Loved it before it suddenly vanished! Preferred the episodes focusing on vintage Nick... but all episodes were informative.

Nickelodeon Animation Podcast imageNickelodeon Animation Podcast image

Nickelodeon Animation Podcast

Podcasts | TV & Film

I don't like it quite as much as Lore... but it's still good.

Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast imageCabinet Of Curiosities Podcast image

Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast

Podcasts | Society & Culture

Love it. I listen to Lore while I work. Easy breezy creepy listening.

Lore imageLore image


Podcasts | History

What the hell did just watch, here?!? Wowsa. A rollercoaster of WTF. Worth a VERY open minded, VERY adult watch.

Euphoria imageEuphoria image


Shows | Drama

I mean, who doesn't like this show?!? Violent but also touching in its dramatic angles. Great characters. Devour this one if you haven't already!

The Sopranos imageThe Sopranos image

The Sopranos

Shows | Drama

One of the weirdest Christmas movies you'll ever watch! A bizarre dark comedy holiday film.

Mixed Nuts imageMixed Nuts image

Mixed Nuts

Movies | Comedy

Silly but an interesting enough background noise watch if you're an Are You Being Served? fan! You can squeeze a couple chuckles out of this obscure Britcom.

That's My Boy imageThat's My Boy image

That's My Boy

Shows | Comedy

Quirky and obscure. Some good music (Burl Ives was a folk music God among men.) Worth a watch!

So Dear to My Heart imageSo Dear to My Heart image

So Dear to My Heart

Movies | Animation

It's beautiful on appearance and emotionally. It's funny. It's smart. It even has some important educational value. Great all year watch... EXCELLENT October watch!

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Movies | Animation

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