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The instant New York Times bestseller!In this twisty psychological thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE CELLAR, Ivy wants to share everything with her twin sister . . . until her twin starts to push her out of her own life.Ivy and Iris haven’t lived together for years—when t

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Author Natasha Preston

Pages 384

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2020-03-03

ISBN 0593124952 9780593124956


Google 3.5


Madison O's profile image

madi_orenda shared a tip "4/5, very slow read. Though about putting it on dnf, but finished it in 3 days. Ending made up for it."

reese_battles shared a tip "This was a rough read at first but once the action started I was hooked."

Suri Singharath's profile image

suri_singharath shared a tip "i hate these unexpected ending hit just keep coming back for more!"

Emma Ruth 's profile image

emma_christie_103 shared a tip "The ending had my blood boiling like actually boiling."

Bella Gimber's profile image

bella_gimber shared a tip "Def not my fav. Kind or boring through the whole book. Not much happened."

Ella Acred's profile image

ella_acred shared a tip "it took a while for the climax to happen. and the ending sucked. it would be okay if there was a second book. but there’s not."

Leandra Hastings's profile image

leandra_hastings shared a tip "had a very nice twist at the end"

Tiffany Thomas's profile image

tiffany_thomas_167 shared a tip "Omg it’s so good!! I read it last month and loved it!!"

Tea 's profile image

tat_tea shared a tip "This was the most disappointing end to a book I’ve ever experienced."

Veez Beez's profile image

veez_beez shared a tip "I loved this book. It kept me on my toes the entire time and was just amazing."

Love Opal's profile image

love_opal shared a tip "Was captivating but the ending was disappointing."

Vanessa Villacis's profile image

nessareads shared a tip "I really liked this"

Mackenzie Warren's profile image

mackenzie_warren_4870 shared a tip "Yes!"

Keiren Cook's profile image

keiren_cook shared a tip "So suspenseful and the main character was very relatable. Edge of my seat the whole time, read it in a day!"

Staci Donaldson's profile image

staci_donaldson shared a tip "Love allllll of her books never could put them down"

Jessica Roper's profile image

jessica_roper_5746 shared a tip "You will be mine is good. The Twin was amazing as well. It's hard to pick. Her books are super easy read."

Jaylee Becerril's profile image

jaylee_becerril shared a tip "This book will keep you on the edge of your seat but sadly there isn't a book two."

Maria Cruz's profile image

maria_cruz_5296 shared a tip "Loved it"

sara_s_1760 shared a tip "Yes one of my favorites!"

cailey grace's profile image

iamcaileygrace shared a tip "the ending! i wish this book had a series!"

Jadyn 's profile image

JPragle shared a tip "I love this book. Do you know if it has a sequel? Because the ending doesn't really seem like an ending."

Kat Kushunda's profile image

kat_kushunda shared a tip "Thrilling, keeps you on the edge of your seat"

Weston Babysitters's profile image

weston_babysitters shared a tip "Amazing plot and the ending is probably the best ending ever."

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