Rikki Bailey



One of my absolute favorite slasher films and one of the only ones that continues to give me chills every time I watch it. “Because you were home.”

The Strangers imageThe Strangers image

The Strangers

Movies | Thriller

One of my absolute favorites!!

Corpse Bride imageCorpse Bride image

Corpse Bride

Movies | Romance

I love Disenchantment! I love Luci & Elfo the dynamic duo of sidekicks I never could have imagined I needed. 🖤

Disenchantment imageDisenchantment image


Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Honestly one of my absolute favorite Rom-Com’s. Chris Evans and Anna Faris are such a great comedic duo. 🖤🖤

What's Your Number? imageWhat's Your Number? image

What's Your Number?

Movies | Comedy

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