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A woman's daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can't stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-06-25

Last Air Date 2021-06-25

Seasons 2

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.1


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "OMG! A cross between Lifetime channel and 50 Shades of Gray… I know you are intrigued 😜"

christina_paz shared a tip "I wonder how second season is going to be #ReallyGood"

Mia Parker's profile image

miaparker shared a tip "Total Cheesy Girl #P0RN! 😜 Cheesy but still watchable."

Mia Parker's profile image

miaparker shared a tip "🧀 Dangerously Cheesy! 😜🔥😍"

Jill A. M.'s profile image

jill_a.m. shared a tip "I shouldn't have watched this! 😜"

Grace 's profile image

grace_young_111 shared a tip "😍😍😍😍😍😍HOT HOT HOTTTTT. Can’t wait for season 2 omg"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Wow! 😳"

hope_5406 shared a tip "I mean… episode 3. Enough said."

Hannah Grivna's profile image

hannah_grivna shared a tip "Really hot! But also a really good storyline."

Charmion Schroeder's profile image

charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Oh man this show was hot!!! And I watched the whole thing in one night!!!"

Mama Chef's profile image

mama_chef shared a tip "Hottt!"

vanessa guido's profile image

damnguido shared a tip "Good show!! Not a fan of the ending tho /:"

Da Shia 's profile image

dashiaeman shared a tip "absolutely #steamy ❤️‍🔥 & so realistic the plot, the chemistry, the emotion!"

Haley Whorton's profile image

haley_whorton shared a tip "A must watch!!!!!"

Whittaker Mansour's profile image

whittaker_mansour shared a tip "I loved this series! From the very start I couldn't stop watching! I NEED season 2!"

whitnee_davis shared a tip "So far, I am fully engaged in this show ! Very good"

Gabrielle Hughes's profile image

gabrielle_hughes_1900 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Jenn Della's profile image

jenn_della shared a tip "Acting was awful but I couldn’t stop watching"

waleed_al shared a tip "Wow ! From start to finish . Nothing but intense moments."

RB 's profile image

Raychyl shared a tip "Such an entertaining binge! Love it! Definitely check it out. Sooo much fun ;)"

Nadine Anderson's profile image

nadine_anderson shared a tip "This series is hot! Anybody watched it?"

Danielle Lancie's profile image

danielle_lancie shared a tip "Great chemistry between the actors…so believable. Definitely a show for women. Very intense…must see!"

Bobbi Ormond's profile image

bobbi_ormond shared a tip "I’m surprised this is on Netflix. It’s a good show but it’s like soft x rated content."

Mary Jimenez's profile image

mary_jimenez_2931 shared a tip "It's not the best but it's not the worst show to binge I suppose."

motherofmusic 2's profile image

motherofmusic_2 shared a tip "Such an amazing show!"

Gretchen Dunn's profile image

gretchen_dunn shared a tip "Sooooo good 🥵🍆"

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "Watch this if you want to be turned on without watching actual ****."

Samantha Clark's profile image

samantha_clark_845 shared a tip "🍆"

amber stanton's profile image

amber_stanton_3358 shared a tip "This was an intense watch. No wonder my Netflix premium is going up. But im super Eagar for the next season!!!!"

sorryimjill shared a tip "THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING"

Desiree 's profile image

dezzee shared a tip "Total adult content. If you liked 50 shades well I thought this was way better. All 8 episodes definitely captured my attention!"

Brandon Rankine's profile image

brandon_rankine shared a tip "It was like a guilty pleasure that I like."

Hannah Lisagor's profile image

hannah_lisagor shared a tip "A tad scandalous but couldn’t not watch"

Molly Hryciw's profile image

molly_hryciw shared a tip "steamy"

heather_wickie__rn shared a tip "So sexy"

rosa_ramos_1450 shared a tip "Finally an honest portrayal of female sexuality."

Kasey 's profile image

kasey_5498 shared a tip "amazing acting and story line."

Rosella E's profile image

rosella_e shared a tip "Perfect show for “me time”"

BabySpinach 's profile image

babyspinach08 shared a tip "The ending made me sad."

Silvina Saint-Avit's profile image

silvina_saint-avit shared a tip "4/10 for me. Overacted and underdeveloped characters."

starr_bella shared a tip "LOVED THIS"

julianna_leavell_6708 shared a tip "So good!!! Binge watched in a day"

Michaela Barranco's profile image

michaela_barranco shared a tip "It was a glorified soap opera. But fun dialogue and great perspective from a woman."

Nadia Walker's profile image

nadia_walker shared a tip "Let me just TELL YOU this show is mind blowing YOU HAVE TO WATCH!!!!"

tiffany_pharris shared a tip "Definitely kept your attention. Relatable."

wendy_winn shared a tip "Watched this so fast!!! Such a good plot line. Definitely HOT"

Emily Tomas's profile image

emily_tomas shared a tip "Steamy. Suspenseful. Relatable."

Twanette Price's profile image

wikkedlilgrrl shared a tip "🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽 an addictive must watch"

Anna Thomas's profile image

anna_thomas_5117 shared a tip "The realness, the story, how it relates, it’s honesty, it’s lust."

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