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A comedy drama that crashes straight into the lives and loves of six twenty-something adults living together as Property Guardians in a disused hospital.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-01-11

Last Air Date 2016-02-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 7.1


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Phoebe Walter Bridges is amazing as always. Quirky, fun, and light."

Sarena Bunny's profile image

saitama shared a tip "Hilarious! Fast paced never a dull moment. Loved it."

Sarena Bunny's profile image

saitama shared a tip "Says this show started in 2011 and ended in 2015 there has to be more episodes does anybody know where I can find more episodes?"

Kimmy W's profile image

kimmy_w shared a tip "LOVEEEED THIS SO MUCH. jonathan bailey gave the performance of his life. i can’t believe it was only 6 episodes i want moreeee"

Tracey Lowenstein's profile image

tracey_lowenstein shared a tip "Is PWB doing a new show soon? Was very sad this one didn’t continue."

Ella Gardner's profile image

ella_gardner_4207 shared a tip "I.Love.Pheobe.Waller.Bridge. and I loved this show, sad they cancelled it, it had potential."

Helga Fontanez's profile image

helga_fontanez shared a tip "SO FUNNY! Way better than... Fleabbb"

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "Funny for a bunch of folks being homeless."

Nicole Kim's profile image

nicole_kim shared a tip "HILARIOUS"

Jenn R's profile image

jenn_r shared a tip "Phoebe Waller-Bridge's other show where she plays an unlikeable character."

mb 's profile image

mrgnburle shared a tip "phoebe waller bridge and jonathan bailey both kill it."

Richard Brown's profile image

richard_brown_6907 shared a tip "I loved this show & Phoebe Waller. Ridge’s character. So disappointed I can only find season 1."

Lauren Bee's profile image

lauren_bee_7911 shared a tip "I laughed so hard watching this show that I started crying and my dad thought something was genuinely wrong. Absolutely hilarious"

Starfire Lynn's profile image

starfire_lynn shared a tip "Watched it a while ago. Wish there were more seasons like the other person said"

Dana Czerwinski's profile image

danacz shared a tip "So funny! Can't believe they didn't keep making more..."

Shirelle Weetman-Jones's profile image

shirellewj shared a tip "Six twenty-something adults living together - hilarious and silly."

Jai Kokayne's profile image

jai_kokayne shared a tip "This was so good. I was so sad it was only one season 😢"

Heather Smith's profile image

heather_smith_5082 shared a tip "It was good. One scene was beyond gross and I had to fast forward but sad its cancelled."

 Maayan Maayan's profile image

skivingsnackbox shared a tip "The best of Phoebe Waller Bridge. So wild, so maddening, side splittingly, eyebrow-raising funny"

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_7616 shared a tip "I LOVED this! I wish it had more episodes."

Ava Nakasone's profile image

ava_nakasone shared a tip "Genuinely my favorite show in the world. Has just the right something that makes it a piece of phoebe waller bridge perfection"

Kyle Vernor's profile image

kyle_vernor shared a tip "Funniest show ever. Wish it had more seasons. I wasn’t ready for it to be over."

maura_bobbitt shared a tip "Hilarious. Less polished than Fleabag, but a definite romp with a unique premise"

casey 's profile image

cajesp shared a tip "really enjoyed this one, it’s a shame it got cancelled"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Anything with Phoebe Waller-bridge is amazing"

Juls Hoover's profile image

juls_hoover shared a tip "PWB!! Loved this, would've loved another season."

Carla 's profile image

carla_512 shared a tip "Such a funny show, just love it!"

Erin Davis's profile image

erin_davis_4068 shared a tip "Hilarious"

Natalie Scott's profile image

natalie_scott_7541 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Riccibadger 's profile image

riccibadger shared a tip "I was definitely upset when I realized there were only 6 episodes"

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