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Victor is a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-06-17

Last Air Date 2022-06-15

Seasons 3

Episodes 28


TMDB 8.7


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aria_thomas_7996 shared a tip "Yes 100%! Lots of twists and turns. Definitely one of my favorites!"

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shanen_langomez_3803 shared a tip "I feel like this show can be very chessy and hard to watch at times but it has good heart and very fun to watch"

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ailey_bobo shared a tip "I liked this show because the drama was interesting and the Characters were relateable"

tasianna_zhane shared a tip "it was good but i wish they had more seasons."

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jeremy_lebowitz shared a tip "Acting was so bad😭"

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sarah_7275 shared a tip "For sure!"

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Ella_ro shared a tip "One of the best netflix shows"

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brian_ferguson_2512 shared a tip "You’ll fall in love with this show."

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Natalie17449 shared a tip "Try not to finish it In one day like me lol"

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anjuliq_sipes shared a tip "Cute little gay show to warm my cute little gay heart"

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jessica_lopez_2681 shared a tip "A spin off of Love, Simon. Definitely worth the watch. Especially if there are cultural barriers within the family."

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bradley_steffensen shared a tip "Hiatus or end of season?#lgbtq Can't figure it out. Lousy way to end if they're not renewing. Or is this a series already aired?"

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ava_nardo shared a tip "i think it’s good and definitely recommend it"

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ruel_macarayo shared a tip "I am excited to see the new season."

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hendrix13 shared a tip "This is single handedly my new favorite comfort show. Literal Ferris wheel but entirely worth the pain"

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ella.jacobs shared a tip "I watched this so fast😂"

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s_fischer shared a tip "So good!! If you like Love. Simon you will love this"

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katie_lynn_gesch shared a tip "It was really good. If you haven’t seen the movie Love, Simon watch it first then this… it is really good"

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mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "such a good show. so excited for the final season."

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pv.sage shared a tip "I definitely recommend it!<3"

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hailey_good_4523 shared a tip "Yes"

megan_reimer shared a tip "I loved it!"

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carlee_nelson shared a tip "definitely."

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kate_kieb shared a tip "Absolutely adore this show. The casting for Victor couldn't have been chosen any better, the actor is perfect for the role."

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jp_mac shared a tip "Only seen the first season which dropped the ball with Victor and his sexual identity but overall good"

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melissa_vanderkuil shared a tip "I really enjoyed it!"

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ciel_m. shared a tip "better than love simon !!"

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anisa_jalloh shared a tip "Ahhhh i love Love, Victor"

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natalie_rogers_735 shared a tip "It showed more ways people react to being homosexual. It was less Hollywood daydream and showed more of the hardships."

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razrbackz shared a tip "With a bisexual child, we watch together!"

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mike_omoran shared a tip "Felix is a KING"

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makenlys_life shared a tip "Yesss. It was amazing"

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shaylynn_gatrel shared a tip "Victor"

stella_1879 shared a tip "Definitely recommend"

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hannah_gauthier shared a tip "i just love it because i feel like i can really relate to it"

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diane_uwituze shared a tip "It’s a really great movie"


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kyrsten_white shared a tip "yes!! i absolutely loved it"

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hannah_taylor_5731 shared a tip "Yes!"

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elliana_alvarez shared a tip "Yes!"

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michael_antonucci shared a tip "Love it. I had to force myself to stop and go to sleep."

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mason_golden shared a tip "Best show just don’t get to envested or u will just cry when it is over like me"

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reinarivas20 shared a tip "If you loved the movie Love, Simon, you’ll love this show!"

carys_a shared a tip "It’s a 50/50 first episode isn’t really interesting to me"

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mattyhxsh shared a tip "i highly recommend this show, it’s even better than the original “Love, Simon.”"

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may_june shared a tip "This is also similar to "love Simon ""

jewel_smith shared a tip "If you like Love,Simon you would love this!!"

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Hellataz shared a tip "Just as good as the movie. Very heartwarming."

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andrew_co shared a tip "This show was incredible!!! Can't wait for season 2!!!"

kim_681 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for season 2"

michael_lewis_2132 shared a tip "Despite clunky writing, this show’s heart shines through."

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LeSmartPotato shared a tip "So cute! I loved this! Definitely in my top 3"

lovelylex shared a tip "Interesting"

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watermeloon_catoons shared a tip "It's so good! 100% recommend for a cool lgbtq+ watch"

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wakanda_frappuccinos shared a tip "#romance #comedy #drama #lgbtq"

AuntSally shared a tip "Loved the diverse cast… first time watching a series with a main focus on a latin family and I really enjoyed it."

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tyler_hareland shared a tip "Better then Love Simon"

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elizabeth_kaniecki shared a tip "Did you read the book too?"

violeta_4308 shared a tip "Binged it in one night, adored it!"

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erin_mckeag shared a tip "So sweet and often cute!"

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rallanah_dotson shared a tip "Currently watching this show and it’s just amazing"

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paige_sveinbjornson shared a tip "Accidentally watched every episode in one sitting lol 😹"

gianna_5672 shared a tip "I love this movie that’s all"

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tj_8244 shared a tip "******* slaps"

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thadancer_smh_hamilton shared a tip "I love this yall should watch it"

lesbean0 shared a tip "just finished this waiting for the second season"

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elijah_calhoun shared a tip "I actually haven't watched it yet but people said uts a good show so I might check it out😉"

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temperance_mchenry shared a tip "It is a food show to watch when you are figuring out you own life to see how things might turn out."

grace_vallett shared a tip "💛"

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tropicz_uwu shared a tip "How the hell can u watch this i need help i want to watch it 😢😢😢😢"

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hay_hay_9755 shared a tip "This is amazing! I finished all of season 1 in a night. Truly binge worthy. #romance #lgbtq+"

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emma_grove_444 shared a tip "Better than love simon, more heartfelt"

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alea_rocha shared a tip "a good example of figuring out yourself"

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eden_craig-herron shared a tip "@jayde_5691 aaa that’s hard but probably the first or second because I adore Felix and he’s so funny in those two lol"

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travis_roberson shared a tip "Yes!"

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jasmine_marsh shared a tip "A sweet love out to be themselves with a little struggle"

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rayna_shultis shared a tip "I really liked it some parts were boring but overall I liked the show"

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autumn_grace_1051 shared a tip "I really liked it! However, theres only one season so now I’m left hanging"

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Lemon_Boy831 shared a tip "It is amazingly me written and all of the characters are relatable in their own way."

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jaden_mead shared a tip "It's a great show to binge watch plus it's lgbtq themed and the storyline/acting is awesome"

mike_christenson shared a tip "Sweet gay discovery and romance."

mike_christenson shared a tip "Sweet gay romance and discovery."

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deanna_hill shared a tip "To watching the show again when the new season comes out."

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ari_harris shared a tip "This show is amazing season two comes out on June 11 for anyone that wanted to know"

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matt_hinerman shared a tip "Great show to watch! Very poignant and great representation of coming out and the journey of a first time gay relationship."

kamilah_heslop shared a tip "I loved this show! In season 2, I really fell for Mia and Andrew’s story line. Love them so much! I can’t wait for season 3!"

Gold Pro's profile image shared a tip "Pretty good movie about LQBTQ+ community #lgbtq#victor#benji#romance"

samantha_2133 shared a tip "soooooo good I love this show 😍👏❤💕🙌💗"

andrew_maitner shared a tip "June"

1985Inc shared a tip "Cute."

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addison_g_8776 shared a tip "One day at a time but this is up there. Yours"

richard_seng shared a tip "I enjoy RuPauls Drag Race, Pose"

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rory_wilson_3393 shared a tip "Yeah. I think it has better writing than Love, Simon."

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colton_snyder_4967 shared a tip "Victor reminded me of my self"

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sandrine_marchand shared a tip "Can’t wait to finish season 2 (c’mon Disney +) 🙃💙 adorable show"

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jae_hwa shared a tip "LGBT"

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ruby_sanchez_5734 shared a tip "It's a cute show, but the main relationship is kinda toxic and I'm not a fan of the whole love triangle thing."

alexandra_nuccio shared a tip "I don’t usually watch comedy’s, I’m more into crime shows so it depends on what you like."

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angieee shared a tip "it was amazing, I definitely recommend. it talks about hard subjects and it's aimed for teenagers"

maiyah_bradley shared a tip "hmm probably the vampire diaries. it’s such an emotional rollercoaster and very suspenseful."

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zach_54 shared a tip "I absolutely loved it, it was so sweet snd just a good show over all"