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Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after encountering a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-23

Runtime 101 minutes

Revenue $1m


TMDB 6.3


Samantha Blizzard's profile image

samantha_blizzard shared a tip "Just finished this film currently holding the #1 spot on Netflix..Did you like it?"

Mike Parrone's profile image

dinomike shared a tip "Bizarre one. If you want to be nervously on edge for 2 hours, this one is for you"

Hev Stettler's profile image

hstettler shared a tip "Not as good as the Endless but still very good"

Red Smith's profile image

red_smith_9777 shared a tip "Pretty good. Different kind of time travel."

katie_wilson_6055 shared a tip "Just saw this last night! Loved it. Truly mindbending."

christie_biggers shared a tip "Beautifully done. Such a gorgeous movie."

Chris Mac's profile image

chris_mac123 shared a tip "I don't think I've ever seen a movie quite like this. If you like SciFi just jump in. you won't regret it"

Rhiannon Russell's profile image

rhiannon_russell shared a tip "*Once again, Moorhead & Benson collaborate to make a mind-bending sci-fi/horror gem!*"

Clark Kent's profile image

clark_kent_2154 shared a tip "Excelente Netflix sci-fi movie!I just loved it! But I would not categorize this as “Horror Science Fiction”."

Kristie Strieby's profile image

kristie_strieby shared a tip "Very interesting time traveling crime movie, a must see"

Rhyne Simon Perkins's profile image

rhyne_simon_perkins shared a tip "Perfectly in line with my taste"

Serina R's profile image

serina_r shared a tip "It didn’t go where I thought it was going to go! Always refreshing."

Taylor Clark's profile image

tayallm shared a tip "I felt confused, then intrigued and when it ended I was disappointed."

Dan Lucier's profile image

dan_lucier shared a tip "Interesting take on time travel. I really enjoyed it."

alicia_dang shared a tip "Trippy. I was not expecting where this was going and I loved that."

Michael Teckman's profile image

michael_teckman shared a tip "Very dower and artay but very intriguing and heart felt"

N M's profile image

n_m_3808 shared a tip "Not what I was expecting but kept me interested as the movie went on."

marcy_miller_3395 shared a tip "It’s an interesting, unique take on time travel. Could have used more character and story development."

Lakeyshia Dorsey's profile image

lakeyshia_dorsey shared a tip "It was good but i hated the end"

Clarence Williams Jr's profile image

clarence_williams_jr shared a tip "I published my new episode Synchronic, please check it out"

Shalone Cason's profile image

shalone_cason shared a tip "Definitely an interesting and novel time travel concept. Anthony Mackie did a great job as the lead."

Roxie Sagely's profile image

rox_relax shared a tip "“The past fkn sucks!” Favorite quote from this movie 😂"

Zoanne Cook's profile image

kayakerfriend shared a tip "Good story. Good effects. The soundtrack didn't seem to match the story, though."

Paul Gayle's profile image

paul_gayle shared a tip "Dope Movie. Anthony Mackie is always good. Definitely worth a watch"

Michael Gonzalez's profile image

michael_gonzalez_1753 shared a tip "Very good movie. @abby_green_8778 and I enjoyed it."

Darien Franke's profile image

darien_franke shared a tip "Crazy one. Very original!"

Kari Clark's profile image

ahhh_kariclarkson shared a tip "Wasn't sure at first but really liked it"

Kiara Greene's profile image

kiara_greene_1676 shared a tip "I thought it was interesting! It had potential to be great but the ending was disappointing."

emely ruiz's profile image

emelyruizr shared a tip "i cried😁"

Shannon Egenolf's profile image

shannon_egenolf shared a tip "The movie was a little slow moving, but overall concept was a cool idea"

Francy Duncan's profile image

francy_duncan shared a tip "Great introduction, pulls you in yet leaves you lacking more"

Cara DeRoeck's profile image

cara_deroeck shared a tip "Unusual. Kept my attention. Unique concept. Ending was unsettling. We can't always have an ending we choose. GOT."

Shannon Crawford's profile image

shannon_crawford_2970 shared a tip "I wanted this is end differently but it was good"

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