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Narcissistic, brash, and self-destructive Jimmy Shive-Overly thinks all relationships are doomed. Cynical, people-pleasing, and stubborn Gretchen Cutler knows that relationships aren't for her. So when they meet at a wedding, it's only natural that the two of them go home together.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-07-17

Last Air Date 2019-04-03

Seasons 5

Episodes 62


TMDB 7.4


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "My enjoyment of this waxed and waned with each episode. Maybe it's just me."

amanda_5250 shared a tip "Loved this show, especially how they wrapped the series."

misty_liles shared a tip "Hysterical. Definitely a mature adult comedy."

aislynn_8520 shared a tip "It’s so good. There’s a couple scenes and episodes that are just so insane. 10/10 would recommend."

devon_white_4947 shared a tip "Love the raunchy humor"

Amanda Rupert Raborn's profile image

amanda_rupert_raborn shared a tip "I love this series!!! Not another show like it."

mary_schuldt shared a tip "Excellent series! Shallow people deep subjects, growth from start to finish!! ❤️❤️❤️"

Kam Sanders's profile image

kam_sanders shared a tip "Dysfunctional friendships are often the best friendships"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "The first seasons are the best."

Ellie 's profile image

elle-dizzle shared a tip "One of my favorites. Dark and funny. Tread carefully if you have a tendency for depression. It sometimes get me in a funk."

Lauren Hammond's profile image

lauren_hammond_3607 shared a tip "This is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a very long time! You’re the worst is the BEST!"

Lauren Hammond's profile image

lauren_hammond_3607 shared a tip "Truly one of the funniest shows I have seen in a very long time!!! I don’t think there was one bad episode."

Rachel Nicole's profile image

rachel_nicole_2834 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show. Funny, pessimistic characters."

Dan Cooper's profile image

dan_cooper_5260 shared a tip "Watched it. Excellent until the last season, or maybe it was just the final episode that disappointed."

JJ Baker's profile image

jj_baker shared a tip "One of my favorite shows. Assholes in love, gotta love it."

Emin Eralp's profile image

emin_eralp shared a tip "Super funny offbeat comedy of 2 delightfully dysfunctional people."

marcey_rosenbaum shared a tip "Found this unexpectedly compelling, honest and moving. The characters were vivid and I really was interested in them."

marisa_didonato shared a tip "Kinda love these two because they are real. Dysfunctional but in a good way."

Lily 's profile image

mswrite shared a tip "The realest look at mh and relationships. Jimmy and Gretchen forever"

Cheri Mason Lewis's profile image

cheri_mason_lewis shared a tip "Actors are all great; characters are not that likable but so fun to watch."

kate_9704 shared a tip "Binge worthy! Witty, crass & unfiltered comedy at its finest 👌 I wish there were more shows like this."

Andreanna C's profile image

abigail_223 shared a tip "Perfect mix of comedy, romance, and some seriousness thrown in there"

Mark Levine's profile image

mark_levine shared a tip "This is the best TV show. Nothing made me happier than when there was a new episode. I can binge the whole season anytime."

Jenna Knapp's profile image

jenna_knapp shared a tip "So funny and so raw"

joe_hamburg shared a tip "One of my favorite series of all time. Very under appreciated."

danielle wiebe's profile image

danielle_wiebe shared a tip "Great depiction of mental illness and an imperfect, nontraditional relationship. I laughed and I cried. A true masterpiece."

Brittany St Louis's profile image

brittany_st_louis shared a tip "Definitely worth it. Very funny throughout the whole show while dealing with real issues."

LisaAnne Gionet's profile image

lisaanne_gionet shared a tip "My favorite show of all time."

Samantha Pyser's profile image

samantha_pyser shared a tip "1st season was great. Then it got way too depressing for a comedy."

lillian_thomas_8559 shared a tip "A perfect show!"

steph_hawker08 shared a tip "Super smart, modern and honest show. Absolutely loved this!!"

nicole_6688 shared a tip "Actually laugh out loud funny. Irreverent, mean and hilarious."

emily_vinson_5244 shared a tip "Dark comedy of millennials trying to figure it out."

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