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James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are monsters, they earn their living scaring children and are the best in the business... even though they're more afraid of the children than they are of them. When a child accidentally enters their world, James and Mike suddenly find that kids are not to be afraid

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2001-11-01

Runtime 92 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.6b


TMDB 7.8


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Definitely one of the best family movies. Very funny and a pretty decent science fiction plot. I liked it as much as my kids"

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shemdani shared a tip "Mike wizowski... 😂"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun watch!"

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CinebabblePodcast shared a tip "Classic early Pixar. Still earns solid laughs and tears. Animation isn't what it once was but the film stands tall!"

James Dunphy's profile image

james_dunphy shared a tip "The Best!"

Daniel Eskenazi's profile image

Daniel.Eskenazi shared a tip "Classic"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "Favorite animated movie."

Emme 's profile image

emme_T shared a tip "If I had to rate it I would say a 7/10 if that helps at all! All the characters are funny 😁 and Boo is the cutest thing ❤️🍿"

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mimi_star shared a tip "It’s a masterpiece fight me"

Amber Critchlow's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "Super cute family movie!"

sherie_smith shared a tip "Cute movie"

Tiffany GONSOLAND's profile image

SistaTiph shared a tip "great film"

Harrison 's profile image

HARRlSON shared a tip "Very farting good story and 2nd best animated villain and good twist villain and good fart and 👱🏾‍♀️"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "Cute movie!"

audrey_kelley_8808 shared a tip "I think the boo is so cute"

Katherine Williams 's profile image

katherine_williams_6427 shared a tip "This is a great movie for children and for adults as well. Enjoyed it very much."

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "Wickedly fub"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Too cute, love it"

Zoey Sandusky's profile image

zoey_sandusky shared a tip "It’s really good"

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cloud_child shared a tip "Awesome movie! Try Coco on Netflix!"

s_fisher shared a tip "Hard question!"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "I've gotten used to Sully's face on Mike's body💀"

Aggie Butler's profile image

aggie_butler shared a tip "I loved this movie growing up. It’ll always be one of my favourites <3"

Alexa Goodroe's profile image

alexa_goodroe shared a tip "I liked the little girl"

Olivia beaver 's profile image

olivia_beaver_866 shared a tip "Cool"

Karen H's profile image

karen_huggins shared a tip "The best one in my opinion!!!"

Christine Hickey's profile image

christine_hickey shared a tip "It was very heartwarming"

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elizabeth_roberts_4030 shared a tip "Love Monsters, Inc."

Izzy Frecker's profile image

izzy_frecker shared a tip "It’s one of my favorite kids movies"

Hey It's Hannah's profile image

hey_its_hannah shared a tip "Favorite Disney movie of all time 💓💓💓"

Patrick Burneau's profile image

patrick_burneau shared a tip "A great kid-friendly movie about two unlikely friends who learn that they can do anything together"

Ryanne Caldwell's profile image

ryanne_caldwell shared a tip "The old lady, who reminds them to do their paperwork"

Anyla Jordan's profile image

anyla_jordan shared a tip "Mines to"

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anotherackerman shared a tip "accidentally added this, but oh well, it's a good movie anyway"

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sameer_magar shared a tip "Fantastic film"

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "Fun! #family #animated_movies #funny #cute"

makayla_m_6543 shared a tip "A great watch for all ages! Still surprisingly heart-warming rewatching after all this time!"

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faith_gerwig shared a tip "I’m am crying over this movie. It makes me so happy"

William Shaver's profile image

william_shaver shared a tip "Mike wazowski of course and you?"

gina_knap shared a tip "Mike"

Anthony Lac's profile image

anthony_lac shared a tip "It’s a tough. But George Sanderson. Had to look his name up! Haha"

Shello Bello's profile image

shello_bello shared a tip "Sulli is my favorite, he matches my personality :)"

John Spiro's profile image

john_spiro shared a tip "Mike Wazowski"

Carrie Pagley's profile image

carrie_pagley shared a tip "Sully, of course!"

Aaron Harwood's profile image

aaron_harwood shared a tip "Ooh tough call but gotta go with George you?"

Aimee Whitman's profile image

aimee_whitman shared a tip "I think Mike very funny, Sullivan is a bit smarter and gentle."

Nevaeh Kennedy's profile image

nevaeh_kennedy shared a tip "The baby"

Jesmiley Gonzalez's profile image

jesmiley_gonzalez shared a tip "I really don't know I think was she came out from the door scene"

argueta 01's profile image

argueta_01 shared a tip "Its a unique Disney movie. Cool to watch with the fam."

stephanie rosborough's profile image

stephanie_rosborough shared a tip "Love"

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good loved mike and sully"

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hallie_noblin shared a tip "Oh gosh let me think I love almost all the disney movies. But if your looking for a good Disney movie I recommend Encanto."

Mónica 's profile image

being_mo_is_my_mo shared a tip "Still funny whenever I rewatch it"

beth_jackson-bishop shared a tip "A favourite! I watch it whenever I need cheering up."

Irene irioza's profile image

tanyapolouchina shared a tip "8.5/10"

devin_andrews shared a tip "I liked boo"

Elethia Rex's profile image

elethia shared a tip "Celia"

Kevin Gassman's profile image

kevin_gassman shared a tip "I just like these kind of movies didn't really have a favorite part"

shelley_rogers shared a tip "Sully!"

Zaafat Hasan's profile image

zaafat_hasan shared a tip "I love this movie!!!!"

Samantha Mains's profile image

samantha_mains shared a tip "My favorite part would have to be mike and sully trying to make boo to stop crying"

Shane Yakemawiz's profile image

shane_yakemawiz shared a tip "Yeet"

Zamara Koerner's profile image

zamara_koerner shared a tip "It was a really great movie and it is funny. I love it"

Daniel Jones's profile image

daniel_jones_109 shared a tip "Who's your favorite character"

Madeline Marquez's profile image

madeline_marquez shared a tip "Mike"

Brielle Gari's profile image

brielle_gari shared a tip "the part where the were teaching how to do the scare and it was hard for some monsters"

soarex shared a tip "It’s a really good movie especially to watch with friends !"

Anna Whitney's profile image

anna_whitney_7970 shared a tip "Such a cute movie."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Humerous and original."

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essie_cruz shared a tip "My kids love playing this movie every day"

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deb_scott_9192 shared a tip "Perfect!"

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tristan_scott_5904 shared a tip "😊"

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basanja shared a tip "Apparently nothing. I don't remember setting up this app or watching this movie."

Morgan Bowman's profile image

morgan_bowman_3572 shared a tip "Matt, please don’t tell me you’ve never seen this????"

Skellington Productions's profile image

skellington_product shared a tip "This movie is amazing,hilarious, and full of heart"

Sarah Gassman's profile image

sarah_gassman shared a tip "sully"

kailene_stewart shared a tip "I love them all!! How about you??"

Kaylynn Cox's profile image

kaylynn_cox shared a tip "Mike Wazowski"

Kendall Gall's profile image

kendall_gall shared a tip "sully"

jacob_noland shared a tip "The scene where they are fighting with Randel on the door transporting rail"

denette_may shared a tip "Oh you mean from Monsters Inc lol, Sully 😊"

Pablo Leiva's profile image

pablo_leiva shared a tip "It was when the little girl appeared"

Lamar Johnson's profile image

lamar_johnson shared a tip "The baby she is so cute"

Aste VeryCute Vazquez's profile image

Aste shared a tip "It was an awesome movie me and my nephews and nieces loved it"

Diana Adams's profile image

diana_adams_7520 shared a tip "Sully haha but boo is my favorite character"

deanna_797 shared a tip "I love this movie!! It was such a childhood favorite of mine. Boo even looks like me when I was a toddler!"

Nick Peterson's profile image

nick_peterson_4655 shared a tip "Jhzi"

Ahtziri 17's profile image

PmB_157 shared a tip "MUST WATCH! 10/10"

Laci Boucher's profile image

laci_boucher shared a tip "I like mike wazowski and Roz"

awesome_user_722787 shared a tip "When boo was peeing"

Jenna Pearce's profile image

dancer..jenna shared a tip "Really good movie for kids and family movie night! My family loves this movie!🍿"

michelle_988 shared a tip "Classic movie"

KHADEIJAH MANKA's profile image

khadeijah_manka shared a tip "Favorite show"

Erika Pleimling's profile image

erika_pleimling shared a tip "Good"

awesome_user_460191 shared a tip "Si"

Yellow shirt Bus's profile image

quendell shared a tip "Kitty!"

Yellow shirt Bus's profile image

quendell shared a tip "Kitty!"

Yellow shirt Bus's profile image

quendell shared a tip "Kitty!"

Kayla 's profile image

kayla_grimes shared a tip "Probably “Up”"

JOEL HIDALGO's profile image

joel_hidalgo shared a tip "Nice Pixar film"

Rubi Saldana Soto's profile image

rubi_saldana_soto shared a tip "Ha I don't really know, mostly the parts where they freak out when touched by human stuff like a sock 😂"

Venkatesh Mohan's profile image

venkatesh_mohan shared a tip "One of the best animation movies. Gotta love pixar"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Adorable"

ariana_reyes_9773 shared a tip "Loved it"

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diana_randall shared a tip "Another adorable movie!"

demon_ gamer's profile image

demon__gamer shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 it's good it is funny and sad it's just a good family movie too trust me!"

V V's profile image

icedicedvv shared a tip "Still waiting for the sequel!"

peterhunt shared a tip "It’s a cute one. It’s the first Monsters movie on timeline before University and at Work."

Serenity Christina's profile image

serenity_christina shared a tip "@ellaanderson just the whole movie is amazing!!"

Neha Rejith's profile image

neha_rejith shared a tip "It's da best!! I luv it"

dog_crust shared a tip "Look up the dark secret behind it after you watch it. Remind you this is a Disney kids movie."

gabrielle raddi's profile image

gabrielle_raddi shared a tip "It's great. Loved it and quite enjoyed monsters university but it does have a different feel."

r i s s a p o o h's profile image

rissapooapoo shared a tip "I agree. It was a bit too much"

Makayla Serniotti's profile image

makayla_serniotti shared a tip "It's a classic, I grew up watching this movie. It's adorable and so funny!"

salma_moon shared a tip "It’s super cute and funny totally worth the watch"

shiann_hoff shared a tip "That’s a good movie . One of my fav Pixar movies ❤️❤️❤️"

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leah_griffith shared a tip "No I don’t because the movie is so good that I like the whole thing lol"

Carmen 's profile image

Kim_Taehyunglove shared a tip "Perfect Comedy Movie."

Cathy Alemany's profile image

cathy_alemany shared a tip "My fav. Such a fun concept and so funny!"

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animal_lover_3352 shared a tip "It’s pretty good funny!"

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brack_hall shared a tip "Ues, most of the Pixar movies like this are good!"

isabel_marie_9616 shared a tip "i honestly really like it! it’s filled with adventure and over all it’s great"

Kellie Webb's profile image

kellie_webb shared a tip "Love it"

Ella Acred's profile image

ella_acred shared a tip "cute & funny"

kathryn_malnarick shared a tip "Honestly, I love the entire movie!"

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nightfairy19 shared a tip "I LOVED Sully and Mike."

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