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Darrin Domoney



Slow burning but intense drama series that feeling like X-Files crossed with a really dark horror film. Worth the watch - give it time and let it draw you in.

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Black Spot

Shows | Mystery

A superbly well acted movie with a deep message of faith - absolutely worth the time to watch.

The Encounter imageThe Encounter image

The Encounter

Movies | Drama

It debuted at #1 for a reason - a fantastic watch.

The Diplomat imageThe Diplomat image

The Diplomat

Shows | Drama

Strong story and great plot with lots of twists. Easy to see why it exploded as a fan favorite so quick. Can't wait for season 2.

The Night Agent imageThe Night Agent image

The Night Agent

Shows | Drama

Amazingly powerful story telling and beautiful and respectful filming. I hope there's a season 2 coming

Dark Winds imageDark Winds image

Dark Winds

Shows | Crime

I was really skeptical about this series as I really enjoyed the movie. Netflix has truly hit it out of the park - totally bingeworthy and mesmerizing. Where is season 2 ???!!!!!

The Lincoln Lawyer imageThe Lincoln Lawyer image

The Lincoln Lawyer

Shows | Drama

Unexpectedly good action movie with a strong story and a very cool no lead role for Jackie Chan.

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Movies | Action

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