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Follow the violent world of the Dutton family, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Led by their patriarch John Dutton, the family defends their property against constant attack by land developers, an Indian reservation, and America’s first National Park.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-06-20

Last Air Date 2020-08-23

Seasons 4

Episodes 31


TMDB 7.9


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ashley_anderson shared a tip "Great show!"

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sammyd67_. shared a tip "One of the best show ever made"

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d_m shared a tip "Modern day .... I can’t think of it but it reminds me of ...great show"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Bingeable!!! Luv Kevin Costner and the cast!"

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wine_bar shared a tip "I love this show!!! Perfect binge watch"

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william_crawford shared a tip "I am totally into Yellowstone. Great cast . Beautiful scenery"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Who doesn’t love Rip, I mean come on!"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Glad I pushed through the first episode! Great show.. totally bingeworthy !!!!"

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shannon_kanipe shared a tip "Awesome written show"

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tobias_d._h._cricht shared a tip "The Godfather, retold in a gritty western setting ( not literally, but the themes are similar) ,great character development."

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bettie_felumlee shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge-watch. The daughter is absolutely wild and crazy. It’s your contemporary western. Love it!"

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linda_wade shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch"

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christie_durfee shared a tip "Yes very much so."

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marybell_bermudez shared a tip "Can't wait for the new season!!!"

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Poison.The.Well shared a tip "FAVORITE SHOW EVER"

bobbi_george shared a tip "Dallas meets Ozark - it draws you in!"

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jillian_36107 shared a tip "Love this series! It’s like rancher/cowboy mafia."

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jacklyn_trejo shared a tip "I can’t choose just one! Yellowstone is my favorite in western category but so many other great ones in other categories!"

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todd_bartel shared a tip "This is a definite sleeper. Really good show"

faith1 shared a tip "Why wouldn’t you like it? It’s amazing!"

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kate_shurety shared a tip "Love this show - gritty and shocking"

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collinf shared a tip "My favorite show!!"

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amy_pettyjohn shared a tip "One of my favorite shows ever made! Love the characters, the story lines, and the setting!"

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brandie_trimble shared a tip "Love Yellowstone!! Love Beth! So happy to see Kevin Costner again. Kevin Costner + Cowboy = 💕 Very bingeable!!"

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katie_rotton shared a tip "I LOVE this show! You can catch up On Demand."

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chris_presley shared a tip "Best thing Costner has fone in decades!"

jennifer_9886 shared a tip "Great storyline. Interesting characters."

chelsea_loe shared a tip "The best thing since SOA!"

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tad_hastings shared a tip "Simply a great"

christine_weible_3297 shared a tip "Love ♥️ Love ♥️ Love ♥️"

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josie_sarrazin shared a tip "Not anything like the real yellowstone but a super good show!!"

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mark_benz_5600 shared a tip "Like modern day Dallas on the ranch."

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chantal_belanger shared a tip "I'd have to say it's Kayce but I like Jimmy too."

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justin_k_7025 shared a tip "The perfect series to watch after seeing Netflix’s Bloodline"

madrenna shared a tip "This black girl loves this show. It is the only place I've seen native Americans on television."

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andrea_neumann shared a tip "NOT your typical Western!! Don’t like your dislike of Westerns keep you from watching this!!!"

amelia_morris_6506 shared a tip "#favorite"

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mel_young_5902 shared a tip "It's like Sons of Anarchy but with cowboys instead of bikers. 💯"

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tamekia_gardner shared a tip "Yesssss, love this"

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kristin_lane shared a tip "You can’t go wrong with Kevin Costner!"

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lisa_ginsel shared a tip "Girl! You are going to 🥰love Yellowstone it's so good!"

kimberly_hartley shared a tip "Can’t get enough of this family ranch story!"

kristopher_tweedy shared a tip "Just started half way through season 2. Great show so far."

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bridget_demartino shared a tip "It’s amazing. Sucks you in and you have to keep watching"

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emily_sudermann shared a tip "Hooked me right in. Great writing!"

kevin_ogletree shared a tip "My most favorite current series."

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daniel_hancock_5819 shared a tip "Reminds me of home"

sharon_3611 shared a tip "Phenominal show! I just wish they'd do more than 10 episodes a year! Awesome awesome!"

gina_winterstein shared a tip "loved this"

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cindy_schmidt_todd shared a tip "Good drama and action about surviving life on a ranch when evryone wants to steal your land. Great actors 👏"

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oliviamo shared a tip "Binge this!"

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lauren_denhalter_ti shared a tip "SO GOOD"

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shelly_crosson shared a tip "Love everything!"

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sarah_solberg shared a tip "The best show ever! The drama the realistic, love, country, cute people love love love"

cybill shared a tip "Loved it!"

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chewy_curtis shared a tip "It's a badass show it's intense!"

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raquel_peterson_5923 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show, Rip is my dude...great acting love all the characters."

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lala_kalima shared a tip "Yes, definitely!"

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christy_bartoshewski shared a tip "It's the perfect mix of suspense, drama, romance. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone!"

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jessa_belmont shared a tip "Absolutely love this show!!"

stormee_gautreaux shared a tip "Amazing… this show totally consumes you in the best way possible. Already want to rewatch it."

gabriele_cromartie shared a tip "Couldn’t wait for the next episode. Loved it!"

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kevin_struck shared a tip "One of the best shows on TV"

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jj_vanderveen shared a tip "Very good. A little heavy on language at times but a good story line."

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april_rodgers shared a tip "I’ve loved every episode. I can’t pick a favorite."

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jon_bougeno shared a tip "Kevin Costner at his best! Great characters and intriguing story"

michael__4778 shared a tip "What a great series, saw a clip decided to check it out. Now cant stop watching!"

corey_somerville shared a tip "Obsessed with this show!"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Handily the greatest show on TV."

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leah_haapala shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve seen in years! I highly recommend it"

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julie_pruiett shared a tip "I thought about it I can't pick out a favor one that show is so tremendously good"

melissa_markfort shared a tip "If you like succession, watch this. It is very well done!"

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tracy_escalera shared a tip "It's a must watch from espisode 1"

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richard_l_evenson shared a tip "I like"

tina_stanush shared a tip "Best show, hands down."

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t_ross_8625 shared a tip "Best show I've watched in years"

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amanda_elmer shared a tip "Love this show! My new favorite!"

deanna_thorpe shared a tip "RIP....enough said!!!!"

doryn_cross shared a tip "Just finishing season 1, so good, can't stop watching!!"

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fred_freeman shared a tip "Excellent series..."

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lexie_taylor_4173 shared a tip "This show is like if you took a mafa family and an old western and they had a baby. Best show I've seen in a while."

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kayla_glenn_4017 shared a tip "Reminded me of longmire but with more horses and cows haha"

rebecca_2308 shared a tip "beth dutton...... female bad ass!"

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josh_mcgilliard shared a tip "Phenomenal scenery. Raw acting. Keeps you hooked"

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gillian_mc shared a tip "Everything. Best show I’ve ever seen."

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mark_weedon shared a tip "Loved every minute of this series!!#yellowstoneduttonranch"

mary_hayes_palmer shared a tip "This is the best show that I have ever watched! It is a perfect show to binge, and it has so many twists and turns!"

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kayla_higgins_7841 shared a tip "The drama and action. Rip is my favorite."

stephanie_crnovich shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

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troy_lougheed shared a tip "Great visuals and strong storyline, can’t wait for next season"

donna_matlock shared a tip "Love love this show. I would watch all over again."

kendra_hull shared a tip "It had my attention from the start. Great story line and music!"

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thejustinlavoie shared a tip "Animal Kingdom/sons of anarchy on a Ranch"

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michelle_sheets shared a tip "Loved it!"

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Crimsoncabrona shared a tip "Another of my favorite shows. Love them ♥️♥️♥️♥️"

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tasha_gillingham shared a tip "Impeccably written, amazingly produced, and perfectly directed. 💯"

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kayla_dewitt shared a tip "Loved this show can’t wait for season 4"

lissa_wood shared a tip "Great binge worthy show. Kind of like a cross between The Ranch and Dynasty"

sabrina_carciero shared a tip "Best. Show. Ever!!!!!! Nothing else to say lol"

jennifer_autumn shared a tip "Can't get enough. Want to be a cowgirl now."

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sydney_cacy shared a tip "Accurate depiction of ranching and cowboy lifestyle. Good music"

susan_stafford shared a tip "Drama mystery"

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kim_miller_5835 shared a tip "Good storyline, suspenseful"

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steph_clark_9747 shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge"