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Explore what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. Based on Philip K. Dick's award-winning novel.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-01-15

Last Air Date 2019-11-15

Seasons 4

Episodes 40


TMDB 7.5


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "I didn’t love season 1 but stayed with it because it seemed like my kind of show. Season 2 was great and looking forward to #3"

Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "So well-imagined. Makes you appreciate our beleaguered democracy. ;)"

Monica J's profile image

monica_jensen_8600 shared a tip "Great series!"

Monica Maniatakos's profile image

monica_maniatakos shared a tip "Still mind blowing. I think I might be scarred from it. 😅"

amanda_5250 shared a tip "+1 to the other comments. Interesting premise and start but also DNF."

kathy_mcconnell_2284 shared a tip "It’s nice to see great Scripts and period pieces in one drama. Great characters. No cell phones here. How did everyone survive?"

Paul O's profile image

DrKrinkle shared a tip "It was great over all, but the last season was rushed and it shows."

Marne Besterman's profile image

marne_besterman shared a tip "Really cool show! I was quickly hooked"

Cindy Lee's profile image

cindy_lee_2422 shared a tip "Alternative history"

Carrie Doose's profile image

carrie_doose shared a tip "love alternate history stories. try AMERIKA"

diana_marq shared a tip "Absolutely phenomenal series! Highly recommend!"

Grace Filkins's profile image

grace_filkins shared a tip "Spy thriller and sci-do meet to create alternate realities. My mind was blown on more than one occasion."

Ron Perron's profile image

ron_perron_5563 shared a tip "Every episode seems to end on an incredible cliffhanger or fundamental question. Interesting initial premise as well."

KateB 's profile image

kateb shared a tip "Give it the first season to hook you. It's worth it!"

Moria Funck's profile image

moria_funck shared a tip "This show is excellent with an incredible amount of depth. It has some very serious themes so proceed with caution"

Jeffrey Two's profile image

jeffrey_two shared a tip "It is a good series."

Sneha Desai's profile image

sne shared a tip "A different perspective!"

Kimmie Hamilton's profile image

kimmie_hamilton shared a tip "This is a big WHAT IF. How would the country be? Hmmmmm"

Noah Bertrand's profile image

noah_bertrand shared a tip "This is a great watch. Kind of scary to see what our world would be like if the Allies hadn’t won WWII"

Greg McGuinness's profile image

greg_mcguinness shared a tip "Season three started a bit slow but picked up around episodes 6/7."

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "brilliant, imaginative take on what might've been if germany and japan had won ww2"

Maui 's profile image

maudesty shared a tip "Must watch!"

sfgumshoe shared a tip "Superb alternative-history series based on hallucinogen-aficianado Philip K. Dickk’s visions of parallell-universes"

Claudio Golia's profile image

claudio_golia shared a tip "I felt like it ended too early and could have benefited from another season. However, overall I enjoyed the premise and story."

Lisa Elizabeth's profile image

lisa_elizabeth shared a tip "Incredible writing and acting. This show deserves more praise than it’s been given."

Le 's profile image

le_1689 shared a tip "Awesome twist on ww2"

Rick Barnett's profile image

rick_barnett shared a tip "Extraordinary in so many respects, but ultimately disappointing."

Ken L's profile image

ken_l shared a tip "Great premise"

Ken L's profile image

ken_l shared a tip "What if Germany and Japan won WWII?"

Cathie Krzywon's profile image

cathie_krzywon shared a tip "Strangly addictive"

Chet Knell Jr.'s profile image

chet_knell_jr. shared a tip "Great idea, but cancelled way too early!"

Michelle Figueroa's profile image

michelle_figueroa_9335 shared a tip "Totally worth the binge watch !"

Eric Eisen's profile image

eric_eisen_7245 shared a tip "Binge worthy! And suspenseful!"

sumit_basu shared a tip "I loved the alternative history aspect of this; by the end it was a bit too sci-fi."

gina_russo_2558 shared a tip "This is such an excellent series. A must watch"

meredith healey garraway's profile image

meredith_healey_gar shared a tip "The thinking person's #horror movie: America lost #ww2 and it'ts divided between Japan and #nazi germany"

Richard Brown's profile image

richard_brown_6907 shared a tip "One of the best things I’ve seen on TV!"

Caroline Macdonald's profile image

caroline_macdonald shared a tip "Rufus Sewell, just so gifted. Great series."

Kate Kremble's profile image

kate_kremble shared a tip "Slow start- but worth the investment!"

Victoria King's profile image

victoria_king_8114 shared a tip "Loved it for the first 3 seasons but wasn’t a huge fan of how it ended"

sandra_5382 shared a tip "Loved it! I wanted more episodes. Time travel, I would have never guessed it!"

Yari Rivas's profile image

yari_rivas shared a tip "Masterpiece!"

Doc Bravo's profile image

doc_bravo shared a tip "I haven't finished the book but the series is really good. What if the Axis won WW2? What if they took over YOUR country?"

Marion O'Neill's profile image

marion_oneill shared a tip "Totally mind provoking, you will be hooked"

christine_stoneman shared a tip "I think so - interesting concept and we ended up binge watching so that says something lol"

justin_waldman shared a tip "Very good show if you are into historical fictional drama and action"

Robin Reasor's profile image

robin_reasor shared a tip "Love, love love this show!"

Des Fedyk's profile image

des_fedyk shared a tip "Very well done! Imaginative and addictive!"

Ashley Bedenbaugh's profile image

ashley_bedenbaugh shared a tip "It was very twisted and eye opening!"

Jodi 's profile image

sm00bs shared a tip "Tough call. This ranks up there. Also, West Wing, Newsroom, and The Good Place."

Ami Higginbotham's profile image

ami_higginbotham shared a tip "Got a little confusing at times, but a good watch overall."

Jackie Hajji's profile image

jackie_hajji shared a tip "Fascinating concept"

Joe Garcia's profile image

JoeyG1973 shared a tip "Binge watch this. Do it. Do it now!"

John McPlummough's profile image

john_mcplummough shared a tip "Season one was fantastic. Afterwards, not so much."

Tom Foreman's profile image

tom_foreman shared a tip "A really well done series with lots of twists and turns. Very edgy will keep you hooked."

sydnie_crockett shared a tip "High drama. 2nd ww. Very good"

Ryan Monahan's profile image

ryan_monahan shared a tip "Very different pacing than what you're used to with most shows, with some great characters!"

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "A slow burn and wasn't too crazy about ending but a very worthy ride!"

Mike Mostowy's profile image

mike_mostowy shared a tip "Fictional history with some twists and turns"

Kimberly Bowlin's profile image

kasb2020 shared a tip "Addictive!"

linda_green_8967 shared a tip "I agree with others! After one episode you’ll be hooked!"

Mark Kellner's profile image

mark_kellner shared a tip "It takes some patience to start to figure it out. It's not really a "what if", but a very well thought out "scyfy"show."

Claire Potvin's profile image

claire_potvin shared a tip "#drama #romance #science_fiction #suspense"

Ciera Aguer's profile image

ciera_aguer shared a tip "Historical fiction,"

Nik 's profile image

nik_3021 shared a tip "It's very disturbing, but pulls you in!"

adam_cooper_8959 shared a tip "It started strong, but it's a DNF for me"

tara_busch shared a tip "Good, still watching"

Jennica Prescott's profile image

jennica_prescott shared a tip "Storyline"

Triggz 12321's profile image

triggz_12321 shared a tip "Amazing #alternatehistory series for those looking to turn the gears in their mind great for viewers 15+"

Rick Plaugher's profile image

rick_plaugher shared a tip "So great. Attention to detail in the world building. Loved it."

g_j_5546 shared a tip "Amazing"

dolores_ruby shared a tip "Great series. Very interesting take on alternative history."

Kayla Jacobsen's profile image

kayla_jacobsen shared a tip "Loved it!"

Sarah Alexander's profile image

salexa shared a tip "It’s a parallel universe with a completely different (slightly scary) outcome ! Great characters, good show!"

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