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Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that he's the only p

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2019-06-27

Runtime 116 minutes

Budget $26m

Revenue $88m


TMDB 6.7


Meredith 's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "Really funny/interesting concept for a film. Hope it’s as good as the trailer"

Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

Kaylee Vie's profile image

Kaylee shared a tip "I was so excited to see this movie and it did not disappoint!"

Jill Entenman's profile image

jill_entenman shared a tip "Unique plot with Beatles music. Can’t go wrong‼️"

Mariah 's profile image

mmurray97 shared a tip "I really liked the main character & his struggle throughout the movie. This was funny & very charming."

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deena_c shared a tip "I've been thinking about this and singing a lot, since I watched it last week."

Padin Duvall's profile image

padin_duvall shared a tip "Interesting idea for a movie. I quite enjoyed this. Good acting, well sung, and surprisingly well cast."

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Thought it sounded really weird.. but ended up really enjoying it !!!"

Deborah Parent's profile image

deborah_parent shared a tip "A world without the Fab Four? No way!!!"

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Dasher shared a tip "Great little film. A story that you have never seen before."

Antonia Ayana's profile image

antonia_ayana shared a tip "Great"

Jeff Spears's profile image

jeff_spears shared a tip "Don’t worry about the trailers ruining the movie. Go see why Danny Boyle, Ed Sheeran and The Beatles are genius"

Cody Kraski's profile image

cody_kraski shared a tip "MUCH better than I was anticipating, surprised by the ratings to be honest"

Jessica Jones's profile image

jessica_jones_7847 shared a tip "A fantastic film! If you love the Beatles, don't miss it. It will have you singing along."

Kyle Osborne's profile image

kyle_osborne shared a tip "Sweet, if somewhat contrived"

Thomas Bartlau's profile image

GreenMTGinger shared a tip "This movie is so good! Full of heart and soul. An amazing look at the lasting impact that the Beatles have on our world!"

kate_6979 shared a tip "Another great Beatles themed movie, great music, singing and even a nice plot"

maci_bogie shared a tip "It is ok"

Stanislaus Kaszuba's profile image

stanislaus_kaszuba shared a tip "I’ve always loved the Beatles’ music and this beautiful movie did a wonderfully fun job with it"

Terri Hodges's profile image

terri_hodges shared a tip "I love the idea. The movie is sweet & the music is perfect."

karen_bozeman shared a tip "If you love the Beatles, you will love this movie!"

joan_mutsch shared a tip "Really good acting, fun premise, & great Beatles funny!"

Jenesis Hunter's profile image

jenesis_hunter shared a tip "I'm excited to watch myself, music is my jam!"

La'Chaun Vire's profile image

lachaun_vire shared a tip "Watching this one now. Not a top recommendation but it makes me smile."

Jerry Lambert's profile image

jerry_lambert shared a tip "Saw this on a plane from Vegas and immediately put it on my Christmas list!"

Troy Pennock's profile image

troy_pennock shared a tip "A must see for Beatles fans"

Lacy Correa's profile image

lacy_correa shared a tip "One of my top five favorite movies of all time. Hilarious, witty and heartfelt."

sara_dachelet shared a tip "Really enjoyed it! Fantasy, romance, comedy and a musical all wrapped into one movie."

Larry Arrington's profile image

larry_arrington shared a tip "Great movie! It is so nice when a little movie is even more than you hoped for."

Sky Beck's profile image

sky_beck shared a tip "Loved it!"

Nadine Graham's profile image

nadine_graham shared a tip "Horrible ending"

Nadine Graham's profile image

nadine_graham shared a tip "Horrible ending"

Amanda Quiroz's profile image

amanda_quiroz shared a tip "Not sure if I like the ending. Good movie!"

Carly Petersen's profile image

carly_petersen shared a tip "This is a great show for Beatles fans"

megan groff's profile image

megan_groff shared a tip "I love when he covers his room in sticky notes trying to remember as many lyrics as he could!"

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LexLuthor42 shared a tip "Surprisingly cute movie! Leaves you feeling emotions. But they're secret emotions and this movie won't tell you what they are"

dani_thompson_3944 shared a tip "Yay! It’s so good! I’ve watched it twice!"

Lucy Cirone's profile image

lucy_cirone shared a tip "Loved it. Adorable, surprising. Acting superb. Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon hilarious."

martyn_harsley shared a tip "Best movie I’ve seen in years - if you like dry sarcastic British humor this movie is for you"

alan_hayes shared a tip "Great concept"

Iggs Worldwide's profile image

iggs_worldwide shared a tip "If you like the Beatles, you’ll enjoy this film."

Nicholas Goodroad's profile image

nicholas_goodroad shared a tip "Saw it on a Southwest flight. Interesting concept, fun execution. Sing-a-long-able."

Scott Hiers's profile image

scott_hiers shared a tip "Frankly, I don't even know who directed. I just liked the movie."

Marvel Bell's profile image

marvel_bell shared a tip "My husband and I both loved it! Anything Beetles is a winner! Great music, funny and just an easy fun movie to watch. Watch it!"

Julie Strietelmeier's profile image

julie_strietelmeier shared a tip "I don’t have a favorite part. I just liked the whole thing."

Kathy Wilson Haynes's profile image

kathy_wilson_haynes shared a tip "Such an interesting and original story!"

Liz Snyder's profile image

liz_snyder shared a tip "Oh it is really good!"

sylvia lee's profile image

sylvia_lee_3226 shared a tip "It's a cute movie with good music :). You should definitely watch it if you like the Beatles!"

katy_van_putten shared a tip "Sweet and lovely"

KOsprings 's profile image

kosprings shared a tip "Thoughtful, conceptual, and ambitious."

samantha_schaeffer_1509 shared a tip "I don’t really have a favorite , I love most of what I watch."

Lauren Cortez's profile image

laurencortez_ shared a tip "Right?! I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. I loved the comedic side to it!"

Danielle van Heeckeren's profile image

danielle_van_heecke shared a tip "Authentic characters."

Matthew Roberts's profile image

matthew_roberts_5969 shared a tip "It's good. British rom com slash alt time line"

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andrea_oconnell shared a tip "I have so many. Some are old classics, musicals and some Rom Coms."

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ellison_belle shared a tip "This is a great movie for anyone who loves the Beatles and enjoys a dramatic #romantic_comedy"

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ashli_farris shared a tip "I love the Beatles fans that are following him and when they finally talk about why! What about you?"

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