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Dr. Temperance Brennan and her colleagues at the Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal Lab assist Special Agent Seeley Booth with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2005-09-13

Last Air Date 2017-03-28

Seasons 12

Episodes 246


TMDB 8.3


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Jollysand shared a tip "Great series. Held my interest."

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maria_gallifrey shared a tip "(Booth and Bones)"

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patricia_carson shared a tip "Love this show"

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jillian_moser shared a tip "This is a great binge worthy show. It's one of our favorites."

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jennifer_fehrmann shared a tip "All of it!! I rewatch them all and love to watch the major episodes (season finales and season premieres)."

kiki_sebastian shared a tip "Bingeworthy and women empowering."

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reyez_jocee shared a tip "10/10 would recommend"

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lynn_peebles shared a tip "This is my new favorite show! I binged this show all last semester #favoriteshow"

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miriam_connor shared a tip "It is a lovely "sciencey" drama with a whole host of great characters!"

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emilee_goodwin shared a tip "Haven’t seen a lot of it, but from what I’ve seen it was alright."

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nancy_hass shared a tip "Can be watched in any order"

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mike_kennon shared a tip "One of our favorites!"

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simply_jazz shared a tip "Amazing show!! If u love crimes watch this show."

anne_lacy shared a tip "Love this"

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faith_ayanboye shared a tip "Looking for a mystery, drama and educational show. This is your best bet!"

alexis_6242 shared a tip "I have no complaints the character development in this is great"

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tatum_morgan shared a tip "Morbidly wonderful"

julia_ferrell shared a tip "It is a good show I love it"

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gacha_star_4826 shared a tip "Its a good show if you like forensic anthropology. Its funny. The characters and plot are great."

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adrianna_hermey shared a tip "Watch it now"

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sarahelizabeth_wilk shared a tip "Very much like CSI or NCIS. The characters are much more humorous tho"

ava_13 shared a tip "LOVE THIS SHOW SOOO MUCH!!! Its funny and just so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!"

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jaidah_temple shared a tip "Yes I absolutely love the episode when they were finally able to kill Pelant cause I hated him soooo much."

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meagan_taylor_6375 shared a tip "I have only seen a few episodes, but I like the show."

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elizabeth_tait shared a tip "Crime/mystey that is funny and slightly romantic. You really get into the story of the characters."

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sami_garner shared a tip "There were too many good ones! I just recently rewatched it, and every time I see Zack he breaks my heart again"

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owen_kern shared a tip "Very dark but also beautiful if that makes sense"

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christina_yager shared a tip "I could binge this show over and over and could never get tired!"

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rosanna_martin_cavi shared a tip "It's a good show"

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ralph_rosema shared a tip "My favorite show"

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makala_schnablegger shared a tip "Angela's my favorite"

daisy_h shared a tip "Super good show"

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malin_freeman shared a tip "Smart comedy."

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ally_schafer shared a tip "Great show! Very similar to the mentalist 🥰"

boquisha_jenken_shurer_patrice_smith shared a tip "This shows a straight banger"


beth_storie shared a tip "I love the beginning seasons when he calls them squints"

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elliotte_girard shared a tip "How can I choose they are all so good 😭"

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krista_butler shared a tip "Love!"

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j_kryger shared a tip "Love the partnership!!"

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mischelle_thorne shared a tip "Quirky characters"

carl_sharp shared a tip "@jayde_5691 which ever one is your favorite 😂"

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katie_b_7175 shared a tip "Hard question. A lot of them are good. Maybe ones that have to do with the gravedigger"

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kate_teafatiller shared a tip "I have favorites per season, not one in particular."

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kalyna_m. shared a tip "There are so many but one of my favorites is the JFK episode"

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bubbles13 shared a tip "Mystery, romance and just a pinch of action... and I love a smart woman"

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stephanie_jachna shared a tip "The one where Sweets finds out that they kissed before he knew them lol"

kasandra_welch shared a tip "One of my favorite shows. Ever!"

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julieann_castillon shared a tip "Crime storyline mystery thrilling"

ivy_vass shared a tip "Its so amazing i loved it #needtowatch"

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arianna_calderon shared a tip "i love this show with my whole heart! rewatching for the 100th time!!"

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sevenspaceship shared a tip "one of my favorite shows and taught me about anthropology"

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dashira_alvarez shared a tip "Love them 🤗"

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dickie_trahan shared a tip "I loved it couldn’t stop binge watching it."

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clarissa_deutscher shared a tip "I love how different each episode was and the wonderful dynamic between all of the characters"

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deleted_user_1612644443914 shared a tip "Love it one of my favorite shows in the wrold"

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LeSmartPotato shared a tip "This is great if you need a laugh! 😂"

maria_rodas shared a tip "I loved the plot so much❤️❤️"

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jermicia_hi shared a tip "This reminds me of a Series by the name of Ghost whisperer"

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isabella_bennion shared a tip "Funny and witty"

sunita_6294 shared a tip "Dr sweets!"

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spockitty_j shared a tip "My niece is named after Bones 🥰"

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alyxandra_allen shared a tip "I just finished the Mentalist which I really liked"

haley_marie_keith shared a tip "One of my favorite tv series ever"

karen_lambert_7733 shared a tip "Everything about it!"

bruce_deen shared a tip "Great long burn love story with heartfelt moments"

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dia_l_1489 shared a tip "One of my favorite shoes along with Once Upon a Time"

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amy_clark_7715 shared a tip "CriminAl minds is good"

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lauren_nye shared a tip "Yes"

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