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Melia Cogan



Wow what a mind bender…. A real Black Mirror sorta vibe.

Transcendence imageTranscendence image


Movies | Thriller

Very dark and imaginative dystopian plot. Kept my attention!

What Happened to Monday imageWhat Happened to Monday image

What Happened to Monday

Movies | Science Fiction

Totally time and mind bending … raises all the existential questions of life. Excellent film

Mr. Nobody imageMr. Nobody image

Mr. Nobody

Movies | Science Fiction

Great mind bending concepts…including time related ones. Linguistics takes center stage as well!

Arrival imageArrival image


Movies | Drama

Thought provoking story line… has a Bladerunner feel

Automata imageAutomata image


Movies | Thriller

Romantic… well written… great cast!! Very imaginative

The Adjustment Bureau imageThe Adjustment Bureau image

The Adjustment Bureau

Movies | Science Fiction

This visually stunning movie is both gritty and mystical! Major macho vibes from the hunk. Loved it.

Taboo imageTaboo image


Shows | Drama

Very cool movie… starts out super mellow and takes a turn for the time loop!

Coherence imageCoherence image


Movies | Thriller

Super dark, dystopian…woman in a repressive near future has make difficult choices for her child.

Advantageous imageAdvantageous image


Movies | Science Fiction

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