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Robin Hood comes home after fighting in the Crusades to learn that the noble King Richard is in exile and that the despotic King John now rules England, with the help of the Sheriff of Rottingham. Robin Hood assembles a band of fellow patriots to do battle with King John and the Sheriff.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 1993-07-28

Runtime 104 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $36m


TMDB 6.6


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "I saw this at the theater with my Mom. It's pure Mel Brooks silliness. Excellent."

Amelia Kaiser's profile image

amelia_kaiser shared a tip "Super funny satirical film. Definitely not for everyone but I absolutely loved it"

Rowan McCrindle's profile image

rowan_mccrindle shared a tip "honestly this is one of my all-time favorites! I find it hilarious"

Jessica 's profile image

Hope_Belle shared a tip "So many quotable lines! I love this one!"

Lonely Planet's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "#alltimefavorite"

Kathleen Caste's profile image

kathleen_caste shared a tip "So funny"

Holly Smith's profile image

holly_smith_6124 shared a tip "Hilarious"

Maddie Grace's profile image

maddiegrace shared a tip "I love this movie. It’s hilarious! Cast is amazing too. 🤣#comedy"

Kristina Louise's profile image

kristina_louise_4560 shared a tip "Love Mel Brooks comedies!"

H Slaughter's profile image

h_slaughter shared a tip "It’s a great comedy!"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "Unlike other Robin Hood’s I can speak with an English accent. So funny."

Justin 's profile image

JuiceBokz shared a tip "Spectacular movie. Comedic gold."

Misty Williams's profile image

misty_williams_6380 shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny 😆 #comedy"

Freya Moonlight's profile image

freya_moonlight shared a tip "I absolutely love Robin Hood: Men in Tights it is so funny and their song we are men in tights always has me laughing so hard."

Amy Robertson's profile image

amy_robertson_2793 shared a tip "One of my favorite quotable movies!!"

bobbie_pickell shared a tip "“Unlike other Robin Hood’s I can speak with a British Accent.”"

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "I quote this movie way to often! Lol"

Montana 's profile image

montana_7912 shared a tip "This movie makes me laugh every time I see it."

Cassidy Mac's profile image

cassidy_mac shared a tip "Dumb AF, but good for a chuckle"

Madison Lucas's profile image

madison_lucas_8075 shared a tip "Very British humor, if that's what you like"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_718 shared a tip "Whats a better comedy duo than Carey Ewels and Dave Chappel in the story or Robin Hood"

Nikki Prince's profile image

nikki_prince shared a tip "So funny. Love Mel Brooks movies!!!!"

Kissy Nuggett's profile image

kissy_nuggett shared a tip "What isn't to love about this Mel Brooks classic!?!!!"

Serenity D.'s profile image

serenity_d. shared a tip "I watch this movies over and over and I still laugh and I still find new things to laugh at."

Eimile Harrison's profile image

eimile_harrison shared a tip "An absolute favorite and all time classic"

Marilyn Spencer's profile image

marilyn_spencer shared a tip "Quite enjoyed the humor of this one"

Denise Washington's profile image

denise_washington_8661 shared a tip "Comedy never gets old the this movie 🤣"

Kristina Edeus Dunbar's profile image

kristina_edeus_dunb shared a tip "Very funny movie."

Reid Miller's profile image

reid_miller_6038 shared a tip "Classic brooks"

Danyelle Rhodes's profile image

danyelle_rhodes shared a tip "Funny"

Kit 's profile image

applesauce. shared a tip "Has some adult humor but still a good watch for the whole family"

gary_jennings shared a tip "Great movie, lots of laffs"

Ashley Warner's profile image

ashley_warner_5959 shared a tip "Cmon.. it’s Mel Brooks! It’s a classic!"

Lori Rosario's profile image

lori_rosario shared a tip "Hilarious..see something new everytime... Still funny everytime I see it"

Alex Brinley's profile image

alex_brinley shared a tip "Super funny! I quote it all the time"

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