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A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot and will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-09-25

Last Air Date 2020-05-14

Seasons 6

Episodes 90


TMDB 7.9


Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Beautifully Acted"

Ofejiro Usiaphre's profile image

Ella_ro shared a tip "This is one of the best crime drama series I've watched, it's so captivating. When you start watching you can't stop!"

amy_mcnamee shared a tip "One of my favorites, sorry It's over."

deer chimera's profile image

deer_chimera shared a tip "Yes but after first 2 seasons gets way too intense for me"

Kerri Samuelson's profile image

kerriboylesam shared a tip "This series is amazing! It really grips you and there are tons of episodes to binge!"

Joker's Wife,but cheating on him with Jade West's profile image

jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "Too dramatic for me👐🏾👐🏾. But my mom liked it"

Ariane Plourde's profile image

ariane_plourde shared a tip "Season 1 and 2 are good after its too much"

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "The first season is great."

juliete pierre's profile image

juliete_pierre shared a tip "Definitely binge worthy!"

meryl_pullen shared a tip "Unbelievably great! Every season brought surprises. Love it, kiss it!"

Melissa Storch's profile image

melissa_storch shared a tip "Great show. All seasons available. I like shows you don’t have to wait for the next season"

lorri_carnegie shared a tip "I binged this pretty much. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved it!! Wish they would bring it back!"

Srijana Pradhan's profile image

srijana_pradhan shared a tip "True"

Mariah Reed's profile image

mariah_reed_5665 shared a tip "I liked how twisted the characters were. I also like that you couldn’t trust anyone the whole time."

Peace Dominic's profile image

peace_dominic shared a tip "Electrifying"

ellen_8393 shared a tip "It certainly has a weird name but is a very interesting suspenseful show. Check the trailer!"

Carina Minardi's profile image

chemicalchica shared a tip "Final season on Netflix = YES!!"

brooke_p_6790 shared a tip "I need to watch the current season, but I like it so far!"

emie_hensley shared a tip "I love this series. I’m not very far in it but it’s very interesting"

Rabbit Corpse.'s profile image

rabbit_corpse. shared a tip "It's a really nice and interesting show! 9/10"

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "#twisty_turny #drama #crime #crime #suspense #mystery #mystery #"

camille_bouchard shared a tip "Yes!"

susan_charles_3890 shared a tip "Kept you guessing.Intense drama with great characters, well portrayed."

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coldbrew shared a tip "Stick with it — awesome show!"

Robert Strauss's profile image

Txoko shared a tip "Naughty but nice!"

Christian Rodriguez's profile image

christian_rodriguez_7587 shared a tip "First seasons keep you interested."

Bonnie Dalager's profile image

bonnie_dalager shared a tip "Could not stop watching. Amazing show."

Leah Kanaan's profile image

leah_kanaan shared a tip "Great show to binge!"

Stella .'s profile image

stella_. shared a tip "a great show to binge!!"

Tatiana Parsons Haddawy's profile image

tatiana_parsons_haddawy shared a tip "I have not finished it yet. Is it bad? Seems all my favorite shows have weak endings."

Evie Dumont's profile image

evie_dumont shared a tip "Oooh good question, I'll have to think about that"

mark_fremgen shared a tip "A bit contrived. Not bad drama, though."

Natalia H Zavala's profile image

natalia_h_zavala shared a tip "I Sort of liked how it ended but I was fascinated to hear about the truth behind Analise funeral!"

CeCee McMore  's profile image

ceemac1806 shared a tip "This tv show got me hooked. I was sad to see it end. One of my all-time favorite shows."

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "This show was great! I did liked the first few seasons better."

alyson_hammer shared a tip "Absolutely worth watching"

Lynda Garza's profile image

lynda_garza shared a tip "It's a perfect show to bunge watch, lots of twists and turns."

Caitlyn Soper's profile image

caitlyn_soper shared a tip "Yes"

ian_twitchell shared a tip "I absolutely love mystery crime shows like Fargo would definitely recommend that."

leigh_kemper shared a tip "Ripper street on Netflix is excellent and just finished Wallander. I’ve heard who killed Sarah is great - that’s next! You?"

Vanita Lockley's profile image

vanita_lockley shared a tip "It's a great show to binge with diverse cast of characters"

Shanetta Mitchell's profile image

shanetta_mitchell shared a tip "Incredible show love Viola Davis"

Hidden Alone's profile image

hidden_alone shared a tip "Looking for a suspenseful show that'll keep you guessing then How to Get Away with Murder is right for you."

ashley edmonds's profile image

ashley_edmonds shared a tip "It has a lot of drama. If I had to pick I would Annalise"

skylar_demidovich shared a tip "MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER 😍😍😍"

ashley_hernandez_2830 shared a tip "very suspenseful ✨"

nabila_2978 shared a tip "U wanna know to get away with Muder? Watch this"

Rose Doyle's profile image

rose_doyle_4137 shared a tip "I’m almost finished the series and I love these broken people!"

cindy_janes shared a tip "I don't have a particular one but if I had to choose it would have been the 1st one."

Cheyenne Riles's profile image

cheyenne_riles shared a tip "This is such a great show! so suspenseful"

Shelly Marshall-Haynes's profile image

shelly_marshall-hay shared a tip "Sad to see the end of this show. A must watch, drama, suspense, comedy. A great melody of genres for good entertainment."

Biskit 's profile image

biskit shared a tip "Great show"

CYndi McCLellan's profile image

cyndi_mcclellan shared a tip "I think this is a great “Who done it?”"

Lyssa Riggs's profile image

lyssa_riggs shared a tip "LOVE IT. Watch Scandal next. Some episodes crossover."

michelle_glassco shared a tip "The first one or two then it started getting old."

Katelyn McCormick's profile image

katelyn_mccormick shared a tip "Like Greys Anatomy but law students instead of medical. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

Chelsea Livingston's profile image

chelsea_livingston_2922 shared a tip "So suspenseful! Kept me hooked!"

Ciara Abong’o's profile image

ciara_abongo shared a tip "Literally hooked"

sha_6066 shared a tip "Yea"

Elizabeth Ranger's profile image

elizabeth_ranger shared a tip "It was great the 1st and 2nd season and then got off track the rest of the seasons."

Britni Alleman-DeLorenzi's profile image

britni_alleman-delo shared a tip "Have you seen mindhunter yet?!"

Abilash Ketheeswaran's profile image

abilash_ketheeswaran shared a tip "After season 1 it gets repetitive"

Sohini Sengupta's profile image

sohini_sengupta shared a tip "The best show"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1596625949149 shared a tip "I binge-watched this show; I just couldn't stop. Now I'm up to date and impatient for more!"

Caramel_ Drop28's profile image

caramel__drop28 shared a tip "🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤯🤯🤯🤯SEASON 6 IS OUT ON NETFLIX 🙌"

Caramel_ Drop28's profile image

caramel__drop28 shared a tip "🥳🥳🥳Season 6 out Yessssss🤩🥳"

Livvy Oberrieth's profile image

livvy_oberrieth shared a tip "Definitely a guilty pleasure show"

Eman Rana's profile image

eman_rana shared a tip "Such an addicting show, the cast could not be more perfect!"

Enny 's profile image

taye_8333 shared a tip "I have to say season 1. What about you?"

natasha_burton_4802 shared a tip "Suspensful"

candace barbour's profile image

candace_barbour shared a tip "Best show ever!"

Allan Roberts's profile image

allan_roberts shared a tip "Not really sure tbh I’ve only seen the the first season and that was a while ago lol!! But it was good when I watched it"

Jessica Mendoza's profile image

jessica_mendoza_1975 shared a tip "Loved it!! I was hooked from beginning to end!!"

Hanna Cooper's profile image

hanna_cooper shared a tip "best show ever made!"

Christen Kessler's profile image

christen_kessler shared a tip "@tristen_fw I really liked the episode where Oliver meets Connors friends and helps them."

ana_victoria_perez shared a tip "I didn’t get to finish the show. I only got into a few episodes but they were really good. Have to go back and finish."

alissa_fisher shared a tip "Not really a TV show to binge watch but if you stick with it it has an amazing storyline"

Tisha Hoskins's profile image

tisha_hoskins shared a tip "Sucked me in on the first episode. #bingeworthy"

anna_roulston shared a tip "BEST EVER!"

Brooke Nycum's profile image

brooke_nycum shared a tip "Has anyone found any shows as gripping as this one? I can't get into scandal as much as I immediately got into HTGAWM."

Ginger Williams's profile image

ginger_williams shared a tip "First couple of seasons were amazing but ending was lack luster"

Carol Hernandez's profile image

carol_hernandez shared a tip "#drama #twists #storytelling"

Ramona Nay's profile image

urstrully85 shared a tip "Only seen the beginning seasons"

Sarah Wilson's profile image

sarah_wilson_9890 shared a tip "Amazing acting, great twists and creative writing. There is no show like it!"

Tonya Lacy's profile image

l0n3tt3_79 shared a tip "Yes!, check out Behind Her Eyes on Netflix!, just finished it"

Katie Michalak's profile image

katie_michalak shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy my favorite is when we finally figure out the connection between Keating and Wes"

Ashley Cannon's profile image

ashley_cannon_2598 shared a tip "I'll be honest, I didn't finish it. I binged a lot of it and got burned out. Need to see the last season."

Tina Rangel's profile image

tina_rangel shared a tip "I Love it i was so good"

alejandra_7976 shared a tip "This show was amazing like I definitely recommend it for people that like suspension and court action💯"

Cyndi Westerman's profile image

cyndi_westerman shared a tip "Good@but unrealistic"

Ashley Parker's profile image

ashley_parker_4745 shared a tip "I need to re watch!"

giselle_631 shared a tip "Have you seen Scandal?"

Shanyn Michelle's profile image

shanyn_michelle shared a tip "Sooooo good. Lots of twist and turns!"

Kaitlyn Pritchard's profile image

kaitlyn_pritchard_1393 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series."

Duchess DesDemona's profile image

duchess_desdemona shared a tip "Right now it is Lucifer."

Rachel Stump's profile image

rachel_stump_6122 shared a tip "First season was like one long mystery movie - awesome!"

Kylee Dougherty's profile image

kylee_dougherty shared a tip "A Shonda win"

Yaisa Diaz's profile image

yaisa_diaz shared a tip "#losesleeptypeofshow"

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