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American astronaut Emma Green must leave her husband and teenage daughter behind to command an international space crew embarking upon a treacherous mission. A series about hope, humanity and how we need one another if we are to achieve impossible things.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2020-09-04

Last Air Date 2020-09-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 6.8


Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Very good show almost watched the whole season in one sitting"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Did they seriously cancel this? Ridiculous!"

Colie Laird's profile image

colie_laird shared a tip "The best TV Series"

Alan Sherin's profile image

alan_sherin shared a tip "Breathtaking and brilliant bing worthy entertainment."

David Boyd's profile image

david_boyd_2033 shared a tip "Great 1st season! Look forward to more"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it!!"

cindy_wen shared a tip "Absolutely Loved the story line. I'm upset it was cancelled."

Michelle Ward's profile image

michelleward shared a tip "Suspenseful drama!"

Matt Cress's profile image

matt_cress shared a tip "Love this show. I definitely recommend."

Saba Khalil's profile image

saba_khalil shared a tip "Great show!@"

Francisca Shauna's profile image

francisca_shauna shared a tip "Amazing"

kate_6979 shared a tip "Great series"

Catherine Bossert's profile image

catherine_bossert shared a tip "Love this show! Unpredictable character developments makes it very interesing to watch!"

Robin Hunt's profile image

robin_hunt shared a tip "Not particularly. I enjoyed the story but it is a bit slow moving for some people. They didn't renew for season 2."

Caroline Garrigos's profile image

caroline_garrigos shared a tip "SO cool if you like shows about space."

Adam Bedwell's profile image

adam_bedwell shared a tip "Gripping and realistic storyline"

Chris Presley's profile image

chris_presley shared a tip "Great show. Unexpected find of the summer. Highly recommend."

Kristen Frost's profile image

kristen_frost shared a tip "It's like an incredible movie that is an entire season long. Such an incredible show."

Nichole Hall's profile image

nichole_hall shared a tip "Love this show!"

Ayegbusi Abiodun's profile image

ayegbusi_abiodun shared a tip "Just started watching it, I never really have a favorite"

Isabellae McEneny's profile image

isabellae_mceneny shared a tip "Loved this! I finished it with my family in 2 days. Cant wait for season 2."

Karen Meadows's profile image

karen_meadows shared a tip "So, I just binge watched all 10 episodes. This is a MUST SEE for any sci fi fan!!"

shelby_eckard shared a tip "I loved it. It was slow moving but good."

Jacob Turner's profile image

jacob_turner shared a tip "Thoroughly enjoyed season 1."

Alabi Adewale's profile image

alabi_adewale shared a tip "Hiring"

Jamie-anne Dorvilus's profile image

jamie-anne_dorvilus shared a tip "It is available"

shauna_ shared a tip "Like This is Us, with a little action and suspense added in."

Amanda Martel's profile image

amanda_martel shared a tip "Spektr is my favorite episode but the show was great in all!"

Ron Santos's profile image

ron_santos shared a tip "A good mix of sci-fi and human drama."

Jessica Thomas's profile image

jessica_thomas_4019 shared a tip "As a mom this was a tear jerker for me."

Clint S.'s profile image

clint_s. shared a tip "Very emotional but scientific"

REESE HENSHAW's profile image

reese_henshaw shared a tip "It was sad,happy,exciting a lot of difernt emoitions"

Terri Glenn's profile image

terri_glenn shared a tip "Slow but grows on you."

Dawn Bardo's profile image

dawn_bardo shared a tip "Love love love!"

Travis Scott's profile image

travis_scott_3693 shared a tip "Great family sci-fi show."

Sharon lauer's profile image

sharon_lauer shared a tip "Great show!"

Jessie Murray's profile image

jessie_murray_6538 shared a tip "So well done! It was like a 6hr long movie. Did they really not sign on for Season 2 when it was that good??? #wtf"

Kristin Ghiringhelli's profile image

kristin_ghiringhelli shared a tip "I enjoyed this show very much. Great cast"

p_whel shared a tip "Short"

taylor_mace shared a tip "So mad this was cancelled"

pete_obryan_ shared a tip "Fantastic very good plot"

Liz S.'s profile image

liz_s. shared a tip "This is not what I expected - it was far better. One of the best shows I've seen in a while."

Shayna Arthur's profile image

shayna_arthur shared a tip "i highly recommend"

nicole_wenzel shared a tip "Great show! So much suspense and drama :)"

Jeremiah Wiedman's profile image

jeremiah_wiedman_7257 shared a tip "I like it. Little slow, but picked up the last few episodes"

rachel_land shared a tip "Only one season... Not returning."

Aspen Robbins's profile image

aspen_robbins shared a tip "Omg this is so great but prepare to cry!!!"

lindsey_3618 shared a tip "Super! Cant wait for the second season."

lila_swartz shared a tip "Really good show. I suggest to watch it!"

Ian McKay's profile image

ian_mckay shared a tip "It was thought provoking"

Tori Piskol's profile image

tori_piskol shared a tip "It is so good! At first it may seem confusing or boring, but the more you watch the better it gets!"

Katie Ruddy's profile image

katie_ruddy shared a tip "Space, and a stong women in charge balancing work and life. It was hood."

katy_martin_9371 shared a tip "So good. Hilary Swank is phenomenal."

Razaz Dieu's profile image

razaz_dieu shared a tip "Its amazing show to watch"

stephanie_ottinger shared a tip "Sets are fantastic, great acting"

Mahmoud Almohamad's profile image

mahmoud_almohamad shared a tip "@Likewise"

Ange Bauzer's profile image

ange_bauzer shared a tip "A little predictable, but worth watching."

chrisjana_acheson shared a tip "I’m loving it but it wasn’t picked up? I wonder if enough people watch it will be ?"

chrisjana_acheson shared a tip "It’s a wonderful show we should fight to get it back !"

david_broderick shared a tip "I liked it"

Rachel Leigh's profile image

rachel_leigh_2377 shared a tip "Drama! Love! Adventure! I loved it all."

Ayomide Manns's profile image

ayomide_manns shared a tip "THIS IS SO GOOD OMG"

jacqueline_drager shared a tip "Great characters and story."

mo__7128 shared a tip "Hl"

Stacey 's profile image

stacey_7642 shared a tip "Was a great movie."

Hanna Barabas's profile image

marcipan shared a tip "It is very slow moving but other wise, I liked it"

Stormy Sides's profile image

stormy_sides shared a tip "My husband and I loved this show so much and cannot wait until the next season!"

brittani_anderson shared a tip "A different show unlike others, amazing and beautiful!"

jenn_bettincourt shared a tip "Sucked me right in till id watched every episode!"

Ashley Woods's profile image

ashley_woods_583 shared a tip "I binge watched it and was so excited to watch their journey on Mars. So bummed it’s canceled."

Jennifer Santore's profile image

jennifer_santore shared a tip "Kept my interest to see if she makes it to and from Mars."

Alana Burke's profile image

alana_burke shared a tip "This was amazing! I can’t wait for the second season. The acting is great, the story line is great. Watch it!"

Joy Hicks's profile image

joy_hicks_7432 shared a tip "So sad this story is not continuing."

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