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Kagome Higurashi is a modern day young girl who lives with her family by the old Higure shrine. Unbeknownst to Kagome, she is the reincarnation of priestess Kikyo and posseses the "Jewel of Four Souls" (the Shikon jewel). One ill-fated day, Kagome locates an ancient well near her home and is abruptl

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2000-10-16

Last Air Date 2010-03-30

Seasons 2

Episodes 193


TMDB 8.6


Lou G's profile image

lou_g shared a tip "If you like Rumiko, you like inuyasha"

Micheal Froom's profile image

micheal_froom shared a tip "Feudal Japanese fairytale."

Cassie Dreiling's profile image

cassie_dreiling shared a tip "One of my favorite animes. 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 Second favorite Tokyo Mew Mew & it's reboot Tokyo Mew Mew New. 🥳"

Ronneice Williams's profile image

ronneice_williams shared a tip "A good gateway to fantasy anime. Still salty that Netflix never had more than the first 2 seasons."

zenaiya_gray shared a tip "Such a good anime, I honestly don’t know why they would take this off :("

Amber Critchlow's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "Lots of episodes, fantastic story, lovable characters, 10/10"

taneesha_8469 shared a tip "A great anime definitely recommend this it 10/10"

SD Lewis's profile image

sd_lewis shared a tip "One of the best anime out there."

Briana Bennett's profile image

briana_bennett_8601 shared a tip "My childhood favourite. I watched it whenever it came on TV."

strgrl ✩'s profile image

jersey_bautista shared a tip "classic childhood anime, waking up eating breakfast in front of my tv type of beat"

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "🥰"

janee_hall shared a tip "The reason I fell in love with anime #sitboy"

Velvet 's profile image

velve shared a tip "loved it so much, my fav anime"

Heaven 's profile image

heavens shared a tip "Love Inuyasha and Kagome ♡♡"

E Jones's profile image

e_jones_5289 shared a tip "It’s such a fun one!"

Tayler Tate's profile image

tayler_tate shared a tip "I love this series it's funny got action and the love triangle is nice too lol"

angie_3986 shared a tip "A masterpiece👌also"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "Yeah it’s food"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "Good"

EmpressKaii WilliamZ's profile image

empresskaii_williamz shared a tip "Alot of people may not be into anime but there are some really deep messages in these episodes"

Annette Gonzales's profile image

annette_gonzales_6808 shared a tip "First anime i watched when i was getting into anime awhile back! I absolutely love this show!"

Mary Beth Holm's profile image

mary_beth_holm shared a tip "If you like #Outlander but with more action, check this one out #anime #romance"

luffysgf 's profile image

nygirlroronoa shared a tip "the BEST"

jeslyn_sue_sosa shared a tip "Love this show how about y’all"

Kristina Pernell's profile image

kristina_pernell shared a tip "Best anime, my absolute favorite 😍"

Nicole Annie's profile image

nicole_annie shared a tip "Obsessed!!!"

lizzy_5825 shared a tip "I love Sesshomaru!!"

Rachel Borres's profile image

rachel_borres shared a tip "All time favorite. First anime I ever watched!"

Myranda 's profile image

myranda_ shared a tip "Literally my favorite anime of all time!!!!! ❤❤❤"

Bianca Neal's profile image

mixed_girl_b shared a tip "This is a show to start your friends that are new to anime"

Shani Grey's profile image

shani_grey shared a tip "Great anime. Had sass and comedy mixed together. Each time I re-watch the whole series I cannot stop laughing."

David Correa's profile image

david_correa_8253 shared a tip "Literally one of the best"

Alex Guerin's profile image

alex_guerin shared a tip "My second anime <3"

yadi_1220 shared a tip "This introduce me to anime, from the beginning."

Jeanell Fenner's profile image

jeanell_fenner shared a tip "Best anime ever obsessed with it"

Dani Hasting's profile image

daniwindscar shared a tip "My 2nd favorite anime. I've watched this since I was like 10 and I still watch it all the time."

Taylor McKisick's profile image

taylor_mckisick shared a tip "Yes!"

Mia Ashwood's profile image

mia_ashwood shared a tip "The story itself is fine, maybe even good. However, everything is dumbed down, explained, and retold to the point it's annoying."

Amanda Scalzo's profile image

amanda_scalzo_4268 shared a tip "My all time favorite anime"

Larry Holden's profile image

larry_holden shared a tip "What the ****"

Noel Brecto's profile image

noel_brecto shared a tip "Koga fs"

Noel Brecto's profile image

noel_brecto shared a tip "Koga fs"

Myrna 's profile image

myrna_6254 shared a tip "Just a classic series. I don't know anyone who hasn't seen or heard of it."

Jesse Gallant's profile image

anxiousrhino shared a tip "This was my first anime and what got me into it. Great story, great fights and amazing progression"

Natalee Boyd's profile image

ruiidere shared a tip "My favorite anime at the moment, the story and the animation is just great!"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "7/10 It has a lot of episodes and some are irrelevant to the storyline. I like the concept and personalities of the characters."

Erika L. Illustrations's profile image

erika_l._illustrati shared a tip "There isn't enough room to write all the amazing things and reasons to watch this Inuyasha you just have to watch it yourself😊😁"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "really good"

Jessica Lela's profile image

jessica_lela shared a tip "Amazing"

Elle Lai's profile image

elle_lai shared a tip "My absolute favorite anime growing up"

Emily Moore's profile image

emily_moore_4255 shared a tip "It's such an in depth anime!"

josh Kroger's profile image

josh_kroger shared a tip "I just recently started watching it. I really like it so far."

Leslie Dennis's profile image

leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "This was my gateway drug into the weeb life."

Tre Nelson's profile image

tre_nelson shared a tip "Absolutely"

animelover2000 shared a tip "Is this anime child appropriate"

julia_kabler shared a tip "Oooo it is REALLY good! I gre up with it, it was my first anime c:"

Yaadgal81 's profile image

yaadgal81 shared a tip "It takes a few episodes to really get into it."

Minzy Harris's profile image

minzy_harris shared a tip "Highly reccommend it"

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AmaraShadow shared a tip "Yeah, I've been really enjoying That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, Overlord, and Demon Slayer."

Katrina Davis's profile image

katrina_davis_7715 shared a tip "I love this show. I hope you enjoy"

mae_4446 shared a tip "it was enjoyable to watch! if u like slow burn romance this is for you. it also has great characters"

Jane Wantland's profile image

jane_wantland shared a tip "@paigelilovesbooks yes it’s a sweet show. Definitely enemies to lovers situation"

Valentina _'s profile image

valentina__ shared a tip "Hell ya it’s a classic"

LiyahJ shared a tip "LOVE THIS SERIES! It was my first anime series when I was 11yrs old. 10/10 recommend!"

Jack B.'s profile image

jack_ucciardino shared a tip "For those of a certain age it was THE gateway to the love of anime."

Lulvera Estrefi's profile image

lulvera_estrefi shared a tip "This is the show that got me started with anime. Always woke up at 3am to see it on Adult swim 😂"

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