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Stumbled on this beautiful film, knowing v little about it. Mesmerised by the acting, storyline & composition of scenes. It is so well done u almost feel u r watching real lives. Corruption, love, murder & a brilliant plot twist. It seamlessly takes u back & forth from past to present ...telling the story w just enough clues to keep u guessing til the end. A perfect film, w such convincing actors... I was thinking about them for days afterwards.

The Secret in Their Eyes imageThe Secret in Their Eyes image

The Secret in Their Eyes

Movies | Crime

Beautiful cinematography, acting, story - all of it just a perfect film for me. I detest being spoon fed which emotion I shld fee during a film, which modern directors seem hellbent on doing... filming things which you can barely see etc. This film is a slice of life people can't imagine, yet so many living off the grid. I know for weeks to come I will wonder if Tom is ok, where her dad is now;such is the power of the acting. I was in the right mood to watch it, which is vital.

Leave No Trace imageLeave No Trace image

Leave No Trace

Movies | Drama

Damn it's so good. The acting, production, directing, writing etc... all exemplary. These actors convince you they r not playing these roles but living the life of the character they play. So much so that I find myself wondering if Steve will ever get full use of his legs, or did Kate get the promotion etc etc. They r not acting for the camera. The emotions, the little things that build a character to be believable. So so good. I wish it was produced every year!

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Line of Duty

Shows | Crime

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