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When alien invaders capture Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and the planet.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2020-12-25

Runtime 97 minutes


TMDB 6.1


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sonia_burton shared a tip "My four year old niece is into this. A good family might watch"

quinn_i shared a tip "Cute, but definitely a little kids movie!!"

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savannah_hughes_7600 shared a tip "Great message, represents diversity as it should be. Reminds me of the kids movies I watched with I was younger."

Travis Cansler's profile image

travis_cansler shared a tip "Simple and well executed movie. It is what it is, young heroes learning how to use their powers to save their loved ones! Enjoy!"

Andrew Babb's profile image

andrew_babb shared a tip "Cool kids movies! Big twists until the end!"

Hayley Ross's profile image

hayley_ross_9738 shared a tip "Cute, kids loved it!"

karen_r28 shared a tip "This is just a fun and light movie. The ending was unexpectedly weird. The kids are all adorable specially Guppy!!"

Jennifer Rose's profile image

jennifer_rose_9786 shared a tip "It remind me of spy kids movies .."

Green 's profile image

3v3lyn shared a tip "So bad it’s good"

Reed Gutner's profile image

reed_gutner shared a tip "GOOᗪ ᗰOᐯIE"

Le’Schelle 's profile image

RealFaith shared a tip "If u ever want to relive ur childhood this is the movie #action"

Sparklezilla 's profile image

sparklezilla shared a tip "It was cute and fun - especialy if you liked shark boy and lava girl in your youth."

Cookie Cat's profile image

cookie_cat shared a tip "This is a great movie, the effects were amazing and there were a couple great twists."

sushama_mohite shared a tip "Really nice movie"

Marquala Basnight's profile image

marquala_basnight shared a tip "Big twists and great effects. I just hope we don’t have to wait another 15 years for the next movie."

Ramona Nay's profile image

urstrully85 shared a tip "It's a good family movie."

Daliabuckstein 's profile image

daliabuckstein shared a tip "Young kids take over! I am 9 and loved it"

Makenzie Jenkins's profile image

makenzie_jenkins_2053 shared a tip "I mean its okay lol"

Emily Perez Irizarry's profile image

emily_perez_irizarry shared a tip "Loved the inclusive cast. Yaya is an amazing actress. It was good."

Amanda Buurs's profile image

amanda_buurs shared a tip "Cute. Good for the right age group and feels like an appropriate new generation of the spy kids movies."

auna_shaw shared a tip "I love superhero’s so much! BUT WHEN KIDS DO IT! Even better and total ships!!!"

Addison Burkhart's profile image

addison_burkhart shared a tip "This was a really good movie!!"

Ariana Stinson's profile image

ariana_stinson shared a tip "Love ittttttttttttttt"

Madison Williams's profile image

madison_williams_5756 shared a tip "I love how they all worked together also as a girl myself I like how the girl takes the leader ship role in this show!"

🌻Lili Maldonado🌻's profile image

sweetdreamslili shared a tip "It was a cute movie that brought back the family comedy feel that sky kids had."

 's profile image

awesome_user_652483 shared a tip "I LOVED IT! IT WAS SO GOOD!"

hanna_kenneally shared a tip "It was inspiring and brought back many childhood memories"

Jolei Whitehead's profile image

jolei_whitehead shared a tip "Its ok, kinda weird how they made a sequel to Shark boy and lava girl"

Ariana Suarez's profile image

ariana_suarez shared a tip "i don’t have one"

Angel Last's profile image

angel_last shared a tip "Such a cute family movie 🥰"

Kay Laverne's profile image

kay_laverne shared a tip "It’s such a cute movie!! I really loved it and it wasn’t too cheesy or anything. Just wholesome"

Nayleth Esparza's profile image

nayleth_esparza shared a tip "Its the perfect family night movie. I loved the movie so much."

Omar Badr's profile image

omar_badr shared a tip "By the trialer it looks so cool"

zuleima_uribe shared a tip "Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Javen Reed's profile image

javen_reed shared a tip "It's good"

hanna_smith_9338 shared a tip "Such a cute movie with a great message."

badda von's profile image

badda_von shared a tip "it's not coming good I wanted to be"

deseray_parker shared a tip "It was powering for. My kid she was watching it over and over again"

The Dumb And Only Cece's profile image

the_dumb_and_only_c shared a tip "I like it because it was action#heroic #fantasy"

zombie boy's profile image

zombie_boy shared a tip "Its funny very funny"

maryam_kamil shared a tip "Was a good cliffhanging movie"

Mrs. comiccollector's profile image

mrs._comiccollector shared a tip "Adorable made me feel old though"

Devonte Spencer's profile image

devonte_spencer shared a tip "Great show tells kids you dont need powers to be a hero"

eliza_7920 shared a tip "Its the perfect movies to watch with your family"

Elyse Richmond's profile image

elyse_richmond shared a tip "Like spy kids but different"

Leah Kozoidek's profile image

leah_kozoidek shared a tip "It was OK ...."

Sima Shammas's profile image

sima_shammas shared a tip "#love"

Olivia Klassen's profile image

ddbombdotcom shared a tip "amazing movie. hilarious and heart warming!"

Colbie Bell's profile image

colbie_bell shared a tip "I loved this movie so so much! I love little guppy"

Jayona Hughes's profile image

jayona_hughes shared a tip "Yes i watched this movie and its amazing"

dyanna_reyes_1343 shared a tip "My 8 year old loved it. It was cute, to say the least. Nothing I would watch solo but good for a family night."

alyssa_alexa shared a tip "Good@wecanbeheroes"

spill it sis's profile image

spill_it_sis shared a tip "It shows kids can do anythong!!"

speedy Gonzalez's profile image

speedy_gonzalez shared a tip "Very great movie most definitely recommend 💯"

andres_villasenor shared a tip "Great for kids. Little latina girls especially."

Aiden 's profile image

aiden_roark shared a tip "If you still love the spy kids movies definitely watch this"

The realz gamer !!'s profile image

the_realz_gamer_ shared a tip "It’s for kids the story is basic a spy kids and shark boy lava girl mixture"

Julie Evelyn's profile image

TheHobbitQueen shared a tip "It was cute."

Traishune Elam's profile image

traishune_elam shared a tip "It was an awesome movie loved the twist and the effects I recommend watching this."

penelope_7236 shared a tip "It was so fun and cool i love this movie"

aubrey kutz's profile image

aubrey_kutz shared a tip "It was action filled"

olivia_6580 shared a tip "The best kids movie showing trust and love"

lucas_cadman shared a tip "K"

Zinnatun Medha's profile image

zinnatun_medha shared a tip "#girlpower"

anna_estes shared a tip "Cute"

Reid Aitcheson's profile image

reid_aitcheson shared a tip "Good for kids"

jakyrian_lanehart shared a tip "It has the kids of shark boy and lava girl"

Some Bunny16's profile image

some_bunny16 shared a tip "Cute little movie for kids and very adventurous"

Diane Alderman Sauceda's profile image

diane_alderman_sauc shared a tip "#the heroes"

koleben shared a tip "It is a god hero movie for family’s to watch"

Ja'Kaia Marsh's profile image

jakaia_marsh shared a tip "So good"

rosalie wilson's profile image

rosalie_wilson shared a tip "Kids are heroes.thriller"

Emilee Knox's profile image

emilee_knox shared a tip "It was funny and hilarious! But action filled and adventurous!"

Lil LUCK's profile image

lil_luck shared a tip "It’s a really friendly family movie that is amazing to watch and it’s pretty funny to watch with family! #family_friendly"

Nyyiela Marzette's profile image

nyyiela_marzette shared a tip "I love how they work together as a team#kids #team_building_activities must watch with kids✔️✔️👌"

Ryan Liggins's profile image

ryan_liggins shared a tip "This movie can go to hell for all I care.bad movie don't see this movie"

Elysia Hernandez's profile image

elysia_hernandez shared a tip "Great for kids"

Alejandra Lopez's profile image

alejandra_lopez_2857 shared a tip "Silly kids movie"

Lynn esposito's profile image

lynn_esposito shared a tip "Great movie. My daughter loved it."

the 3 best sisters's profile image

the_3_best_sisters shared a tip "Good but a bit cringe at some points but very cool"

sasha lange's profile image

sasha_lange shared a tip "Loved the characters"

Josiel Serpa's profile image

josiel_serpa shared a tip "Omg"

Becca King's profile image

becca_king_6565 shared a tip "Cute fun lighthearted"

Maddee Hamilton's profile image

maddee_hamilton shared a tip "So funny loved it"

Chase Harmon's profile image

chase_harmon_1574 shared a tip "It has a good endings😇👌🏻😉🎶"

diaja_newson shared a tip "Its adventurous and kid friendly"

Natasha Thompson's profile image

natasha_thompson_6146 shared a tip "Great movie"

kevin_brink shared a tip "Kid friendly"

Jacob Waddell's profile image

jacobwaddell574 shared a tip "Great movie for kids"

awesome_user_770383 shared a tip "Movies like this these are great"

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