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Andrea is a seemingly confident comedy writer, wife and mom, who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2017-07-12

Last Air Date 2019-03-13

Seasons 2

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.2


Elizabeth Loori's profile image

elizabethannlo shared a tip "Only one season but super easy to binge. Funny!"

Mary Anne's profile image

Mary.Anne shared a tip "Waited way too long to start this. It’s awesome."

Katie 's profile image

katie_h_ shared a tip "Like a female version of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” but better! Genius adult humor. Andrea Savage is hilarious!"

Wayne Mandeville's profile image

wayne_mandeville shared a tip "So funny"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Funny in spurts. Fun to watch while you are doing chores"

torey_palmer shared a tip "Hope they get picked up for season 3 by someone. This is one of the best shows that was ended due to Covid"

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "Definitely for adults only, but funny."

Jim Morgan's profile image

jim_morgan shared a tip "If you like “Curb” - you’ll prob like this show"

kate_6979 shared a tip "All the glorious awkward moments of adulting wrapped up in to one show!! I love it and haven’t laughed this hard in a while"

David Sims's profile image

davidesims shared a tip "This show is hysterical. Not a family show, though."

Marti Ramirez's profile image

marti_ramirez shared a tip "You will learn some bew swearwords. She is not that great of an actress but is surrounded by a great cast . Hilarious"

trish_williams shared a tip "She’s hilarious"

Lisa Worstine Geggie's profile image

lisa_worstine_geggie shared a tip "Although sometimes “mature” this show was HILARIOUS!!!"

amy_cash shared a tip "So funny!"

Dom Mcconnell's profile image

dom_mcconnell shared a tip "Just watched a couple weeks ago. AMAZING HUMOR."

Michael Nordquist's profile image

sonofamotherlessgoat shared a tip "This was an unexpected gem! Well written raunchy comedy."

El Di's profile image

el_di shared a tip "GreaT show!"

Buckeye_Unicorn shared a tip "She's. So. Freaking. Funny! A must watch."

Eva Contreras's profile image

evai shared a tip "hilarious! one of my favorite shows. no matter how many times i watch it."

Katherine Nunez's profile image

katherine_nunez shared a tip "This show it’s hilarious, I really enjoyed this show"

david_jacobs_488 shared a tip "Love this show. So funny."

Ivette Chaviano's profile image

ivette_chaviano shared a tip "Naughty humor. Hilarious!"

corinne_hartnett shared a tip "Funniest show on TV right now."

Sebastian Oliva's profile image

sebastian_oliva shared a tip "Its a shame this show got canceled because of the pandemic, it is truly hilarious."

Ashley Tyndall's profile image

ashley_tyndall shared a tip "I am crying laughing"

julie_sabacinski shared a tip "Love this show! Def worth the watch"

Breanna Richelhoff's profile image

breanna_richelhoff shared a tip "******* hilarious and relatable to married people with kids"

Lilly Asche's profile image

lilly_asche shared a tip "Extremely funny real comedy! Brutally honest and def not meant for kids."

casey_heenan_spino shared a tip "So sad this was canceled! My husband and I would call this our Bible! Hilarious!!! Cannot say I’ve loved a show more!!!"

Dana Czerwinski's profile image

danacz shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Amy DeRosa's profile image

amy_derosa shared a tip "Hilarious! A shame we didn't get another season of this gem."

Leemarie Alfisi's profile image

leemarie_alfisi shared a tip "Loved so funny is there hope for 1 more seasons"

kay_smith_1560 shared a tip "Funniest show ever"

Kennedy Ford's profile image

kennedy_ford shared a tip "Sooooo funny. I want to be Andreas best friend"

kat_macleod shared a tip "I resisted at first- first episode felt like it was trying too hard but give it a shot, ended up binging it."

Lisa Sokoloski's profile image

lisa_sokoloski shared a tip "Good laugh. Female Larry David!"

cebear shared a tip "Inappropriate humor! Similar to Working Moms"

Christina Kisser's profile image

christina_kisser shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious! I was hysterically laughing 2 minutes in."

Stephanie Hunter's profile image

stephanie_hunter shared a tip "Awesome, Hilarious"

maria_7336 shared a tip "Crass but funny."

maria_7336 shared a tip "This is hilarious. But not for the kiddos."

Tiffany Ritter's profile image

tiffany_ritter shared a tip "One of the hest shows I have ever watched. Right up there with Schitt$ Creek."

Caryn Olshansky's profile image

caryn_olshansky shared a tip "Literally my favorite show!"

Jonathan Griffith's profile image

jonathan_griffith shared a tip "@gloria_montes all of season 1 had me in stitches 😂. Have you watched it yet?"

Jane Doe's profile image

jane_doe_7413 shared a tip "The show is funny but the main girl is too much. She is so funny but her delivery is so annoying."

Dave Fromdc's profile image

davefromdc51 shared a tip "The best shos"

Stephanie Dawson's profile image

stephanie_dawson_5006 shared a tip "Funniest show on TV!!! Bring back Jason Mantzoukas though. Please."

Stephanie Dawson's profile image

stephanie_dawson_5006 shared a tip "Super funny and totally binge watch Worthy"

Kelly Roberts's profile image

kelly_roberts_4676 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Lauren Piatt's profile image

lauren_piatt shared a tip "Freakin hilarious! I want to be her best friend!"

Nicole Smith's profile image

nicole_smith_2266 shared a tip "one of the funniest shows to watch. i promise you will laugh every single episode"

Halie Lust's profile image

halie_lust shared a tip "It was a very relatable comedy! It was east to get into"

kathy_0 shared a tip "So funny, not for those easily offended :)"

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