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Sally and Gillian Owens, born into a magical family, have mostly avoided witchcraft themselves. But when Gillian's vicious boyfriend, Jimmy Angelov, dies unexpectedly, the Owens sisters give themselves a crash course in hard magic. With policeman Gary Hallet growing suspicious, the girls struggle to

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 1998-10-16

Runtime 104 minutes

Budget $75m

Revenue $47m


TMDB 6.7


Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "This is a greet romantic comedy! Quirky funny and with a fabulous cast!"

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gypsy_rose_4528 shared a tip "Cute. Not great, just cute."

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asaltysoul shared a tip "i love love this movie + the sound track."

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andrew_abbey shared a tip "I love this movie because it was one of my mom’s favorites when i was little."

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kolika_simmons shared a tip "This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time."

erin_ogorman_5222 shared a tip "Fun movie, enjoy Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as main characters."

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immemorial shared a tip "I saw this movie more than a couple of decades ago. I saw it again today. I enjoy the movie both times."

avaleigh21 shared a tip "love love love love"

Oleksandra Kuznietsova's profile image

oleksandra_kuzniets shared a tip "I can watch this movie over and over. Just perfect for me 🥰"

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nancy_2271 shared a tip "It's one of my favorite movies."

kira_white_2496 shared a tip "Favourite movie all time"

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alexander_yaitanes shared a tip "The movie is hilarious. There are so many moments in there that are just jewels."

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ashanta_tarleton shared a tip "This is definitely one of my favorite movies ❤️"

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desiree_jackson_5030 shared a tip "It’s cute and fun and a little bit dark. I’ve watched it a few times and I’ll definitely watch it again"

Margo Niemeyer's profile image

margo_niemeyer shared a tip "You haven't seen it! Go watch it. It's really good"

Lae Allen's profile image

lae_allen shared a tip "Sandra bullock and misandry lol"

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asmr_barbie shared a tip "Oh man I totally forgot about this Halloween gem 🎃 I love me some witches baby!!!!!!!!"

Heather Dee's profile image

heather_dee_1485 shared a tip "My favorite! The vibe I want in my life. Magic and supportive women"

Rebecca Bella's profile image

rebecca_bella shared a tip "My absolute favorite movie in the world! Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are amazing."

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌🙌🙌"

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jillian_warminsky shared a tip "My favorite movie"

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kristi_gardner shared a tip "My favorite go-to movie for a lazy Saturday afternoon."

debra_scott_7566 shared a tip "Love this movie ."

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puna_earl shared a tip "This was my IT movie of '98. I even bought the soundtrack. Just cool, low-key magic."

Maddie 's profile image

maddieF shared a tip "It’s the most amazing movie in the world. It’s filled with friendship and sisterhood."

amanda_mccully shared a tip "A tale of the bond between sisters with some magic and suspense thrown in."

Amlys López 's profile image

amlys shared a tip "The setting is almost as beautiful as the relationship between the sisters. I dream of the Owens house."

kaylan_russell shared a tip "The perfect fall vibe"

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JustineNicole shared a tip "The book is awaome"

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michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "My favorite! I watch it pretty frequently :)"

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kristine_weiss shared a tip "One of my all time faves"

Ariana Kristal Martinez Negron's profile image

ariana_kristal_mart shared a tip "Fav movie !!!"

jennifer_tucker shared a tip "I love this movie 🙋‍♀️"

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rebekah_bentz shared a tip "This is my go-to Girl Power movie!"

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amanda_wingert_5809 shared a tip "One of my faves got a love Sandra Bullock"

katherine_carter_1744 shared a tip "Witchy, totally 90's in the best way"

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ethan_black_508 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite witchcraft movies. so cute and good"

Ariana Biedebach's profile image

ariana_biedebach shared a tip "Prefect for a girls night!"

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robyn_gee shared a tip "Favorite movie to watch during Halloween!"

Sabrina R's profile image

sabri shared a tip "Lightweight and romantic move involving witches in MA"

Brooke Johnson's profile image

brooke_johnson_9648 shared a tip "My absolute favorite Witchy movie!"

justine_backus shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite movies, there’s also a book (a 3 book series, actually)!"

Erika Bernatz's profile image

erika_bernatz shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites"

sariblibli guh's profile image

sariblibli_guh shared a tip "A classic story of feminine family, being strange, and loving when its so so hard"

kamiya 🌙🌿's profile image

lavendear shared a tip "loveee"

Keri McCulley's profile image

keri_mcculley shared a tip "One of my favorite fall movies. Liked it better than the book which is almost never the case."

Jacquelyn Risner's profile image

jacquelyn_risner shared a tip "This is one of my favorites glad you liked it"

Panda Harris's profile image

panda_harris shared a tip "Comfort film"

Christine VanHorn's profile image

christine_vanhorn shared a tip "Love this movie"

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courtney_griffin_1841 shared a tip "Great around Halloween or literally anytime!"

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anna_petersen shared a tip "A fun family-love filled Halloween movie!"

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sophia_maybay shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

carof shared a tip "Fun movie to watch. Definetly recomend!!!!#romance #comedy #fantasy"

Chad E Concepcion's profile image

chad_e_concepcion shared a tip "Absolutely"

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rebecca_wilson_9613 shared a tip "One of my faves!"

NiKKO Mag Cullek's profile image

nikko_mag_cullek shared a tip "It's my all-time favorite movie."

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nicole_mixell shared a tip "This movie is amazing wish they had done the other books with it"

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anna_bryan_7738 shared a tip "Rlly good"

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tracy_escalera shared a tip "Another fav"

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melissa_carper shared a tip "I have always had a soft spot for this movie, it's corky and also show's the bonds of family."

erin_l._burroughs shared a tip "Love it!!"

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jessica_wright_3789 shared a tip "On my top 5 favorites"

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mina_odd shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

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betty_fkrocker shared a tip "Witches"

Dunae 's profile image

dunae shared a tip "The very beginning is mine. It starts out so captivating!"

Library Lost's profile image

library_lost shared a tip "Love the aunt's, they're the family I wished I had!"

Jessica Sirois's profile image

jessica_sirois_8372 shared a tip "The Craft but it's a little bit darker"

Mandi Atkinson's profile image

mandi_atkinson shared a tip "Love love love this movie. Great cast and crew."

Dawn Mottola's profile image

dawn_mottola shared a tip "Best movie ever"

Shannon Jordan's profile image

shannon_jordan_4027 shared a tip "Loved the story, music, the setting. Sweet movie."

Matthew Vicchiullo's profile image

dominick_matthew_vi shared a tip "Every damn witch I know either wants the Green House/Herbarium from the Owens house or the spell book. I personally desire both."

jackie_mobbs shared a tip "My all time favorite movie!"

Bernadette 's profile image

bernadette_2871 shared a tip "My favourite ✨"

danielle_lum shared a tip "One of my favorite movies ever. I can watch this one over and over. MIDNIGHT MARGARITAS!"

Joan Wiffen's profile image

joan_wiffen shared a tip "A great love story and spoof"

Paige Axelson's profile image

paige_axelson shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies. A Halloween classic."

kimmyfae shared a tip "Will always be one of my favorites"

Lilia Mortensen's profile image

lilia_mortensen shared a tip "Such a heartfelt movie- I will always watch this one with my mom at the beginning of halloween season!"

Lara Huskey's profile image

ljh shared a tip "One of my favorite female ensemble movies."

Hally Wiseman's profile image

hally_wiseman shared a tip "Cute movie, fun to watch with friends."

Stacey Stone's profile image

dircut shared a tip "One of my favorites. Especially the MIDNIGHT MARGARITA scene👍👍❤️"

Rowe Kells's profile image

rowe_kells shared a tip "Sandra Bullock is such a awesome actress. I love this movie!"

Arshia Ali's profile image

arshia_ali shared a tip "Witches and women supporting other women! What's not to love?"

Lynn Mansir's profile image

lynn_mansir shared a tip "Fun & lighthearted with a touch of drama. Perfect “chick flick”."

Autumn Dehaven's profile image

autumn_dehaven shared a tip "Total package movie 💖 highly recommend. MUST WATCH"

michelle_gray_9801 shared a tip "This is a movie I could never get tired of!"

noelle_little shared a tip "Its one of my favorite movies! A total classic, especially for my witchy babes!"

steven_hall_6449 shared a tip "Magic, whimsy, romance and that house! Swoon…"

stephanie_7758 shared a tip "Cute movie to watch if you want easy entertainment"

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krystin_m shared a tip "Favorite"

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autumn_yates_4830 shared a tip "Hard to say, I love so many"

angela_makkinje shared a tip "One of my ALL time faves!!"

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michelle_warn shared a tip "awesome chic flick"

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meener shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time"

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