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It's 1996 in a town called Boring, Oregon, where high school misfits in the AV and drama clubs brave the ups and downs of teenage emotions in the VHS era.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2018-02-16

Last Air Date 2018-02-16

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.5


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latinaliveblogging shared a tip "Underrated and underappreciated"

Hanmeblvck 's profile image

hanmeblvck shared a tip "No **** ! I just watched it all at once and now what ? Canceled ? So like never ? Thats sad af . I hate you netflix :("

Jessica 's profile image

Hope_Belle shared a tip "Wish it hadn’t ended after season 1. Really enjoyed this one"

Anthony 's profile image

bonkersfeet shared a tip "Engaging storyline, lesbian rep, good music, what else could you ask for? Cute highschool drama, nice family dynamics."

Alecia Cunningham's profile image

alecia_cunningham shared a tip "I loved this show and it deserved more than one season. I blame the lack of marketing on the low views."

faith_taylor_557 shared a tip "SO CUTE🥺"

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destiny_batts shared a tip "It was cool I wasn't into it into it but it was good for a light hearted eat cereal watch night"

nelia shared a tip "Twice"

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jai_m shared a tip "Love this show but Netflix prefers giving garbage shows all their attention and good shows like this suffer because of it."

J Ostrander's profile image

j_ostrander shared a tip "Thai movie was a great movie that filled my heart with joy and pride."

Zoe Beilfuss's profile image

zoe_beilfuss shared a tip "One of the best lgbt shows I've seen. It's captivating and relatable, season two would have been great if it wasn't cancelled."

Aaron 's profile image

aaron_the_queer shared a tip "Just not my kind of thing. 😅"

Melanieee 's profile image

butimwritingthisat3am shared a tip "This show made me smile so much. 10/10"

Clara 's profile image

clara.h shared a tip "Shouldn’t have been canceled"

Tapanga 's profile image

tapanga_rivera shared a tip "Loved this show!! But I'm so upset they cancelled it on a cliffhanger."

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "i really liked this show . i’m sad it got cancelled :("

Caroline Phillips's profile image

carolinepiper shared a tip "Shame it only had one season:("

andrew_9149 shared a tip "Funny and good retro"

annabelle_299 shared a tip "I love this movie so much"

Denise Ryan's profile image

denise_ryan_7457 shared a tip "90’s nostalgia in a fun show that was canceled too soon."

Ezzy Andria's profile image

ezzy_andria shared a tip "I love this show"

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malin shared a tip "Great show but only one season"

meredith healey garraway's profile image

meredith_healey_gar shared a tip "The A/V club vs the drama divas"

Amaia J's profile image

amaia_j_5802 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. Too bad it got canceled."

Cydney Kutcipal's profile image

cydney_kutcipal shared a tip "I love it so much!! It deserved a 2nd season 😭"

morgan_myers_8524 shared a tip "Sorry I was busy with school but the last episode"

adarys <3's profile image

adarysb shared a tip "This show is actually so realistic and relatable!"

 Ethan Wood Ethan Wood's profile image

ethan_wood shared a tip "I will never not be distraught over the fact that this only got one one season"

Lexi Madden's profile image

lexi_madden_1603 shared a tip "i knowww 😩"

Joe 's profile image

joeultrasexymanfromvalley shared a tip "i love this show so much but im so mad they cancelled it, especially after the kiss scene"

lloyd aka chad 's profile image

chad_adams_4522 shared a tip "rewatching this <33"

MK MK's profile image

mk_mk_6647 shared a tip "Yeah I haven't watch much of the show yet but I think it's pretty good"

leyna :)'s profile image

flannels-and-frogs shared a tip "i literally cried like 6 different times. i would happily sell my soul to emaline <3"

:-) SCAR (-:'s profile image

MEOW3D shared a tip "I'm still ****** they canceled this amazing jaw-dropping show"

shay steph's profile image

shav0n shared a tip "the show sucks"

Caitlin Harper's profile image

caitlin_harper shared a tip "Sucks that they cancled it"

Avery Brousseau's profile image

avery_brousseau shared a tip "this show getting cancelled was a whole tragedy"

Lemon Drop88's profile image

lemon_drop88 shared a tip "It’s very nice to watch when your bored!"

Eden Funk's profile image

edenfunk shared a tip "show was cancelled but still worth the watch"

Paris :)'s profile image

miilkshakes shared a tip "Yes!! I think so! It only has 1 season tho :(("

zeni<33 's profile image

zucchiniz shared a tip "this had perfect wlw representation and i loved it so much. im so sad it got taken off netflix:(("

bkfvlms shared a tip "the best teen tv show ever. Wholesome and it’s based in the 90s sign me up."

Joshua Duringer's profile image

joshua_duringer shared a tip "Coming of age stuff. It’s funny and addresses the mid 90s in a unique way. Worth the time just for the soundtrack 👍"

Kate Day's profile image

kate_day shared a tip "I FELL IN LOVE"

Tobisadoop 's profile image

tobisadoop shared a tip "Be prepared to be cut off early and be disappointed i loved it but they left a cliff hanger and never came back"

sequoia_leoni shared a tip "This show is so so good! 10/10 would recommend:)"

Alexa Morrison's profile image

alexa_morrison shared a tip "Seen it too any others?"

Denea Youngblood's profile image

denea_youngblood shared a tip "This show is so amazing!! I wish there was another season."

Nojokepjay -Offical's profile image

nojokepjay_-offical shared a tip "THE SHOW IS SO GOOD AND NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK WATCH IT AND GARUNTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT The show is just so good check it out."

Jay Oyer's profile image

jay_oyer shared a tip "It was good but dint like the clif hanger"

anya_reglin shared a tip "I would recomend for kids 13+ just becuase of languge and the content"

anya_reglin shared a tip "I would recomend for kids 13+ just becuase of languge and the content"

ANNABELLA SMITH's profile image

annabella_smith shared a tip "This is so good!! One of my favorites, I'm really sad netflix cancelled it though :("

Alyssa Bennett's profile image

alyssa_bennett_3397 shared a tip "It's been a while since I watched it I don't remember much but it was a good show"

aven_wright shared a tip "Great for teens"

Charlie Bourgeois's profile image

charlie_bourgeois_3816 shared a tip "i want bed it all in a day and i want a season 2"

Kairi Pendragon :)'s profile image

killer.queenxx shared a tip "Honestly this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen :)"

Phoebe Alvarez's profile image

phoebe_alvarez shared a tip "Amazing show about being a teen in the 90’s. A gay girl figuring things out, getting a gf. Really sweet wholesome romance."

heee_heeee_heeeeee shared a tip "It’s violently gay and very relatable and really funny"

mia_ottaway shared a tip "This show is perfect for teens and tweens, it is funny and different, sucks that it got canceled 🥺"

Denise Lewis's profile image

denise_lewis_6952 shared a tip "No It's one of those things to watch when you got nothing"

Laynie Paro's profile image

laynie_paro shared a tip "Funny, nastolgic, forward-thinking, and a very good soundtrack!"

its.nayaa J's profile image

its.nayaa_j shared a tip "i loved i how the show is and the events that occurred"

frogbread :]'s profile image

frogbread_ shared a tip "So interesting and realistic!!"

Gabby Smullen's profile image

gabbygabby shared a tip "yes i absolutely loved it, i was crushed when it was canceled"

Aiyani Johnson's profile image

aiyani_johnson shared a tip "I’m so late, but I would recommend it! It’s definitely not for everyone, though."

Katherine Heigh's profile image

katherine_heigh shared a tip "#sweet #characterdevelopment #lgbt #nostalgia"

rylee 's profile image

rylee_sprabary shared a tip "A gay coming of age story with lots of character development"

Sarah McClung's profile image

sarah_mcclung shared a tip "Underrated gem! Sadly Netflix cancelled it after only 1 season. :("

Jennifer Uribe's profile image

jennifer_uribe_1550 shared a tip "Good but just one season"

marsthegod_ 's profile image

marsthegod_ shared a tip "my comfort show and one of my all time favorites"

britta pellegrin's profile image

britta_pellegrin shared a tip "LOVED THIS!!!"

Sarah Johnson's profile image

sarah_johnson_2572 shared a tip "I loved the ending!!!"

dayZ 's profile image

dayz shared a tip "wlw representation ig"

rubi_quintero shared a tip "This show is soooo good I still can’t believe it got cancelled 😭😭"

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