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Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2022-01-12

Runtime 114 minutes

Budget $24m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.7


Sarah Joubert's profile image

sarahajoubert shared a tip "It was okay. Not as good as any of the others."

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Great! Reinvented the horror"

Tlaine 's profile image

asaltysoul shared a tip "all i gotta is… where the hell were most of these kids parents when this was happening ??"

Andrea Kokesch's profile image

andrea_kokesch shared a tip "As a huge fan of Scream , I had low expectations of this one. I was pleasantly surprised! Great movie , very nostalgic"

Qu33rInF34r 's profile image

horrorgeek shared a tip "Kinda predictable, not near as good as the other but decent nonetheless"

MissY D's profile image

missy_d_9590 shared a tip "I hate the way the did the reveal. I feel like it should have stayed orginal."

Sofia Martinez's profile image

sofia_martinez_283 shared a tip "the ending was so stupid and predictable"

Dillon Peterson's profile image

dillon_peterson shared a tip "wasn't done well"

Nikki Johnson's profile image

nikki_johnson_6819 shared a tip ""For Wes" 😭🥰"

Laura O's profile image

screamfanatic shared a tip "Did the originals justice. Honestly Jenna Ortega stole the show for me, was not a fan of Melissa or her acting in this at all."

alani_torres shared a tip "Amber. That’s it, thats the post."

frida_h shared a tip "OMG!! love love loved was a bit cheesy but it was a fantastic concept"

Dylan Mosher's profile image

ddillybarss shared a tip "always nice seeing a new scream movie ill always go see it or rent but nothing special kinda weird seeing monica from friends."

Michael Kelley's profile image

michael_kelley shared a tip "So sad. Should have never been done."

Super 2595's profile image

super_2595 shared a tip "Best new horror remake ever"

Cora Skipper's profile image

cora_skipper shared a tip "It's really good!"

Jason Noury's profile image

jason_noury shared a tip "Great movie! Great cast and opening scene! Ghostface is brutal! Wes would be proud!"

aaliyah_morris_1509 shared a tip "Better than Scream 4. Go watch!"

kai kai ♡'s profile image

kaiskorner shared a tip "My “friend” and I saw this together yesterday lol. It was pretty good."

scenekiller 's profile image

scenekiller shared a tip "A very fun, timely update on Scream, with a solid commentary on the toxicity of fandom. 7.5/10 🔪"

🎬 the_UnQuAliFieD_critic🍿's profile image

angeykirby shared a tip "Perfection. Literal perfection."

Evie <3's profile image

evie_jklein shared a tip "Newest scream movie. Definitely my favorite. Love how everything ends together"

Mr Lonely's profile image

mr_lonely_199 shared a tip "It's a good movie not as good as the original but it was still a good movie"

Selena Yawn's profile image

selena_yawn shared a tip "MIKEY MADISON."

sofia_2237 shared a tip "definitely a must watch if you like horror movies. Shocking ending, amazing acting, the Scream movies are a masterpiece."

Lemon Chocolate's profile image

lemon_chocolate shared a tip "I love how they played it out and i love all the characters"

Liam Smith's profile image

liam_smith_4800 shared a tip "I love this movie it’s my second favorite scream it’s because it’s a great way to have it in 2022 I recommended it"

Tonia Ramsey's profile image

tonia_ramsey shared a tip "I love Horror movie, i wanted to go see it but i didn’t hear nothing about it what do you guy think should I go see it"

Ghost_Clapped_YT 's profile image

ghost_clapped_yt shared a tip "Cute Girls And amazing movie 😂"

Lexi Swere's profile image

lexi_2522 shared a tip "not scary"

Panda Harris's profile image

panda_harris shared a tip "Dewey 😫"

Andrea 's profile image

sk8ergirl shared a tip "Good movie overall but tried too hard to be self aware. Definitely got annoying"

Rachel Foresta's profile image

rachel_foresta shared a tip "Very self aware. Lives up. Good watch."

Reagan 's profile image

galacticica shared a tip "It’s gore heavy, but overall a pretty damn good movie."

Emerson Gass's profile image

emerson_gass shared a tip "It is sooo good! My 1st top Favorite movie."

Raegan Evalene's profile image

raegan_evalene shared a tip "Sooo good"

Mebbtk Krystal's profile image

mebbtk_krystal shared a tip "The new Scream is amazing! One of the best horror sequels I've ever seen them pull off, it's absolutely worth the watch."

Taylor Justyne's profile image

taylor_justyne shared a tip "so many twists brrrooooo!!!!!!!! very entertaining"

Rose 's profile image

emma_rose_3003 shared a tip "This hasn’t left my mind since I saw it. I probably think about it once a day."

Kiera Cullinan's profile image

kiera_cullinan shared a tip "Go see it if you love the franchise!"

sonia_vazquez shared a tip "i really liked it!! jenna ortega >>>"

Gabby Watts's profile image

gabby_watts_5435 shared a tip "It was a nice movie that was not really scary. The ending was kind of unsatisfying though."

Jennifer Coghlan's profile image

jennifer_coghlan shared a tip "Entertaining enough, although you know who the killer(s) is/are in the first 15 minutes."

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