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Marianne and Connell weave in and out of each other’s lives in this exploration of sex, power and the desire to love and be loved. Adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-04-26

Last Air Date 2020-04-26

Seasons 1

Episodes 12


TMDB 7.9


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jessica_7565 shared a tip "This show is bumming me out but I can’t stop watching it"

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "Well I’m ****** about the ending…sad love story"

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sammyd67_. shared a tip "Extraordinary under the radar tv series. A must watch"

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sammyd67_. shared a tip "Wow! You have to watch this show. Simple and raw."

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sammyd67_. shared a tip "Wow! A must watch!"

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heather_stevens shared a tip "This was one of the most moving film series I’ve ever seen! If you are a hopeless romantic it’s a must see!!"

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amina_qureshi shared a tip "The book was wonderful and the show is even better. They have a see bond that transcends The screen!"

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paige_bets shared a tip "Only series I've ever re-watched from beginning to end."

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rachael_pitts shared a tip "Loved this! So well done"

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marne_besterman shared a tip "Loved this! Great character development. I think I watched the season in one day."

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jim_morgan shared a tip "Fantastic drama, great acting and writing"

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jim_morgan shared a tip "Extremely well acted, and totally believable subtle drama"

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jackie_f_3530 shared a tip "AMAZING #mustwatch"

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shelly_192 shared a tip "Sexy"

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jamie_tadlock shared a tip "Loved this realistic story of two troubled people who find refuge in each other."

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gyrovagi shared a tip "Such a sweet movie."

jamiela shared a tip "Little show about love, sex and what “knowing” people really means. Can you win at life? Find out..."

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heather_oconnell shared a tip "This series was so well done!"

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naomi_ohayon shared a tip "Love love love 💕"

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robert_wasson shared a tip "fantastic character study of two broken kids trying to figure out how to love and live"

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mairen shared a tip "A beautiful and realistic love story that feels more like a movie than a show"

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grace_lager shared a tip "Excellent."

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robyn_gee shared a tip "It will mess with your emotions, but seriously so good!"

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tina_jans shared a tip "Great show, the scenery and Ireland is superb!"

cole_jennett shared a tip "Such great acting. Incredibly good"

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portuondo shared a tip "The acting in this series is truly amazing. Make sure you have tissues on hand."

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ilove_moviesntv shared a tip "I love this show"

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allison_lagergren shared a tip "Slow burn but still worth the watch"

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keke_8341 shared a tip "Mixed feelings about this story. I did not read the book. Maybe I should have."

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elli_jaquelin shared a tip "There are so in love but there are some problems between them"

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shahanaz_bhuiyan shared a tip "Witty writing! Sharp performances! Funny moments! Recommended! #drama #comedy #romance #tragedy #hilarious #thegreat"

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amanda_lovell_8504 shared a tip "One of the few shows I liked better than the book!"

katherine_ortiz_5558 shared a tip "It was so raw and the relatable. Amazing acting, amazing directing"

ginny_lawhead shared a tip "It’s a great binge watch. Go through the ups and downs of a young couples romance. Very well acted. Not for children!"

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denise_mitchell shared a tip "Such a heartbreaking story"

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molly_anne_lang shared a tip "Actually destroyed me. Still not emotionally recovered. Someone responsible pay my therapy bills."

trent_dollarhyde shared a tip "I think that Marianne was my favorite of the show. She had the furthest character development."

margot_menzel shared a tip "Love! A must watch!!!!!!"

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delicia_verderber shared a tip "Havent finished it but so far SO GOOD. The beginning was amazing"

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julie_stewart_3784 shared a tip "Love it!!"

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rosy_lorusso shared a tip "Omg just so beautiful, real, and raw."

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megan_wilson_3417 shared a tip "Sex, love, and passion."

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g_moini shared a tip "One of the rare times that I prefer the show/movie over the book."

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mistyd83 shared a tip "This show was so good although the end was a little disappointing! I wanted more!"

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jenn_della shared a tip "My favourite series"

suzanne_zahn shared a tip "One of my favorites!!"

renee_la_roi shared a tip "#romance #hot #deep"

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jennifer_cunha shared a tip "Soooo good!! Your just like c'mon..get your stuff together!"

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christina_schiller_6886 shared a tip "Chemistry is fire! ❤️"

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erin_odonnell_4491 shared a tip "Complicated love, relatable characters"

jaclyn_carter shared a tip "Favorite show."

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chiara_5073 shared a tip "one my favourite show !! it's so good"

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rylee_fincannon shared a tip "Gut wrenching in the best way"

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emilee_jacobson shared a tip "I swear it isn’t all about sex.... it just might have a lot of it 🤭"

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beth_kinstle shared a tip "❤️😭"

marisa_didonato shared a tip "Loved their love, friendship and heartbreak. Don’t watch with kids around."

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anna_rienstra shared a tip "Sexy and very relatable characters with very real dialogue"

dhara_doshi shared a tip "This is one of the best shows based on a book ever. Must watch, must read, must listen😀🥳"

carys_a shared a tip "Very good show! Wouldn’t watching around kids or parents if you are a turn you see inappropriate things"

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shannon_mcginley_5191 shared a tip "Tissues, lots of tissues needed."

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arthur_ray_ shared a tip "I of the best series on TV. I thought it was great."

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arthur_ray_ shared a tip "Great. A must watch."

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stephanie_dempsey shared a tip "Smart young people having beautiful sex. Recommended for fans of Judy Blume and Norma Klein."

stevie_peters shared a tip "Perfection"

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maria_smith_8105 shared a tip "Watched it twice!"

elizabeth_fontenot shared a tip "Oh! My! Gawd!"

jacqueline_matthews shared a tip "I don’t know if I have full out favorite. Each episode has such amazing scenes. I love episode 12 a lot though."

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geraldine_terc shared a tip "It's a good watch when you want to see a good story."

ashley_hathaway_8741 shared a tip "Honestly all of them."

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effyxo shared a tip "i lived for the yearning"

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sharone_oren shared a tip "Sweet!"

sylvie_frenette shared a tip "Best show of 2020"

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d_r_9870 shared a tip "Great watch"

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alexis_marie_3609 shared a tip "Faithful adaption of the book and absolutely devasting."

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rachel_skrgic shared a tip "So Good! Perfect show for deeply emotional people!! It’s like a late 90’s emo song of a show!!"

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sejura shared a tip "Can’t wait for next season!"

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carissa_watson shared a tip "Heartbreaking. 7/10 would only recommend if you want to cry and feel sad and depressed."

ramsey_mcintyre shared a tip "AMAZING, but the book is incredible too, so definitely read that"

jack_kelly_38 shared a tip "Better than the book"

lisa_waters shared a tip "Sexy"

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ashleigh_eaton shared a tip "This show will make you ball, but it is a ball to watch. It is so cute and real and I just want more people to watch it!"

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gq_gca shared a tip "Mental Health and Love"

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she shared a tip "The book was just as beautiful and heart wrenching, 10/10 would recommend to any millennial"

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lauren_goldfein shared a tip "Loved the show and the book! It isn’t often that a live depiction of a book is so close to the original story."

heidi_sicari shared a tip "I haven’t read the book but this show is singing to me in a way I am loving so very much that I can’t wait to read the book now!"

cindy_dorman shared a tip "Love it so much! My favorite."

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kathy_anderson_3914 shared a tip "This is not about two girls!!! WTF This is a great drams....loved it so much!!!"

sienna_carrillo shared a tip "It’s so heartbreaking but if you need a good cry...this is it!!"

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jordan_erickson shared a tip "Starts a bit slow but the acting and story are beautiful. Follows the book almost exactly."

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awesome_user_214573 shared a tip "Hamachi"