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This show is so good and crazy if this is an accurate representation of how it is being a chef I don’t think i could do it. I love the cinematography I love the acting the characters and the dialogue im going around calling people cousin lol

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The Bear


Oh man the dialogue in this show is superb also the sound track is crazyyyyyy beautiful.

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Shows | Drama

Just started this show 1 week ago just in line with season 2 coming out and i gotta say, this is so funny and really keeps you engaged. Its surprising to me because Danny McBride literally plays the same funny character type every time (the guy who wont shut up for his own good) but he’s so good at it so I can’t even be mad i like this show if season 2 ends well then i will change the like to love. Also i would like to say the entire cast is brilliant

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The Righteous Gemstones

Shows | Comedy

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