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A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea -- and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-12-14

Last Air Date 2020-02-16

Seasons 1

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.8


Timothy Humbert's profile image

MR_ROBOT_ shared a tip "Holy moly. What a good freaking show"

fiona wilson's profile image

fiona_wilson shared a tip "Really interesting look at N Korea while really good live story"

Lizzy Luna's profile image

lizzy_luna shared a tip "Enemies to lovers, plus fake dating?!?! Amazing"

Jacqueline France's profile image

jacqueline_france shared a tip "NEW FAVORITE. Jeong Hyeok is the best. Respectful and genuine romance"

Amarii Walker's profile image

IceSnake shared a tip "This is my all time favorite kdrama!!"

Vikrant T. Gautam's profile image

vikrant_t._gautam shared a tip "absolute gold, will make you laugh +cry"

abi ♡︎'s profile image

littleabi shared a tip "Just watch it"

mj_7681 shared a tip "Such a unique and beautiful love story. Actors chemistry made it all that better too!"

awesome_user_727216 shared a tip "This show is so emotional but it is so good! It had me yelling at the screen but for all the right reasons!!!!"

Pete C's profile image

pete_c shared a tip "Good series for couples. North and South Korea based. Modern and fun. Netflix"

Jessica B's profile image

jessica_b_2721 shared a tip "Highly recommend if you like kdramas"

Raaylitt 's profile image

raaylitt shared a tip "anybody watches this? discussion?"

Meghan Beech's profile image

meghan_beech shared a tip "I love a show that will mack you cry, it was amazing 👏"

dizzle_deee shared a tip "Great cast same character dynamic. #korean #kdrama #romance"

Julie Orduna's profile image

julie_orduna shared a tip "Such a great plot and characters!"

Shannon Andersen's profile image

shannon_andersen shared a tip "I don't think I relate to any of them :p the show was pretty far from any life I live and their culture is different"

Emma McKay's profile image

emma_mckay_6042 shared a tip "Love it!!!"

h_p_2527 shared a tip "The storyline and the cinematography was great."

maggie_6114 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show and will definitely rewatch!"

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Very very good"

Rachel shunem Valdez's profile image

rachel_shunem_valdez shared a tip "I love this so much"

Jen Wilds's profile image

jen_wilds shared a tip "Hhdjsksjsjsjsjjs"

bts army's profile image

i_love_bts shared a tip "Absolutely loved it great for binge watching."

Naomi Townsend's profile image

naomi_townsend shared a tip "This one is a tear jerker as well. Episodes are lengthy so you won't finish it fast"

Chloe Djomessi Siakam's profile image

chloe_djomessi_siak shared a tip "One of the best k dramas I have ever seen. The cast is fantastic and there's great action and romance and an unraveling plot!"

Caydence UwU's profile image

caydence_uwu shared a tip "Honestly such a good kdrama I’ve seen plenty of kdrama but this one by far is my favorite😸"

milkbeyond milk's profile image

milkbeyond_milk shared a tip "One of my favorites! :)"

Polaris Dreams's profile image

polaris_dreams shared a tip "Beautiful! Love the way he treasures her and how she softens around him. #romance"

A. J.'s profile image

a._j._6290 shared a tip "I loved everything about this show!!!"

Aitana McDaniel's profile image

aitana_mcdaniel shared a tip "Great pacing for a kdrama - the slow burn we all love but not TOO slow. Excellent tension building"

_Meerxhh 's profile image

ameerah shared a tip "By far my favorite kdrama. The ending was a tear jerker though but i would 10/10 watch again."

Diane Kennedy's profile image

diane_kennedy_3933 shared a tip "Romance and humor plus a combination of both the koreas. Good content"

Lina Luong's profile image

lina_luong shared a tip "It’s so good cause it has comedy and romance."

Bethany Turner's profile image

bethany_turner_3496 shared a tip "One of the best series I’ve ever seen, and better story and richer characters than Romeo and Juliet"

Ambur Hostyn's profile image

ambur_hostyn shared a tip "My top fave kdrama! The story is wonderful, the acting and characters are superb!!!"

samantha_buchholz shared a tip "Amazing series and a definite must watch !"

Jess 's profile image

jess_3781 shared a tip "It’s the worlds best romance! I love it so much, for you if you’re a hopeless romantic!"

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