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In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-08-18

Runtime 123 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $28m


TMDB 7.2


abigail_weh shared a tip "One of my all time favorite thrillers! Well told, well acted. Absolutely enthralling. Obsessed with Noomi Rapace now."

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MHM shared a tip "such a cool sci-fi thriller that ticks all the right boxes. so happy i got to watch it."

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madison_mcdonald_8956 shared a tip "surprised me with some of the scenes but good overall 9/10"

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amy_santi shared a tip "How Far Would You Go?"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "How Far Would You Go?"

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gail_weathers shared a tip "Sick!"

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missy_jent shared a tip "Great movie that’s underrated."

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andrew_abbey shared a tip "Solid movie. I love Willem Dafoe"

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madison_w_6853 shared a tip "Good one"

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kzromero shared a tip "You forget it’s the same person."

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mlhawkins shared a tip "Awesome movie!"

shannon_cantu shared a tip "Love clone movies or shows. If you're looking fur a show is suggest Orphan Black."

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brink shared a tip "i love this movie honestly, noomi rapace is such a great actress, definitely one of my favorites of hers."

vestina_cepas shared a tip "LOVED THIS MOVIE"

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bryana_alyse shared a tip "Does anyone else wish this had been done as a series rather then a movie? So good, but needed more."

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sagar_bansal shared a tip "A good watch!"

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melia_cogan shared a tip "Very dark and imaginative dystopian plot. Kept my attention!"

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laura_leslie_9582 shared a tip "Oops I haven’t watched yet! I am going to tonight!!"

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toc82 shared a tip "Watching this was intense. Excellent."

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noah_bertrand shared a tip "Hard to watch, but really good plot"

Jeanette Unzueta's profile image

jeanette_unzueta shared a tip "@ellaanderson It was sooo good. I loved it! Though be warned, there are some disturbing scenes. I highly recommend this movie."

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natalie_no_soul shared a tip "This movie was amazing! I was hooked the whole time. Definitely worth a watch!"

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nykayla_connelly shared a tip "the best netflix original!! i’ve seen it a dozen times."

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skylor shared a tip "Really good"

Lauren Izaguirre's profile image

lauren_izaguirre shared a tip "I extremely loved the ending"

claudio_m shared a tip "This movie was great to watch. Kept me constantly intrigued. The acting of the main actress is phenomenal."

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stephanie_smith_3327 shared a tip "Interesting premise and nonstop action."

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yoshio_marti shared a tip "Ummm must watch 10/10 if you talk about a good nextflix original you need to watch what happen to Monday"

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bwch13 shared a tip "if you like sci-fi, just watch it. it's good."

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Freeyyuuhhh shared a tip "This is one of my favorite movies 🤪"

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gabe_cordova_2124 shared a tip "Truest wonderful movie has such a good and tidy ending hope they make a second."

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caio_andrade shared a tip "Amazing movie!"

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jack_staples shared a tip "Terrific and thought provoking."

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rohit_reddy_4043 shared a tip "Its the perfect action thriller to watch."

destiny_morgan shared a tip "It’s a great movie for sci-fi fans:)"

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samheart shared a tip "Its way to good to pass up!"

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ash_diaz_4159 shared a tip "I loved it you will not regret watching this movie!"

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hannah_s_1549 shared a tip "Good violence interesting premise"

J.C. Linder's profile image

j.c._linder shared a tip "One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen"

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emma_cdk shared a tip "Movie kept me on the edge of my seat!! Is a must watch!"

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sadie_nelsen shared a tip "Fantastic :)"

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meggy_p shared a tip "So good I watched it twice!"

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KTS-Finesse shared a tip "Yes. It was a great movie."

bethehknee 's profile image

bethehknee shared a tip "This movie will leave you speechless, all my stars!"

taniah_harris shared a tip "Bomb A** Movie a must see"

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isai_lujan shared a tip "I liked the action and the story"

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arieal_douglas shared a tip "This is the best movie ever"

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samanthakatz shared a tip "the twists were great- a bit too gory for me"

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c_p_5325 shared a tip "The storyline was very interesting. Kept me intrigued."

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emily_robertson_6684 shared a tip "It was interesting"

ellen_jarvey shared a tip "Creative, definitely not following the beaten path. Refreshing and surprising. Can’t forget the actress’s dedication."

emily_thompson_4369 shared a tip "I loved the twists of the movie and it had the most amazing plot!"

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cassandra_aponte shared a tip "Love this!!"

julia_bianchi_1910 shared a tip "Sci-fi is my favorite genre."

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tally_boyd shared a tip "This movie is crazy from start to finnish. Definitely one that messes with your mind. A must watch!"

kalea_9085 shared a tip "It’s a good choice to watch with your friends if you can’t find a movie."

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angelray_g shared a tip "Mind twister"

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sloan_walker shared a tip "Very action-packed, diverse characters and a very futuristic plot"

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pauline_velas shared a tip "So interesting until the very end."

tj_pyrozko shared a tip "Super unique!"

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amber_blair_7284 shared a tip "Suspenseful and interesting! I liked trying to figure things out"

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annslee_swann shared a tip "UGH so dystopian. So wild. So here for it."

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well_n shared a tip "I loved the plot twists, and I love Sci-Fi movies like this. Dystopian type movies I guess, are amazing"

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Mrsyeager shared a tip "I wish this was a show."

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