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Really engaging show. The sound on this was great. It made you feel immersed in the environment. The acting was good from both the children and the adults. I wish the ending was a little better. It left me with no real satisfaction. Overall I enjoyed it, and if you like #yellowjackets or #thewilds it’s worth a watch.

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Keep Breathing

Shows | Drama

Another great Jordan Peele movie. While I don’t think it ranks up there with US and Get Out, it still is super interesting and full of meaningful imagery and concepts. It’s deep and thought out, while it also has comedic aspects in it to lighten the mood. Once again he did a great job at subtlety hinting at racism and discrimination, that demonstrates what it’s like to be black im America. Overall great acting and wether you watch it for the deeper meanings or for the aliens it’s still worth it.

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