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Tony had a perfect life. But after his wife Lisa suddenly dies, Tony changes. After contemplating taking his own life, he decides instead to live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes from now on.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-03-08

Last Air Date 2022-01-14

Seasons 3

Episodes 18


TMDB 7.9


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "Ricky Gervais..."

Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ that final episode tore me up"

amy_milam shared a tip "He gets real and says what many of us want to say."

Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "S2-3 was ok"

Tadie Bill's profile image

tadie_bill shared a tip "LOVE him! I think he's a genius!"

kathy_mcconnell_2284 shared a tip "Ricky Gervais does not disappoint. Great characters and fantastic writing with typical British humor. A winner!"

mary zee's profile image

mary_zee shared a tip "It is funny, some tears and feel good movie."

jane_ebersviller shared a tip "One of the most brilliant shows about grief I have ever seen"

Jill Hoekstra's profile image

jill_hoekstra shared a tip "Ugly cried at the end. Loved this series!!"

Cameron Stanley 's profile image

KingCam shared a tip "This Show Is Amazing Beyond Words, The Way It Carries Itself With Humor & Real Life Conflicts. I’d Recommended This To Most"

suzanne_coulston shared a tip "Heartwarming"

adair_meehan shared a tip "The rare comedy that is surprisingly profound. Very funny little world."

elnaz_jafari shared a tip "Boring and waste of time"

elnaz_jafari shared a tip "Boring and waste of time"

shell_o shared a tip "Painful premise but also funny and raw. I loved it."

50sumthing 's profile image

50sumthing shared a tip "Love this so much. Hilarious and dark, and at the same time tender and warm."

Grace Sylvester's profile image

grace_sylvester03 shared a tip "This show was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time"

laura_douglas shared a tip "Funny, sad, touching. Truly a beautiful depiction of grief."

alissa_trella shared a tip "Love this show, even though many times your heart breaks for the characters."

Carol Ennis's profile image

carol_ennis shared a tip "Loved this!"

Dawn Haney's profile image

dawn_haney shared a tip "Pleasantly surprised at the depth of Ricky Gervais’ Performance. Great writing and delightful supporting cast."

Caron rodgers's profile image

caron_rodgers shared a tip "I laughed. I cried. The perfect show. I’m kind of in love with Ricky Gervais."

Alissa Epworth's profile image

alissa_epworth shared a tip "The most perfect show"

Kyle Osborne's profile image

kyle_osborne shared a tip "Surprisingly touching, yet irreverent and funny"

Micheal Kelley's profile image

micheal_kelley shared a tip "Every now and then you watch a show that leaves you emotionally drained and speechless. This is that."

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "funny, smart, clever, and utterly soul-destroyingly heartbreaking. can't recommend enough! 10/10"

Cynthia Bice's profile image

cynthia_bice shared a tip "Check out Uploaded"

Melissa Gan's profile image

melissa_gan shared a tip "This series makes you cry and laugh. Ricky Gervais is absolutely brilliant!!! Patiently waiting for the new season."

El Di's profile image

el_di shared a tip "This WAS surprisingly Good"

Leslee Burns's profile image

leslee_burns shared a tip "This will make you laugh out loud!"

kimberly_tebeau shared a tip "This is a great show. It manages to be moving and funny at the same time."

Jon Jacks's profile image

jon_jacks shared a tip "Funny, touching and loaded with batshit crazy characters."

Daniel A's profile image

danielsan shared a tip "Perfect showp"

James Hansen's profile image

james_hansen shared a tip "The best of Ricky! See? Hes not always an asshole! He’s a depressed asshole!"

sameer_malik shared a tip "Wonderful!"

Jody Gozzard's profile image

jody_gozzard shared a tip "Loved the British humour !"

lynn_brickman shared a tip "Funny and sad human interest story with a silver lining."

gary_munn shared a tip "Ricky Gervais is both very touching and hilarious in this wonderful program!!"

Carly Hill's profile image

carly_hill shared a tip "Sad but human. A nice wholesome look on life and humanity. Shockingly peaceful."

Analisa Sanchez's profile image

analisa_sanchez shared a tip "Funny, surprisingly lighthearted comedy following the story of a recent widower"

ruta_reivydas shared a tip "Quick binge. I cried, laughed, and couldn't get enough....can't wait for the next season."

CariBimbi Art's profile image

caribimbi_art shared a tip "I can’t get enough of this heartwarming series. I’m on my third watch. Tissue box is always within reach!"

sarah_mahoney_5575 shared a tip "Love this show! It keeps you interested and has a great story line. Never gets old, we love it"

Christie Rowe's profile image

christie_rowe shared a tip "Dark Humor - love it!"

alexandria_anderson shared a tip "You will laugh and cry every episode. Sometimes at the same time."

Jodi Davy's profile image

jodi_davy shared a tip "Loved this - funny, touching, real. Totally binge worthy."

leighannleann shared a tip "Does anyone know when the third season will be coming out just binged absolutely brilliant laughed, cried amazing!"

Susan P's profile image

suzycatq shared a tip "#favorites"

Martina Prior's profile image

martina_prior shared a tip "I love this show. You laugh and cry at the same time. It is just wonderful with an amazing soundtrack. I highly recommend it"

nancy_wilson_2827 shared a tip "More like this. Sensitive and funny!"

Lisa M.'s profile image

lisa_m._4925 shared a tip "Love Ricky Gervais! This one can definitely bring the tears but it has some crazy funny moments and very sweet ones as well."

Heather Boyd's profile image

heather_boyd_2484 shared a tip "Definitely - beautifully done!"

beth_malson shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful"

Jenine 's profile image

jenine shared a tip "Yes! My husband and i loved season 1 and season 2 looks just as good!😀"

Bobbi Horinek's profile image

bobbi_horinek shared a tip "They were equally good!"

Jeff Johnson's profile image

jeff_johnson_6555 shared a tip "Absolutely hysterical and irreverent with a surprisingly beautiful commentary on humanity, love, relationships."

karen_macneil_5291 shared a tip "The best tv serie ever!"

carol_wolff shared a tip "A different role for Ricky Gervais...he's not in The Office this time."

Brooke Miller's profile image

brooke_miller_2426 shared a tip "Great characters. Have tissues ready for the end of season 2."

Debbi Hartley's profile image

debbi_hartley shared a tip "Great show. Cant wait until Season 3"

Mark Denny's profile image

mark_denny shared a tip "Great dark comedy series. Thoughtfully done with real people in mind."

Heather McGraw's profile image

heather_mcgraw shared a tip "So funny, so touching, love it"

Kimberly Atienza's profile image

kimberly_atienza_9795 shared a tip "Love the dry humor"

Ann Toback's profile image

ann_toback shared a tip "Laugh until I cried funny! And sometimes just felt like crying. Ricky Gervais at his best!"

Debra Williams's profile image

debra_williams shared a tip "So 👍"

jane_meyer shared a tip "Funny and touching"

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "Bittersweet show"

Jane Schloss's profile image

jane_schloss shared a tip "I was told to watch in my misophonia group. He has it in the show and in real life. Very relatable."

Mags Ellis's profile image

mags_ellis shared a tip "Well worth a watch! Can’t wait for the next season!"

Stevan Herpst's profile image

stevan_herpst shared a tip "Great show, Ricky is excellent!"

L La's profile image

l_la shared a tip "Good!!!"

Mina Marashi's profile image

mina_marashi shared a tip "Amazing story of love, def. was worth watching"

Amanda 's profile image

pandagirl1 shared a tip "A nearly perfect show. I laughed, I cried, and I can't wait for the next season."

Garrett Bohanan's profile image

garrett_bohanan shared a tip "By far one of the best series i have ever seen"

Alicja Clark's profile image

alicja_clark shared a tip "I can say with certainty that this show depicts life after the death of a soul mate with 100% accuracy."

julie_7170 shared a tip "If u love ricky u will love this!"

Lloyd Hanninen's profile image

lloyd_hanninen shared a tip "Brilliant, funny, and heartbreaking! A must-see series!"

Amanda E's profile image

amanda_e_1665 shared a tip "This is so heart shatteringly good."

Corrina Hodgson's profile image

corrina_hodgson shared a tip "Well written. Well acted. Funny & poignant."

kathleen_bolt_2819 shared a tip "Looking forward to season 3"

Stacey 's profile image

stacey_1152 shared a tip "I lost my son a couple of years ago and this show has been a huge help during the grieving process."

Be Ear Guest's profile image

be_ear_guest shared a tip "Loved it! Be prepared to laugh and sob in the same episode."

lise_primeau shared a tip "Would like to watch it tonight."

lise_primeau shared a tip "Yes"

rafiq_shaheen shared a tip "A delightfully sad and well intentioned look into how death effects us"

Natalie Baker's profile image

natalie_baker_1771 shared a tip "Hilarious."

timothy_novalis shared a tip "Love this series! Hilarious and moving. If you’ve lost or know someone who has this is a must see."

Jamie Haas's profile image

jamie_haas_5848 shared a tip "So many relatable scenes. Great writing."

Marcy Kaplan's profile image

marcy_kaplan shared a tip "This show manages to be irreverent, witty, and sentimental all at the same time. Ricky Gervais is brilliant."

karen_briggs_4540 shared a tip "One of the best dark comedy’s I’ve seen. It also helps that I’m into BritCom. I’m obsessed with this series."

kimberly_minardi shared a tip "Sometimes just so sad, but I couldn’t stop watching it."

Christina Hickman's profile image

christina_hickman_6423 shared a tip "Real life but also sooo funny, really had me thinking about life!"

Alexandra Dalton's profile image

alexandra_dalton_2146 shared a tip "I’ve enjoyed it! I love Ricky Gervais though. I would consider it dark humor if you’re into that."

michelle_mccrary_7100 shared a tip "You’ll laugh and cry."

Vicki Andersen's profile image

vicki_andersen shared a tip "Funny and yet sad- a great cast of characters- Ricky Gervais tells a lovely story."

angela_kate shared a tip "The last season was a let down. Loved everything before though. Still worth watching."

joan_zuzga shared a tip "❤️"

Andrea Dallas's profile image

andrea_dallas shared a tip "It’s for atheists"

Lila Martucci's profile image

lila_martucci shared a tip "Ricky Gervais is genuinely funny. Loved it!"

meredith_mckay shared a tip "Moving"

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