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Explore the high-pressure experiences of police officers, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. These emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-01-03

Last Air Date 2022-10-03

Seasons 6

Episodes 87


TMDB 8.2


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carolyn__8931 shared a tip "This is so very good!!"

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leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite shows I binged watched it with my mom."

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cyma shared a tip "Saving lives while being fine asf- so many tears and laughs, it’s like you gain a whole other family"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Love this show..a favorite! Outstanding cast!!"

michelle_koch_2928 shared a tip "I have only just started watching because my daughter suggested it and I love it so far!👍😊"

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julie_foor shared a tip "Love it and a Great show!"

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auri_love26 shared a tip "Always leaves me on edge"

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lena_gonzales shared a tip "Who excited for Season 6 premiere tonight!! 🤗🤗🤗 #911 #FireFighterDiaz #Station118"

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monique_contreras shared a tip "This show just keeps getting better and better!!! I almost stopped watching when it first aired...glad I stuck with it!"

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ella_whitman shared a tip "Such a great show!"

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isa_jimenez_ shared a tip "If you love Grey's Anatomy, 911 is definitely a must watch!!"

michelle_casey_2500 shared a tip "Love,love,love this show!"

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jessica_reed shared a tip "Absolutely amazing show!"

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brenda_r shared a tip "I just realize that you said 'liked' instead of 'like'. Did it get cancelled?"

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kayla_c_154 shared a tip "Its new"

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vera_bruursema shared a tip "Started out good but then either it got worse or I developed better taste..."

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chloe_allen_9504 shared a tip "You might like zac & mia"

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shelley_sanborn shared a tip "Keeps you on your toes!"

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marcy_9978 shared a tip "If you like action and drama."

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byron_oliver shared a tip "Yup, it good check out 911 Lone Star as well."

cristy_sanchez shared a tip "Super cheesy and unrealistic but full of entertaining drama."

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kacie_schmick shared a tip "Watch every week 🧡"

karley_brooks shared a tip "My favorite character is Bucky"

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kolby_vander_woude shared a tip "Exactly! It’s one of my favorite shows!"

karen_starns shared a tip "Great series."

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meyocoko shared a tip "Love it"

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allie_cavanaugh shared a tip "medical"

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drewthepan shared a tip "This my sh!t right here love Bucky love Eddie I'm watching the spin off, literally loved this show love Bobby love henn"

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jason_noury shared a tip "Buck is gorgeous!"

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melissa_wells shared a tip "Great series!"

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misti_wiedmann shared a tip "Hulu only has seasons 1 & 3. Idk why they took 2 down, but they did."

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michelle_verderber shared a tip "Ok, you can’t take this show seriously. The drama is outrageous but so fun to watch."

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ruby_1999 shared a tip "Love love lovee this show can’t get enough of it."

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lily_stanton shared a tip "It’s one of my favorites if you like it I also recommend watching 911 Lone Star"

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jessica_howarton shared a tip "Love this show"

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arte_della_vita shared a tip "Yes please!!!!"

destiny_g. shared a tip "Honestly I can’t decide either lol."

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nancy_4261 shared a tip "Really interesting and I think you will like it ! :)"

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kimi_ridenour shared a tip "I'd say Athena! How about you?"

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kayla_pinkney shared a tip "Such a great show to binge, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for each and every episode!!!"

anneka_pofelski shared a tip "@aleesia_lopez"

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briana_cecilia shared a tip "The character development is excellent, there is a perfect mix of humor and drama. And hot firefighters."

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hailey_sanders_2291 shared a tip "literally love this show so much i watched 3 seasons in 3 days 😂"

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sifa29 shared a tip "literally such a good show"

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afifah_khan shared a tip "Love it but I recommend watching with 911 lone star as there are crossovers"

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katrina_mcdevitt shared a tip "Really good plot and kept my instrest through out all the seasons so far,can't wait for the next one!! 📞🚓🚒🚑"

stephanie_fallat shared a tip "I am a huge Gray's anatomy fan I also love night shift on Netflix and the resident"

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janackeh_blackwell shared a tip "Such a great show!!!"

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christine_coels shared a tip "Amazing show, gives me goosebumps"

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charlotte_johnson shared a tip "Love this show it's got Ronda Rousey in it"

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RatedR shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch 🍿"

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steven-awde shared a tip "Fantastic show"

therese_e shared a tip "I get adrenaline rushes from at least 80% of the episodes...it’s super good!!"

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arraya_phelps shared a tip "full of adventures from normal to exotic"

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aly_chavez shared a tip "I would have to say, the one with the hurricane at Santa Monica. What about you?"

elizabeth_skufca shared a tip "Keeps pulling you back in"

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ray_alexis shared a tip "Great series!"

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hanna_lynch shared a tip "I am Soo addicted to this show love it so much"

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kyra_boily shared a tip "This is thrilling and a definitly must watch! 🥰"

preston_. shared a tip "Its amazing!!"

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ashbry_contreras shared a tip "😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍"

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o_i shared a tip "10/10"

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tessa_dueck shared a tip "Such a good show! Binged the first 2 seasons in 2 days... still waiting for buddie to happen but its ok"

pam_green shared a tip "Best show ever."

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damika_harrison shared a tip "Love love love"

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soulless_90 shared a tip "Amazing drama and the blood bound between the brother and sisters in blue and the firefighters and first responders"

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nicole_felton shared a tip "Awesome stories! Great characters. Adrenaline pumping."

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cassandra_garceau shared a tip "It started out good but im not a fan of the newer seasons"

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kenda_pollick shared a tip "So much drama!! Love it! Cannot wait until season 5!!!"

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jessica_lela shared a tip "Great show that I look forward to."

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brea_abriel shared a tip "Action packed but also brings a personal touch and back stories"

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ahyoka_tangga_381 shared a tip "Yeah I'm currently watching Longmire"

mkly shared a tip "If u enjoy lots of action and drama then YES 🙌"

ramatu_zubah shared a tip "Love this series"

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amaris_shaw shared a tip "Yeah & I like it because it balances out between having humorous moments & the sad ones which helps keeps it realistic :)"

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carolina_moncayo shared a tip "It’s soooo good and for like no reason, there’s always something happening"

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rhys_mendes shared a tip "Excellent casting and writing depicting first responders in their professional and personal lives."

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lauren_parker_4672 shared a tip "Had a good mix of action and the daily lives of the characters"

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lady_chrysanthemum shared a tip "The story lines are great and the characters have so much growth."

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