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Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other's platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-27

Runtime 104 minutes


TMDB 7.071


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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sue shared a tip "Cute movie. Hallmark worthy."

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whisperbabyxoxo shared a tip "Watched this movie twice in a row so I guess you could say I liked it."

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tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Very good movie! Funny as well!"

melly_loveee shared a tip "LOVE IT! seen it more than once! Definitely worth watching in Christmas time"

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nharper09 shared a tip "LOVED this movie so much ❤"

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gaby_p shared a tip "#romance_comedy"

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amy_corkill shared a tip "Hilarious"

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sports1924 shared a tip "So funny"

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joany_berger shared a tip "Just hilarious"

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rebecca_bella shared a tip "So fun! A great adult's only Christmas Rom-Com. Sweet and funny with an enjoyable story."

kimber_gardner shared a tip "Super funny and cute rom-com. Husband and I watch throughout the year, not just at Christmas."

coupon_chica shared a tip "Typical cute rom com"

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tanzene_ali shared a tip "This was so good and heart warming! Not a pile of crap like most of the made for tv holiday movies 😂"

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dax_bayler shared a tip "Surprisingly hilarious and wrong in all the right ways."

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "I stopped watching this halfway through. I love Emma Roberts but I didn’t like this movie"

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chloe_g_5325 shared a tip "Very funny 😆 #christmas #romance #drama #comedy #romantic_comedy"

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lyla_campbell shared a tip "Its was a perfect romcom"

nikki_cureton shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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madison_hirn shared a tip "Very funny!! Never stopped laughing, and neither did my mom. A good way to celebrate every holiday in one day."

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itsveganyo shared a tip "Loved this! Great RomCom!"

kate_6979 shared a tip "This was actually pretty good, i found myself laughing quite a few times"

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rhiley_reece shared a tip "Uhhh. Would probably be A Walk To Remember or Bedazzled."

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m.descartes shared a tip "Funny, cute... #comedy #notthesame"

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logan_jackson_6961 shared a tip "So good, but if you’re single af it will make you feel a bit like sh*t"

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spectra_king shared a tip "So romantic 😍"

brian_white_8489 shared a tip "Its got a funny enough story to keep you entertained."

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rache_williams shared a tip "It was funny holiday romantic comedy."

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mackenzie_tromble shared a tip "Cute romcom"

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brenn_ shared a tip "I haven’t had genuinely good laugh during a movie in a while. This one some how did it for me."

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nascent_ancient shared a tip "Something cute to watch while baking cookies or doing another fun activity."

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ashley_millet shared a tip "I was surprised by how much I loved this movie - watched it 3 times this past holiday season. Funny and sweet."

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barbara_shreve_llov shared a tip "A cute romance with a little humor."

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hunter_martin_4701 shared a tip "FAVORITE HOLIDAY MOVIE"

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ashly_collins shared a tip "It was funny"

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peyton_clayborn shared a tip "AMAZING MOVIE!! DEFININTELY WATCH IT"

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erin_vilar shared a tip "Looooved"

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amines_angel shared a tip "Funny and cute, I relt enjoyed it!"

jacqueline_runice shared a tip "Terrible, formulaic, holiday drivel."

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simplyjamilah shared a tip "A rom com that was actually surprisingly funny without trying too hard and being obnoxious. It was refreshing."

melissa_smith_1179 shared a tip "I actually loved this movie!! They were just so cute together to me."

joanna_galindo shared a tip "It was funny and cute"

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aneshia_turner shared a tip "love this fun christmas movie. it didn’t follow the typical love movie trope. would watch it again!"

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sonia_herrera shared a tip "Funny"

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SmocksandJin shared a tip "Cute"

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steve_romano shared a tip "Excellent flick. Funny, fresh, different."

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michelle.to shared a tip "fun guilty pleasure"

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jill_lewandowski shared a tip "Cute movie. Not your typical romantic comedy. Loved Emma Roberts in this. ❤"

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lori_renae shared a tip "It was funny"

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kelsey_paselk shared a tip "It’s was really good rom-com!"

g_h_6896 shared a tip "funny"

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lisa_paoletti_pasto shared a tip "#loved"

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zac_ingwersen shared a tip "This was good .."

stevent_cleto shared a tip "This film puts in spotlight modern non-traditional relationships; and I am loving it!"

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raman_singh_7799 shared a tip "Really good story telling."

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kendra_miller_3401 shared a tip "I laughed so hard I had tears runnimg down my fave during many parts of this movie."

lenie_simpson shared a tip "It was cute and i love the brutal honesty."

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mattie_grace shared a tip "Love it dose have a bit of language but it wss good!!"

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amy_vicknair shared a tip "Cute"

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misty_chase shared a tip "A bit innapropriate but hilarious😂"

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cara_mccallum shared a tip "Its not a Christmas movie but its still cute"

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angel_lyles shared a tip "It was funny and it was just the vibes made it better."

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milne_brassard shared a tip "Enjoyed it"

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ksenia_36 shared a tip "It was cute"

kelsey_shiba shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny! Predictable. You know the drill."

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amber_villalobos shared a tip "Funny cute cheesy"

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amber_carlson shared a tip "So funny and also had a great story line! Plus its not as cheesy as most christmas movies."

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ashley_dillard shared a tip "Very relatable"

awesome_user_34564 shared a tip "It has the perfect holidays"

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kelsey_amundson shared a tip "You are going to literally fall in love with this movie. Trust me. #romcom"

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jennifer_roesler shared a tip "Really funny. Made my husband watch it and he loved it."

ruth_mccord shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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syliani_ortiz shared a tip "Looking forward to see this"

honey_love_3470 shared a tip "Perfect light romance comedy.... Don't expect anything amazing but good for Christmas or Valentine ... its not to romancy"

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greek___gawd shared a tip "I really love this movie because its funny."

milo_augustus shared a tip "So cute!"

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chantale_ferguson shared a tip "I did like this movie. It's cute and funny."

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alyssa_denton shared a tip "#comedy #holidays #netflix"

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kadence_stevens_8279 shared a tip "this was such a funny movie i loved it"

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emily_michelle_1325 shared a tip "Cute. Light. Funny. May I suggest you enjoy with a bottle of wine and some Christmas crafts??"

calzona shared a tip "Jessica Capshaw"

molly_valdez shared a tip "This was a funny movie and related to my life a lot LOL"

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nikita_raper shared a tip "Charming if a little hardboiled and overdone. The whole thing was a genuine good time."

brionne_scott shared a tip "I loved this movie and #drama #comedy #Likewise @lovin it #lovegranny✌🏾❤️❤️"

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bryanna_thalhammer shared a tip "This is a good movie to watch with a parent and it is very funny."

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kayla_scriber shared a tip "Such a good holiday movie! I absolutely loved this one."

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amber_ashton-emberley shared a tip "Funny and cute!"

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andreina_viera_1038 shared a tip "So funny"

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b_sassy shared a tip "Cute movie!"

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samantha_dorsey_2730 shared a tip "This movie is very funny and very sweet at the same time i love it"

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jin_jyin shared a tip "It was the perfect balance between cute, raunchy and, comedy."

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lucy_martin shared a tip "Cute movie"

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rachell_guzman shared a tip "This was so hilarious it really made me laugh. The dynamic between them is so good. Honestly its just really good."

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carol_burton-hurst shared a tip "It was funny and a bit romantic without being too cheesy."

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jesse_gasparis shared a tip "Perfect for millennials who hate love (but secretly want it) #young_adult #funnyaf"

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emily_draper_497 shared a tip "It was hilarious!"

caylin_toot shared a tip "The perfect holiday rom-com. I liked it because it had just enough heart and the right amount of cheese."

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lorie_negrete shared a tip "Love it"

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liby1606 shared a tip "Its was a pretty funny movie! Made me cry a bit but only for 2 seconds lol"

andrea_rahal shared a tip "It was ok but cute movie perfect ending"

sandra_wright_8665 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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erin_bosley shared a tip "Quirky and funny! Ot your tylical christmas love story but so enjoyable!"

christopher_kelly_5907 shared a tip "It was a fun movie with a different take on the classic holiday romantic comedy genre."

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kylee_bradford shared a tip "Funny"

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kayla_radeboldt shared a tip "."

jewelee_kranning shared a tip "Funny and a great love story!"

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bre_n shared a tip "Cute, hilarious and relatable! Perfect balance of holiday cheer and romantic cynicism with a happy ending tied up in a bow"

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karina_pimentel shared a tip "Personally I liked the movie, so yes add to your list."

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christie_marling shared a tip "It’s like a spicy hallmark movie"

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katy_wall shared a tip "#romantic"

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sharon_steinbach shared a tip "Fun witty Romcom"

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heather_matson shared a tip "I knew going into it that it would be cheesy and predictable. It was. But I honestly loved it regardless of all the cheese."

kyla_sanders shared a tip "Its so relative and goals"

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rebekah_faith shared a tip "SOOO good!!"

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kelsey_lehnen shared a tip "This is a great predictible holiday romance flick. Less cheese more overdone realism and some great laughs."

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chris_lemay shared a tip "#funny. And awkward situation after another."

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cynthia_etter shared a tip "Cute romantic comedy"

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sara_lewis_2312 shared a tip "So adorable...I loved this!"

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spencer_t. shared a tip "Weird beginning typical ending, but pleasant and fun throughout."

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angela_legg shared a tip "Loved it!!"

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daniel_calva shared a tip "This one is on netfilex too, its a veey cute movie@"

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adriana_villarreal shared a tip "Yes it was such a good movie loved it"