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Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Michael Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2022-03-30

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $75m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.3


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "An action packed movie from start to finish, surprisingly heartfelt in some moments as well!"

KOROEGG 's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "How does this hold up in court? "Your honor he clearly said 'it's morbin time' before killing all those people.""

Robin Allen's profile image

heavymetalunicorn shared a tip "Strange for the MCU, but IDC. It was dark and I love it."

Roxy Wilburd's profile image

roxy_wilburd shared a tip "Reminds me of doctor strange..recommend for my vampire lovers"

Kathy Clyne's profile image

kathy_clyne shared a tip "The ending is odd and a little confusing"

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "Did this man just kamehameha bats 😂"

Jacob 's profile image

jacob_ha shared a tip "Bad"

diris_ramos shared a tip "Discombobulated."

emo gorl 's profile image

emo_gorl_4579 shared a tip "uhhh morb"

ashy slashy's profile image

scarecrane shared a tip "the whole theater stood up and clapped when he said ‘it’s morbin time’ it was the most emotionally freeing moment of my life"

Kristin molohan's profile image

craz shared a tip "It wasn’t a completely awful movie just boring and there was no sympathy for any of the main characters"

I'mperfection x-underground's profile image

imperfection_x-unde shared a tip "Don’t you waste your money, don’t you do it!"

Aaron 's profile image

aaron_burrow shared a tip "Its morbin time"

cat_6870 shared a tip "Basic movie. Great special effects. Tyrese was useless and pointless in the film. Jared performed very well."

Chad Collins's profile image

hymtheria shared a tip "Surprisingly pleased with this movie. The critics tore it to pieces, but I really enjoyed it!"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Good and alittle scary"

Eli Parks's profile image

eli_parks shared a tip "Its morbing time (in all seriousness it’s a movie that’s bad but fun)"

Halle Beam's profile image

halle_beam shared a tip "It had potential but was executed poorly"

raven _gacha's profile image

raven__gacha shared a tip "I like the action"

steve_peek_7566 shared a tip "This is one of the best stories ever told through cinema. Dr. Michael Morbius is a complex character which many layers."

paul_lenoue shared a tip "It should have been a lot better."

Luis 's profile image

LuisDrinksBeer shared a tip "This movie wanted to be something it wasn't...too much "smoky trails" - for that reason, I'm out"

Bear Bannert's profile image

bear_bannert shared a tip "It’s kinda bad, I watched it and don’t remember much. Just kinda bad"

Isabelle Abrahamson's profile image

isabelle_abrahamson shared a tip "Such a garbage movie, but a great hate watch to make fun of with friends and family!"

Professor Plum's profile image

Professor_Plum shared a tip "it’s morbin time"

mycha_martinez shared a tip "Watched it with my boyfriend and it was surprisingly a good movie"

Joseph McCroy's profile image

joseph_mccroy shared a tip "It really lacked any story."

Eileen Napier's profile image

kitty_napier shared a tip "First 30 minutes are really good, then it ignores everything it set up in the first act. Matt Smith is good in this at least."

heather_jordan_2163 shared a tip "Villain casting choice was not great. Couldn’t get past it"

Emy Laperrière's profile image

emy_laperrire shared a tip "So good! Not the best Marvel but the story was very good. I loved the cgi they were incredible!"

Leah Zahn's profile image

leah_zahn_7334 shared a tip "I liked it because it had amazing fight scenes."

Apple 's profile image

sumlonelyapple shared a tip "definitely a movie"

Irfan Shaikh's profile image

irfan_shaikh shared a tip "Amazing"

Kelly Kelly's profile image

kelly_kelly_3753 shared a tip "It’s really good! I have to rewatch it😄"

Isabel Mejia's profile image

isaslay shared a tip "were u guys watching the same movie i was cuz it was bad…the pacing made the movie so dumb"

julia_3157 shared a tip "Truly it is a movie."

LahLa Mc's profile image

lahla_mc shared a tip "Not sure. Still looking for something to spark my interests."

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Ending sucked but the movie was good"

jack_morrow_1894 shared a tip "I got morbed"

Alicia Holmes's profile image

tyrone002 shared a tip "I didn’t see it in theatres cause of how bad people said it was. It was honestly really gooooood"

Shadeeah Walker's profile image

shadeeah_walker shared a tip "I'm going to watch it later"

paige_6625 shared a tip "I got to see an early release of Morbius and it was great. The cinematography was beautiful."

devin_larson shared a tip "iTss mOrBiNnnn tImEeeE!!"

The past told by a ball 's profile image

the_past_told_by_a_ shared a tip "Boring and Jared Leto is a bad actor"

Robert Rozeboom's profile image

robert_rozeboom shared a tip "Terrible movie on all levels"

Kenneth Donnelly 's profile image

Looofplays shared a tip "Morbin time baby"

ketch severs's profile image

ketch_severs shared a tip "Garbagio"

CJ Nadeau's profile image

cj_nadeau shared a tip "Its morbing time"

Ron Robinette's profile image

ron_robinette shared a tip "So badly made."

Thomas Atwood's profile image

thomas_atwood_4160 shared a tip "Action and story was good, although it can be cheese at times. The CGI is okay for the most part."

chris_bordeaux shared a tip "I really liked it but you know everybody's different lol!"

Rev Hughes's profile image

rev_hughes shared a tip "I'm looking forward to it!"

Bhim Bhalla's profile image

bhimbhalla shared a tip "It's morbin time"

Super Mendez - スーパーメンデス 's profile image

super_mendez_-_ shared a tip "Just seen the newest Dr. Strange movie and it was a good movie in an unexpected way"

cherry 's profile image

cherry_3533 shared a tip "best movie I've ever seen"

Lexi Swere's profile image

lexi_2522 shared a tip "like how well paced the movie was so i never got bored…some of the cgi didn’t look the best at pints tho"

Jordan Dennis's profile image

plantedbypiggies shared a tip "It wasn’t good, but it was fun."

Tobias Powell's profile image

tobias_powell shared a tip "It was accurate to the comics. Thats the only reason why I liked it."

Nema White's profile image

nema159 shared a tip "Nice set up for future marvel movies, but rushed"

ARandomBoi 's profile image

arandomboi shared a tip "JUST AMAZING"

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