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Unlucky assassin Ladybug is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe—all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives—on

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2022-07-03

Runtime 127 minutes

Budget $90m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.5


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theefinalboy shared a tip "y’all might like tangerine but i like him in a much awesomer more personal way"

Ta’Corei Brown's profile image

theefinalboy shared a tip "but if i were channing tatum i too would wanna do sex stuff with titty flashing accented murder man tangerine 🍊 😩😏🤭"

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mco shared a tip "Energetic, comedic, quirky... entertaining and gory."

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harvey_f_smith shared a tip "An action thriller about a simple job that is more then it seems as the mystery gets deeper!"

Gypsy Rose's profile image

gypsy_rose_4528 shared a tip "This movie is what a love child of Guy Ritchie, and Quentin Tarantino would look like! I’m a fan."

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MHM shared a tip "everything is a yes."

Johnny Nigh's profile image

averagejohn shared a tip "A fun action movie, with great suprise cameos! Feels like Deadpool and John Wick's child!"

C-man 's profile image

gaydrag shared a tip "Has its problems but its fun overall. Im in my mancrush on brad pitt era."

Maria O's profile image

maria_oceguera_7518 shared a tip "I don't usually enjoy action, but the action in this particular movie was so fun!! Plus the payoffs were spectacular 🙌"

Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "too repetitive, some funny parts"

Bringer of cheese 's profile image

casey_gorman shared a tip "This movie I pretty good a lot of style and good performances 7.6/10"

Erica Love's profile image

eXlo shared a tip "Hilarious"

Samantha Blizzard's profile image

samantha_blizzard shared a tip "Loved it!"

Zoe 's profile image

zolree shared a tip "it dragged on so long but it did have a good plot."

samzuars shared a tip "This movie was fun to watch, great action movie with lots of characters without feeling like it was to much."

vie. ☽'s profile image

tired.pessimist shared a tip "kinda like an anime i loved it personally i wish more action movies were like this dark humor at its finest 4/5 stars"

WolfInSpace3D 's profile image

wolfinspace3d shared a tip "Solid action movie I enjoyed the overly cheesy story telling. Very rewatchable and great cast with stellar cameos!"

Dee Martin's profile image

dee_martin_406 shared a tip "I surprisingly loved this movie. Nonstop action!"

Jack sparrow's profile image

dazzle shared a tip "A good comedy action!"

lisa_earp shared a tip "Hilarious, with a twist. Like kill bill"

Cayden Severson's profile image

CaydenS shared a tip "Super funny and wish to see more like it! xD"

christie_biggers shared a tip "Hands down, the BEST movie I’ve seen in the past decade. Possibly too 5 of all time."

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Loved this movie .full of action, great cameos an humor"

charles_5933 shared a tip "It was good. Loved Joey king."

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itsdrmarzia shared a tip "Fun to watch but with no great plot. All that happened in the movie they kept calling it #karma"

Mo 's profile image

mo_om shared a tip "the movie is light and even though not funny it is a bit bright"

Rachel Joy's profile image

RachelJoy shared a tip "Ridiculously funny action movie"

Kristin Twombly's profile image

kristin_twombly shared a tip "I like quirky, but this never grabbed me."

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BBA shared a tip "8/24/22"

Winnie 's profile image

Winnie3 shared a tip "Just plain fun!"

Jinx 's profile image

Jinxer shared a tip "Love love loved it. Really funny and kept me engaged the entire time."

Camila Muñoz's profile image

camila_muoz shared a tip "There were many pointless scenes, bad bunny’s part was so cringe idk"

Parker Haines's profile image

parker_haines shared a tip "Fun stylish action film!"

sven anderson's profile image

sven_anderson_976 shared a tip "Great cast good story very funny, just a little to much gore. But other wise terrific movie."

Annabelle Rice's profile image

annabelle_rice shared a tip "10/10 excellent performances, super camp and lots of dark humor. Really fun movie!"

ruth_3637 shared a tip "Funny action movie."

Liliana Bozzo's profile image

liliana_bozzo shared a tip "if the trailer sparks your interest then you will defo like this movie! very action-filled with a stunning cast fr fr"

Little_dreamcatcher 's profile image

mr_sacredycat shared a tip "Many many twists, a wild ride with a lot of explosions!"

taylor_hubbell shared a tip "Genuinely captivating. Was sad when the movie ended!"

Madeline K's profile image

madeline_k_5773 shared a tip "Very entertaining. Would see again in a flash"

Carol Spencer's profile image

carol_spencer shared a tip "Boring. Typical"

kosar yusefi's profile image

kosar_yusefi shared a tip "it was just perfect🤩👌amusing, funny,the best"

ELI$@BETH 's profile image

love_elizabeth shared a tip "Loved the action!!!!!💥"

Deanna Younger's profile image

deanna_younger shared a tip "Goodness, too much cursing. There were some funny moments, but the stupidity outweighs those by far. Loved Lemon!"

Eric Malanowski's profile image

eric_malanowski shared a tip "Absolutely amazing"

sarah_waite_6878 shared a tip "Funny with lots of action. Reminded me of a guy Ritchie film. Thoroughly enjoyed the characters and story."

Birdy McKean's profile image

birdy_mckean shared a tip "A bit style over substance, but very fun and well made"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "One of my new favorite movies"

Graydon Panzica's profile image

graydon_panzica_1423 shared a tip "I love a good blend of action and comedy"

Caitlyn Culwell's profile image

caitlyn_culwell shared a tip "Such a great movie!!! Totally recommend!!! It is just the perfect movie!!!"

Ryan McDonnell's profile image

ryan_mcdonnell_2110 shared a tip "Fun, witty, quirky"

Alicia Holmes's profile image

tyrone002 shared a tip "IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Don’t really like the pink chick. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! TANGERINE AND LEMON ARE AMAZING❤️"

Leo 's profile image

leo_5443 shared a tip "This movie was fantastic from writing to acting to cinematography to story and casting! Absolutely amazing"

carolyn_dailey_7996 shared a tip "I read the book"

Rudolph Lundborg's profile image

rudolph_lundborg shared a tip "I did enjoy this movie."

Gabbi Stornaielo's profile image

gabbi_stornaielo shared a tip "It’s just a great action movie, a wonderfully complex but also easy-to-follow plot, and some very well-places humor"

Thomas Andrucson's profile image

thomas_andrucson shared a tip "Kind of like that train episode of Rick & Morty but if all the sequences fit together in the narrative. Kind of."

Brittany Humphrey's profile image

brittany_humphrey_7015 shared a tip "I LOVED this movie! Fun from the first minute until the last! Best movie I've seen in years!"

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