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Tiffany Nguyen



This was a really cute book! I found the main plot pretty predictable (duh, romance) but the author fleshed out the characters so well and they were the highlight of the book. Can’t forget about the Tucker, the best wing-dog there ever was!

The Happy Ever After Playlist imageThe Happy Ever After Playlist image

The Happy Ever After Playlist

Books | Abby Jimenez

Decent and quick read. Sometimes the main female lead was kind of annoying in the way she treated her love interest so that knocked my rating down. Some parts could’ve been better fleshed out. I’d say 3/5.

Mr. Wrong Number imageMr. Wrong Number image

Mr. Wrong Number

Books | Lynn Painter

This was a decent read, at times the fmc was a little annoying but there were her reasons. I wish there would’ve been more of a focus on her traumas and getting over them as it was brushed over really quickly at the end. I loved the main couple and am excited to read the second book in this series :)

Set on You imageSet on You image

Set on You

Books | Amy Lea

Really great, makes you appreciate the family you have!

For One More Day imageFor One More Day image

For One More Day

Books | Mitch Albom

Very sweet and the tension was great. No spice (just some kissing) which was a nice break if that’s what you want!

How to Love Your Neighbor imageHow to Love Your Neighbor image

How to Love Your Neighbor

Books | Sophie Sullivan

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