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Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? Six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other must unite against a common foe – their parents.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2017-11-21

Last Air Date 2019-12-13

Seasons 3

Episodes 33


TMDB 7.5


Cheryl Rodrigues-Garrison's profile image

cheryl_rodrigues-ga shared a tip "I loved this show upset it is no more."

Jewels Ballenger's profile image

jewels_ballenger_4113 shared a tip "I really love the plot and how it came together. The plot twists… there are to many that it’s kinda hard to follow. But 3/5"

Khari Hardin's profile image

khari_ty_hardin shared a tip "I really enjoyed the first season. Every season after that was just okay. Not bad, just not as mysterious/good as the first."

Kayla Maxile's profile image

kayla_maxile shared a tip "This is such a cute little Marvel show, binge worthy, and great for a younger group. Also has LGBT+ representation."

Jayanna 's profile image

yannadamacc shared a tip "Actually love this show but it’ll leave you with the worst cliffhanger"

Alexis penn's profile image

alexis_penn shared a tip "Great storyline, great plot twists, a real attention grabber."

abby_paulsen shared a tip "LOVED IT SO MUCH ITS SO GOOD"

Joker's Wife,but cheating on him with Jade West's profile image

jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "These characters may seem typical, but they turn out different as you watch the show."

Emily Heisler's profile image

emily_heisler shared a tip "Liked this series"

Kathryn Crowley's profile image

kathryn_crowley shared a tip "The characters and lgbt"

April Isaacs's profile image

april_isaacs shared a tip "If you like marvel then yeah just watch this. Its so good"

Ifrah Alia's profile image

liyapia shared a tip "I enjoyed season 1 but couldn't get into season 2"

Daniel Hicks's profile image

daniel_hicks_4932 shared a tip "Love this show wish we had the rest of it"

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "teens with supernatural powers and evil parents? yes!"

tommy_howard_1244 shared a tip "The premise was touched on in X-Men's First Class."

mildred_mayfield_ma shared a tip "It was very interesting and my grandson loved it"

Anna Elizabeth's profile image

anna_elizabeth_9780 shared a tip "The actors/actresses are great, but some of the special effects are a bit rough."

Samir Lawrence's profile image

samir_lawrence shared a tip "Great show"

Samir Lawrence's profile image

samir_lawrence shared a tip "Great show"

Cynthia Douglas's profile image

cynthia_douglas shared a tip "Non stop excitement. Interesting characters."

Chris Gaming Account's profile image

chris_gaming_account shared a tip "Would have been better without the forced sjw narrative instead of actual character development"

Cat S's profile image

cat_s_6348 shared a tip "Binge worthy."

J 's profile image

j_1061 shared a tip "I really liked this, was hoping they would have another season"

leyna :)'s profile image

flannels-and-frogs shared a tip "not as good as the comics, and the acting is so/so in some parts, but I still love it a ton :) definitely worth watching."

Panda Harris's profile image

panda_harris shared a tip "Sad to see this end"

Alivea Lamar's profile image

alivea_lamar shared a tip "@serenabaker definitely it was actually really addicting but theres nothing like watching it the first time"

Jay Byrne's profile image

jay_byrne shared a tip "Lit"

Letta Westmoreland's profile image

letta_westmoreland shared a tip "Nico for sure!"

sinthia chaves's profile image

sinthia_chavez shared a tip "Nico and Karolina"

Alexis Vidomski's profile image

alexis_vidomski shared a tip "Love this show...stayed up all night binging the first season"

Emily Thoelke's profile image

emily_thoelke shared a tip "Fastpace, action pacted and great for those who like avengers"

matty_roy shared a tip "The only good live action Marvel TV show apart from the first few seasons of Agents of Shield."

Karri Everts's profile image

karri_everts shared a tip "Love the story line! Keeps you wanting to see more!"

Tiana Hayes's profile image

tiana_hayes shared a tip "Love the romance, action, and drama."

hi_8880 shared a tip "Loved it sooo much! One of the few shows I have seen with accurate representation of teens!"

Barney Harwell's profile image

barney_harwell shared a tip "It is amazing"

Shelly 's profile image

shelly_8486 shared a tip "Really good show"

Ryanne Harris's profile image

ryanne_harris shared a tip "Sooo good i wish there were more seasons"

Isabel Parker's profile image

isabel_parker_3469 shared a tip "The plots and actors were amazing."

andrew_gunter shared a tip "Imaginative"

yu-lian_wang shared a tip "I loved the action and the fact that they had lgbtq+ representation in there was amazing."

Lida Reynolds's profile image

lida_reynolds shared a tip "it has a lot of action and it’s crazy and facinating"

Asher Blank's profile image

asher_blank shared a tip "It was very interesting and very addicting"

Trapjayedits 's profile image

trapjayedits shared a tip "everything"

gracie_huff shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

Jordan_ Kalan's profile image

jordan__kalan shared a tip "It's PERFECT!!!"

Bryan Ortiz's profile image

bryan_ortiz_5013 shared a tip "It was interesting to see how the charcters grew like a family and survived."

jamie_kennedy shared a tip "Canceled too soon. The comic is amazing though."

King_Khalil1031 's profile image

king_khalil1031 shared a tip "Its amazing. It introduces new characters and story plots. I would have NEVER thought of anything in this show."

Kalia Keith's profile image

kalia_keith shared a tip "Its amazing to binge watch especially if you like super hero shows."

King Martinez's profile image

king_martinez shared a tip "It is amazing I been binge watching the past week 2 more episodes to finish for me. It is so so good."

C.J. 's profile image

c.j. shared a tip "It was good"

Jeff Oien's profile image

jeff_oien shared a tip "I don't especially like any one of them. I like them generally as a group of friends."

hshshshwh shared a tip "Found it kinda boring, but I'd recommend it if you like kids fighting."

Cristobal Colon's profile image

cristobal_colon shared a tip "A great tale about the children of alien worshipping cultist. Filled with twists and of course a dinosaur"

kaymoo shared a tip "A good one for teens that's watchable for adults."

Amanda Cuevas's profile image

amanda_cuevas_2572 shared a tip "Totally different genre, but Younger and Good Girls!"

ashlyn_weber shared a tip "Great if you like teen drama and magic/fantasy, also great LGBTQ+ representation #science_fiction #lgbtq #lgbt #action #magic"

nick G's profile image

nick_g_8318 shared a tip "Good"

elijah thompson's profile image

elijah_thompson_1130 shared a tip "#drama action #mystery"

kai_hart_4105 shared a tip "Good writing good actors good fight scenes good visual effects etc overall good show"

florence kaitesi's profile image

florence_kaitesi shared a tip "So much drama. Partnet vs. children"

Jas Griffin's profile image

jas_griffin shared a tip "Meh.... Not really it's a good quick binge but they leave so much unexplained"

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