_816 shared a tip "#drama #sports #family"

awesome_user_170083 's profile image

hatchetbooks shared a tip "I loved Soul Surfer so much. It's a movie based on Bethany Hamilton's true story. Perfect for anyone who likes surfing."

awesome_user_750288 shared a tip "The hope"

Audrina Huffer's profile image

audrina_huffer shared a tip "Good movie"

Kelsey Kendall's profile image

kelsey_kendall_2518 shared a tip "Go on an emotional journey while still knowing how it ends"

gracie_cwik shared a tip "Movie you can watch on any accatiom"

maura_witkowski shared a tip "Very sad this is leavinv netflix, fav movie as a kid, watch it soon! #SoulSurfer"

Monk Monk's profile image

monk_monk shared a tip "Because"

 Sara Salama Sara Salama's profile image

sara_001 shared a tip "Not bad"

zoie_james shared a tip "Love this movie so so so much!"

gacfl 's profile image

gacfl shared a tip "One of the best movies! Very inspirational and it’s based off a true story! You should definitely watch this"

Bregy Bunch's profile image

a_bregs shared a tip "Childhood favorite of mine. Very well done, emotional, and inspiring."

Abbie Lower's profile image

abbie_lower shared a tip "Just a great movie overall"

Lily Gauthier's profile image

lily_gauthier_4859 shared a tip "wait what this is so sad"

Macam TV's profile image

macam_tv shared a tip "One of the best Christian flix"

Barbara Joslin's profile image

barbara_joslin shared a tip "Perfect for anyone, even my 16 year old son loved this!"

Isabella Dittiger's profile image

isabella_dittiger shared a tip "such a beautiful inspiring film filled with so much light and Jesus!"

Loretta Lynn's profile image

loretta_lynn shared a tip "Becaus it shows hope and inspiration."

Joshua Cormier's profile image

joshua_cormier_4763 shared a tip "Inspirational."

Michele 's profile image

Michele66 shared a tip "Very moving,made me cry a few different times!The strength the main character shows is fantastic!"

Gabbi Vaughan's profile image

gabbi_vaughan shared a tip "Anna Sofia Robb does not disappoint in this film!! Great family movie!"

Sandy Lopez's profile image

sandy_lopez_3281 shared a tip "Motivational"

Tabitha Wall's profile image

tabitha_wall shared a tip "A great view on the story. Was nice to watch with my daughter!"

gracie_rima shared a tip "One of my favs. the story is incredible."

heyitsaj 's profile image

heyitsaj shared a tip "Loved this movie! Made me emotional and inspired my faith!"

Olivia Taylor's profile image

olivia_taylor_8481 shared a tip "It was good it was a true story and was motivational story "

Dwayne Clark's profile image

dwayne_clark_7064 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS MOVIE"

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