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The true story of one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history: the catastrophic nuclear accident at Chernobyl. A tale of the brave men and women who sacrificed to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-05-06

Last Air Date 2019-06-03

Seasons 1

Episodes 5


TMDB 8.5


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Larry.Cohen shared a tip "It easy to watch, but so well done and incredibly educational. A “must-watch” if you’re into history and want to learn more..."

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mco shared a tip "I had no idea this mini series would be so absolutely absorbing."

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yumi shared a tip "Very interesting and scary at the same time to see how it really happened. It feels very authentic too."

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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "So messed up"

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Brent.Christofferson shared a tip "Viewers beware, episode 3 is pretty graphic."

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zac shared a tip "Easily the best TV series I’ve ever seen! Cinematography, writing, acting, set design, audio, all so good!"

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marcia_perry shared a tip "Just WOW- Incredibly well done and absolutely terrifying."

sidney_williams shared a tip "Terrifying and mesmerizing at once."

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Oldgray shared a tip "Disturbingly real. True Emmy-fodder."

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bouwer_marc shared a tip "Brilliant HBO series"

anna_lansky shared a tip "Riveting and horrifying"

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robert_girling shared a tip "Excellent work HBO"

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edward_constance shared a tip "Staggeringly perfect in every way! Chernobyl is honestly the most impressive show I have ever had the pleasure to watch!"

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blurayrad shared a tip "Must watch! Absolutely, must watch."

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kim_gc shared a tip "One of the best miniseries I've ever seen."

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isaiah_1689 shared a tip "Again HBO has another hit with following history as closely as they could without having paying to many actors"

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columbus_franklin shared a tip "Chilling. A cautionary tale."

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chadum shared a tip "Fantastic acting with a very tense, restrained script."

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bill_boyett shared a tip "Beyond terrifying-REAL"

hilary_savoy shared a tip "Yes it is a true story."

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eric_lewis_1745 shared a tip "Be ready to see some unpleasant stuff. It’s an unbelievable show and story though."

anne_parent shared a tip "Very informative and interesting drama."

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beverly_carp shared a tip "I looooooved it. They really humanized the story"

rebecca_alford_4670 shared a tip "True story #history"

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courtney_lavender shared a tip "It is very good. I believe it's worth watching"

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northcoast_5093 shared a tip "It was awsome. I know not all of it was true, but it was so realistic."

joan_harper shared a tip "This series really impacted me. I had no idea how serious the Chernobyl accident was."

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cindy_davis_4698 shared a tip "Oh absolutely!"

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quinn_thirteen shared a tip "It was really good!"

mike_idoko shared a tip "Very much so, also check out conjuring:the devil made me do it, it, hostel etc"

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david_hepburn shared a tip "Will check it out on Amazon."

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allen_freeman shared a tip "So great! Everything about this was top notch!"

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FastAxion shared a tip "Loved this show!"

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iearmstrong shared a tip "Best mini series I've seen in recent memory!"

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firepower_design shared a tip "Remarkable, dark, gritty and eye opening retelling of this tragedy."

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shelley_miller shared a tip "Dark but so relevant during a time in history where (AGAIN) egos are more important than facts."

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Intense but very interesting and well made."

KazuoKiriyama shared a tip "Really well done show and pretty interesting."

gina_knap shared a tip "Eye opener for sure. Great series."

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omid_rajaee shared a tip "Best series I’ve watched so far after GOT"

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todd_welch shared a tip "Its really well done, heavy stuff"

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marshall_johnson shared a tip "Yes this is a true story that happened in Ukraine in the 80s"

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eric_burgin shared a tip "This one is worth a watch."

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lynn_mclellan shared a tip "Very hard to watch at times. But I had to continue."

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troy_pennock shared a tip "It was like rhe Russians were in denial"

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rosy_lorusso shared a tip "Incredible"

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yvan_menard shared a tip "Amazing."

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jessica_nicholas shared a tip "Oh yes!! Some pretty intense moments !"

emma_matsinger shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

michelle_tiernan shared a tip "Found it scary to say the least, this could happen again"

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ashley_elle shared a tip "This show checked all the boxes for me. Great to watch with someone + the visuals are on point and surreal."

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wanda_van_cor shared a tip "Absolutely"

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robert_wilkins_4238 shared a tip "Just wow. WOW!"

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victoria_letz shared a tip "It was so good."

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victoria_letz shared a tip "Heart wrenching and tear jerking for sure. But it was well done."

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deb_petty shared a tip "It was interesting...I thought so"

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elizabeth_evans_105 shared a tip "Mr. Mercedes on Peacock."

patrick_gochicoa shared a tip "The best ever seen. Made me cry."

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antonywalker shared a tip "It's bleak, but it's brilliant."

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hunter_kennedy_6852 shared a tip "Definitly!"

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amber_hartsock shared a tip "Very very intense!!! Welllll made !!!"

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javon_robinson_8253 shared a tip "What are you into"

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catherine_baker_1012 shared a tip "Yes"

peter_warburton shared a tip "Absolutely. Drama, courage and a little science"

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katelyn_smyser shared a tip "Oh goodness, maybe? Are you into Pripyat-related things or are you into slow burns?"

chris_zedro shared a tip "Yes! A lot of captivating moments and one of the better miniseries I’ve seen!"

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ernesto_lozano shared a tip "Yes. True story"

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al_185 shared a tip "Yes"

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johnny_smith shared a tip "Yes it is."

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johnny_smith shared a tip "Yes"

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ryan_winn shared a tip "Hauntingly unforgettable"

angelina_lenihan shared a tip "Well actually I liked the whole show, but I really liked the first and last few episodes the best!"

carolyn_gordon shared a tip "Utterly gripping and terrifying relevant to our current GOP government."

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java_williams shared a tip "Yes very much If I could have watched it in a day I would have but it was super informational and sad"

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shannon_pettus_1589 shared a tip "Basically a generic horror"

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alejandra_saavedra shared a tip "Is really good."

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heather_harding shared a tip "Chernobyl is a very interesting story. I love any true story."

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alexandra_nolan shared a tip "Rating: A+ Incredible shoW"

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alan_johnstone shared a tip "Oh!! I wish I could remember! It’s been a while. The whole thing... so dark and brooding"

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kimo_aleman shared a tip "So much I didn’t know about this story"

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justine_marino_cioc shared a tip "Thought it was great. Inside perspective"

shaunte_faulkner shared a tip "So good."