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IM ADDITCTED. Currently I’m waiting for episode 7 to be Subbed and this plot is so good.

Live On imageLive On image

Live On

Shows | Drama

By far my favorite kdrama. The ending was a tear jerker though but i would 10/10 watch again.

Crash Landing on You imageCrash Landing on You image

Crash Landing on You

Shows | Comedy

It was very good. However the ending confused the hell out of me. Cant wait for season 2.

Love Alarm imageLove Alarm image

Love Alarm

Shows | Drama

I really enjoyed all the seasons. Wish they didnt cancel it though. The plot was nice and wasnt so generic and was refreshing in a kind of corny way.

Free Rein imageFree Rein image

Free Rein

Shows | Family

Okay i liked it alot but the plot is not accurate to the story. She lives with her step mother and step sister while her father is away for work all the time. Her mother died in a fire and she didnt help any old dude😂. She got asked buy an old rich dude to live in the house with his 3 grandsons and set their act straight. But anyways i loved it...currently here at the beginning of the last ep to see if it has more seasons tho but its overall very giid and dramatic

Cinderella and Four Knights imageCinderella and Four Knights image

Cinderella and Four Knights

Shows | Comedy

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