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Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-07-01

Last Air Date 2021-07-01

Seasons 2

Episodes 7


TMDB 8.7


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tyler_2005 shared a tip "Soooo unbelievably good. Cannot wait for season two. Simon and Williams relationship was gold. 🌟4.5/5🌟"

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garraty_mcvries shared a tip "Heartbreaking. Cant wait for the next season!"

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avery_755 shared a tip "Heartbreaking but really good"

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eggzo shared a tip "FAVORITE SHOW"

faith_taylor_557 shared a tip "not in english"

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brdcke shared a tip "My favorite series!! So excited for season 2 :)"

joanna_turner shared a tip "My favorite ship ever"

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teahglow shared a tip "If you like Heartstopper but are looking for something with more drama that’s less pure, this is the show for you. 1000/10!!"

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ranchyfinch shared a tip "Guys season two comes out in November btw"

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louielouie43 shared a tip "So so so good! This show was perfection!"

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louielouie43 shared a tip "More shows like Young Royals?"

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carolinepiper shared a tip "Sooo good"

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dennishiel shared a tip "😩😩😍😍 I loved ittttt!!!! Season 2 where yaaa at!!!"

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mariyah_pierre shared a tip "I liked that it had an awesome...... it was just An awesome show okay, what else do you want me to say huh."

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gizelle_stovall_517 shared a tip "Amazing"

amy_vanapamala shared a tip "Couldn’t stop re-watching!!! So excited for season 2!!"

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tatum_beckemeyer shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD!!! I have watched this so many times and I love it everytime!"

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mkt shared a tip "this was brilliant but i am now emotionally wrecked"

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_holland_1945 shared a tip "🥺"

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random14000 shared a tip "this show is sooo good ahhh i love their chemistry"

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rose_7620 shared a tip "imo one of the best shows made by Netflix that hasn’t been canceled yet lmao"

aubrey_6168 shared a tip "i loved this so much!"

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lillian_worrick shared a tip "Amazing"

payton_lawrence_4038 shared a tip "absolutely love the storyline and characters"

laura- shared a tip "I know right. I am waiting for the next season to come out."

laura- shared a tip "@serenabaker sorry I am new to this app so I am not used to commenting. But this show was really good."

ange_ornella shared a tip "J’ai aimer leur relation"

tori_nye shared a tip "literally one of my favourite shows!! so much love clearly went into making this show and i cant wait for s2"

sam_wight shared a tip "LOVED this one. Very gay. Was very much here for it."

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peejayorion shared a tip "good coming-of-age and lgbtq show. i reallyyyyyy enjoyed it and theres gonna be a second season 😊😊"

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cara_kuk shared a tip "Everything !!"

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trashymctrash shared a tip "ONE OF MY FAVORITE LGBTQIA+ SHOWS EVER!!!!!"

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arianna_quiroz shared a tip "Very cute, cannot WAIT for another season!!"

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Nyxthegodessofnight shared a tip "Romance 10/10 drama9/10 story was good fun cast"

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christian_burton shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series! Can’t wait for Netflix to put season 2 out."

user42069150 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW"

natalie_m_6203 shared a tip "i didn’t like the plot very much but feel in love with the characters"

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apollo69 shared a tip "IM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW. It's so good, I don't believe it's real🥲"

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L.anch shared a tip "Absolute gem. I can’t wait for the next season ❤️. 10/10"

sam_iwabuchi shared a tip "Great storyline/plot, embodied gen z but also wasn’t cheesy about it. Good representation of teenagers"

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jocelyn__ shared a tip "The acting was amazing and so was the chemistry and tension"

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doodoo_profusely shared a tip "Good gay representation and grabs your attention within the first episode #lgbtq #romance"

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bwch13 shared a tip "so underrated!!!! my favorite!! I love this show!!! so. much."

cali_cielrey shared a tip "UGHHH I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. There is just so much drama and romance! It’s perfect."

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buggy_boi shared a tip "This a amazing show 10/10 recommendations"

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gifted_spider shared a tip "yes"

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olivia_forsyth_1659 shared a tip "One of my new favourite shows for sure! Can’t wait for season 2!!"

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kiera_carlisle shared a tip "So good"

amaya_farley shared a tip "one of the best shows ever. cant wait for the next season 🫶"

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m_gg shared a tip "Fantastic show!!"

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leah_8 shared a tip "Ohhh GAY GAY GAY GAY"

Angryduck shared a tip "I love this show! I cannot wait for the next season. The relationship between the two is just perfect."

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alex_davis_6774 shared a tip "Amazing"

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SPIDER-MARVEL shared a tip "The plot and that they are very different from each other one is rich and the other one is kinda poor"

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brielle_decker shared a tip "Omg it was so good but the ending made me so mad"

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Mick_hauser shared a tip "So real."

kathy_campbell_4747 shared a tip "Loved that it was gay and I NEED A ANOTHER SEASON NOW loved it so much"

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asha_abt shared a tip "this show wow. i never thought any show would ever give me the same feelings Skam did, truly great!"

jasmine_9533 shared a tip "these people are acting and i somehow got butterflies so many times"

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astronomy shared a tip "MY FAV SHOW EVER"

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ashley_rogers_9343 shared a tip "THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. OMG."

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coco123264 shared a tip "Beautifully realistic"

kye_4223 shared a tip "FAV JSBWJAIWNWJ <33"

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arion_333 shared a tip "Beautiful romance, and interesting storyline. Awesome show"

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isa_maru shared a tip "it’s the perfect teen romance"

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sydney_anime shared a tip "adorable but cried when he left"

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dominique_denae shared a tip "The way that this show has me by the THROAT!!!! It’s such a good show and I’m so excited for season 2!!!"

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mushrooms_in_my_mind shared a tip "as of rn this is my favorite show. its so well done and u fall in love with all the characters except a few watch it :D"

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Rabbit_Poo shared a tip "Am I the only one that thinks August is hot 😐"

kate_klemenswicz shared a tip "LOVED IT SO MUCH"

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marieange shared a tip "hope you have a nice christmas 😔"

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george_mcfarland_-_ shared a tip "Perfect amount of romance, suspense, and drama."

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andrea_britton shared a tip "Its actually really good i thought it would be cheesy but its not."

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jennifercillay shared a tip "I watched this in one afternoon and it's AMAZING! Yes, I am in my mid-30s but you gotta love some HS drama 😁"

sharill_rasowo shared a tip "Those who loved Skam will love this."

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hannamartin shared a tip "LOVE IT SO MUCH#lgbtq"

ella_copich shared a tip "It’s literally the best show I’ve ever seen. Very well done."

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aleskander_grey shared a tip "It’s gay"

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tatiana_esbjorn-har shared a tip "This show is so authentic and amazing. I highly recommend watching it."

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ashley_destefanis shared a tip "This. Show. Oh. My. GOD. It both built me up and tore me down multiple times."


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shioriscribblz shared a tip "Please watch this show if you love LGBT+ relationships! ITS REALLY GOOD I PROMISE! Best romance I’ve seen in awhile 🤞"

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jose_herrera_4354 shared a tip "The way in which the characters are portrayed feels like it would happen in RL. It brings in."

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lucia_mangano_2940 shared a tip "Omg it’s such a good show and I’m waiting for the next season!!"

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bytesizedworld shared a tip "My fav Young Royals, or my fav show in general?"

rache_bishop shared a tip "Not what I expected"

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Firestarter0 shared a tip "It really is a great show"