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The anthology horror series follows 25-year-old Atticus Freeman, who joins up with his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America to find his missing father. They must survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the malevolent spi

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-08-16

Last Air Date 2020-10-18

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.3


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ashmedai_180 shared a tip "Has it's downed, but the ups are so high it doesn't matter. I can't wait for season 2."

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "It has its good and bad moments! Started out a bit underwhelming but it definitely gets better and creepier"

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charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "Amazing ."

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kendra_walker shared a tip "It’s so different and I’m in love with it"

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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "I know I’m late to the party but this is actually a stellar show🔥🔥"

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davina_a shared a tip "Awesome & interesting show so far."

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nicknaz49 shared a tip "Another good flick with really interesting take on events of decades prior. African Americans may have brought"

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stephanie_fjeld shared a tip "Pleasantly surprised"

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "Horror but the good kind. Not cheesy fluff. I'm not typically a horror fan but I like this."

j. shared a tip "Hooked from the first episode and have been telling others about it. Sooooo good!"

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gina_bonetti shared a tip "AbsolutelY absolutely love this"

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gina_bonetti shared a tip "I absolutely love this series"

daisy_orellana shared a tip "OBSESSED with this show"

dan_noriega shared a tip "This show is sooo fun!"

kim_hasty shared a tip "I love horror and fantasy and this fits the bill."

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amy_richard_39 shared a tip "Different from anything out there! And well acted!!"

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rhyan_henry shared a tip "I’m shocked and scarred but this is amazing. This is one for the books."

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leonandrew shared a tip "One of the best shows to come out of 2020. Thankfully something has."

judson shared a tip "Really loving how each individual episode is different and style and takes influence from different horror genres"

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courtney_nunnally shared a tip "This was EPIC. Treat yourself."

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cheryl_wooten shared a tip "Just when you think you know what the next step is..wait for it!!"

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i_5394 shared a tip "Strong performancess was timely smart creepy and good as hell"

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keon_rose shared a tip "Dynamic characters and acting with a largely black cast with some timely commentary on race."

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rebekah_smith_6668 shared a tip "What a wild ride!!! Has me on the edge of my seat every episode."

lea_6122 shared a tip "Love this series!"

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empresskaii_williamz shared a tip "Definitely interesting"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "This is sooo good. I love it!"

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shaun_lopez shared a tip "Seen it, bought it, and love it."

adia_holiday shared a tip "EXCELLENT"

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ashyr_barsocchini shared a tip "I love this show its so captivating"

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christa_coulter-sco shared a tip "Excellent series"

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brandon_patterson_634 shared a tip "Amazing themes each episode and can't get enough"

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chasejamison_spears shared a tip "Best show out right now"

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sussan_burton shared a tip "Really great twist on horror and time travel. Stellar cast!"

allison_krieg shared a tip "A must watch: the cinematography, the fashion, the musical score and most importantly the message." 's profile image

ktj shared a tip "Black history and futuristic sci-fi!"

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dee_shihady shared a tip "This show rocks...literally throws you off. Lol You never know what to expect. Cant wait to see the next season."

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DonJaunDaMarco shared a tip "Yea i loved this"

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peter_shah shared a tip "Totally thrilling"

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tyra_bell shared a tip "If you're into supernatural shows, this one is a hit!"

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justin_robinson_5158 shared a tip "Great TV show, only was watched the first episode and wasn't expecting this! If you like sci-fi then this is for you"

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rebekah_smith_6752 shared a tip "So exciting!!!"

brian_white_8489 shared a tip "Absolutely weird, but so great."

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jessica_thomas_4019 shared a tip "Very on the edge of your seat type of show!"

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mik_mik shared a tip "Just love showing what magic is really about."

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kayti_hageman shared a tip "Amazing storyline"

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octavious_jackson shared a tip "Excellent series. I hope they keep it going"

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tanner_holt shared a tip "Its so good! I could watch it for hours. The first episode alone is more than enough to draw you in."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Loved it! Nice suspenseful horror versus gore."

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natanuelle_silne shared a tip "Lmaoooo this show is deadasss interesting. They always surprising you with crazy plots."

jhazmyn_mungin shared a tip "It keeps u on ur toes and gets u hooked from episode 1#drama #fantasy #science_fiction #romance"

kathrine_smith shared a tip "best mini series of 2020"

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crystal_ferguson shared a tip "Loved it, more please"

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jay_walking shared a tip "This was amazing and thrilling, I liked how History and fantasy merged together."

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emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Decent show. Starts off strong. Helps pass time."

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brittney_bryant shared a tip "Can’t wait until next season 😍"

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jessica_skidmore shared a tip "This show portrays the creepy and mysterious in a new light. You'll be spooked in ways you didn't know existed."

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jessica_val shared a tip "Phenomenal show!"

robby_herron shared a tip "You got to watch this!"

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jam_3677 shared a tip "This is unlike anything I've ever seen. Phenomenal! #mustwatch"

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jared_holder_8251 shared a tip "Amazing action and you could never guess what happened next!"

mya_anderson_9598 shared a tip "Everything"

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voidmade_tender shared a tip "what an incredible journey"

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anna_kotz shared a tip "Yes!! Just in time for Halloween SZN"

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andrew_mukama shared a tip "This show is brilliant and exciting! Can’t wait to see more of it!"

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joseph_savage_1261 shared a tip "Amazing Series. Original well acted and written. This show is bubbling under to break out."

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melyssa57 shared a tip "Read the book first. It will make the show more meaningful."

evangelina_blue-wil shared a tip "If your into magic and witches you’ll like this. It’s new, so you can binge watch this and be up to date. Love this show!"

allycia_watts shared a tip "Awesome show! Makes you pay attention to detail!"

caela_liska shared a tip "Amazing amazing show that ends up not being what you expected"

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ashlie_garrett shared a tip "GREAT SHOW!!! #blm ❤"

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catrina_watkins shared a tip "Scary but good"

geneva_hylton shared a tip "This show is mixture of history with sci-fi thrown in. Action packed, emotional, and family based it was the total package."

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megan_barnes_4355 shared a tip "Great storytelling, graphics, and I love the romance."

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bryson_ellington shared a tip "fireeeerrrrrrrr best show on tv right now no cap"

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darius_holt shared a tip "Only one season so far n all is good"

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rose_st._cyr shared a tip "I watched the whole season twice"

galvin_mayers shared a tip "A bit dark but really interesting"

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erica_weiskamp shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!"

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ali_kanawati shared a tip "@lauraleewatts @Likewise #drama"

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ange_bauzer shared a tip "Very strange but very good! Good for a scare too!"

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nina_soares shared a tip "Had to stop myself from binging because I don't want it to end!"

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kc_kc_2234 shared a tip "Everything"

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mac_montanna shared a tip "One of the best shows ive watched"

lori_3065 shared a tip "Grest story and acting"

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xasia_monet shared a tip "Super good series!! I loved how it intergrated history into sci-fi. Great watch"

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chencho_el_harmonico shared a tip "I love this show my wife and i are obsessed with it i wish they had more seasons"

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nikia_greene shared a tip "Very entertaining way to educate on oppression."

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asha_.j shared a tip "The story line is amazing and it leave you on your seat for more."

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becky_kohr shared a tip "Super weird but super good!"

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nashid_woodson shared a tip "Loved the actors and the story"

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deleted_user_1609815833246 shared a tip "Excellent! I am hopeful for a season 2."

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kevin_park_7544 shared a tip "Great show! I was on the edge of my seat with every episode."

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kira_morrissette shared a tip "This show was really good a interesting it brought something new to the table"

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alejandra_c shared a tip "This is just too cool"

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lindz_pace shared a tip "Absolutely amazing and fantastical. Thriller and the racial divide makes for a truly amazing tale of perservance."

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zenful_swan shared a tip "Amazing. Best show you’ll ever see."

sasha_4901 shared a tip "Great. Had a hard rime getting connected to it at fiest but glad i still watched."

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deleted_user_1614195880877 shared a tip "Wow! This site is soooo good and seems true to the times."

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melisa_johnson-weav shared a tip "Fun! Magic, love, loss, fighting, gore and more"

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sylvia_henderson shared a tip "So good!!!"

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joyce_deandrea shared a tip "This show gave me all the feels. It’s history, sci fi, and a live story rolled in one."

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minksmink shared a tip "This show showed black history and black power all in one.I loved it ."

shantelle_pimentel shared a tip "The sci fi"

james_a._young shared a tip "Absolutely outstanding in every aspect. Can't recommend it highly enough."

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ne_bright shared a tip "Watching it as slowly as I can to savor it. It's such a great show!!"

melissa_harrison_4590 shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long while."

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jillian_dior shared a tip "This show was amazing! They included black history in the show as well. 10/10 would recommend!"

n_pryce shared a tip "Excellent #sci-fi #fantasy #magic captivating. Definitely interesting storyline to follow can’t wait for second season."