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NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESThe instant New York Times and #1 international bestseller. “You should read Behind Her Eyes...It’s bloody brilliant.” —Stephen King "An eerie thriller...Pinborough keeps us guessing about just who’s manipulating whom – until the ending reveals that we’ve been wholly co

Author Sarah Pinborough

Pages 306

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2017-01-31

ISBN 125011117X 9781250111173

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Google 3.5


brandi_carson shared a tip "Wow!!!!"

Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really good and intense! Enjoyed the whole book!"

lauren_tanner_7414 shared a tip "NEVER SAW THE ENDING COMING! Kept me on my toes the entire time! Wow! Just wow!"

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "This is a love or hate book. The ending …. No words describe how I reacted. Just wow!"

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_aldieri shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book. The twists kept coming and the ending was so unexpected. A wild fn ride!"

Chelsea Robichaud's profile image

chelsea_robichaud shared a tip "My heart was racing this whole entire story. Mind-blowing ending. 4/5"

Veronica Martinez's profile image

vmartinez shared a tip "Best plot twist ever, still think about it till this day"

Ali L's profile image

upmyali shared a tip "A twist that makes you want to read the entire thing over again!"

dee_1157 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Candi M 's profile image

candiM shared a tip "I was completely blindsided!!! Great twist."

vanessa guido's profile image

damnguido shared a tip "Verrrryyyyy creepy ending."

Heather Francabandera's profile image

heather_francabande shared a tip "Soooo good and the ending is nothing you’d expect!"

Anna Maki's profile image

anna_maki_8526 shared a tip "The ending."

Vanessa Lewis's profile image

vanessa_lewis_2092 shared a tip "Still give me goosebumps"

Liza Lisowe's profile image

liza_lisowe shared a tip "Great thriller!"

Stephanie Santos's profile image

stephanie_santos_2249 shared a tip "Did not expect the ending! Quick, interesting read"

Shannon Potter-Knight's profile image

shannon_potter-knight shared a tip "This is a good book nobody seems to know about"

Victoria Monger's profile image

victoria_monger shared a tip "I figured it out, but the ending is mind blowing!!!"

*alexa* 's profile image

alexa_korkodilos shared a tip "i finished this today and i’m curious on other people’s thoughts. the ending was so wild i loved it"

Holly Coons's profile image

holly_coons shared a tip "Clever"

sara_davia shared a tip "Loved it!"

Courtney Reistroffer's profile image

courtney_reistroffer shared a tip "I couldn’t put this book down!"

katie_3211 shared a tip "AMAZING. Gives the same vibes as Gone Girl."

Jennifer Westrick's profile image

jennifer_westrick shared a tip "This one was a little too far out for me."

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "This is definitely a twisty book! I can't see how ANYONE could figure it out. 1 of my favorites."

Teresa Burns's profile image

teresa_burns shared a tip "Total twistyness with the supernatural"

Rachel Lange's profile image

rachel_lange shared a tip "A twist that NO ONE will see coming"

Maddy Mahoney's profile image

maddy_mahoney shared a tip "At the very end you have so much enotion from all that you took in. Such a good read!!!! Can't wait tk watch the series!"

candice_valles_5066 shared a tip "Amazing plot twist"

jill_clegg shared a tip "Crazy good book!!"

leanne_b_brackett shared a tip "I watched the Netflix movie. Very Very GOOD!"

melody_yamaguchi shared a tip "This book’s surprise ending is rivaled only by the movie The Sixth Sense. Chilling!"

Ash L's profile image

littlelambe shared a tip "Absolutely insane thriller with just the right touch of horror. Best thriller I've read in a while."

Stephanie Markus's profile image

stephanie_markus shared a tip "This book and the mini series are great! Such a mind twist!!!"

charla_863 shared a tip "Fantastic!!! I loved the twist at the end - totally didn’t see that coming!"

brandy Legros's profile image

brandy_legros shared a tip "I really loved the ending. I was not expecting that"

allison_mackenzie_8859 shared a tip "Favourite story in a long while."

Alexandra DiWilliams's profile image

alexandra_diwilliams shared a tip "The biggest twist ever! Totally did not see that coming"

amanda Lancaster's profile image

amanda_lancaster shared a tip "A great read with twists and turns."

Mikayla Greenway's profile image

mikayla_greenway shared a tip "this is the one book I wish I could read for the first time again. Wow. Easily my favorite psych thriller"

Alisha Toole's profile image

alisha_toole shared a tip "Wow such a crazy book! Read it in a day and a half. The twist at the end was insane. Highly recommend!"

Becky Aguilar's profile image

becky_aguilar shared a tip "🤯🤯🤯"

stephanie_cm_schiav shared a tip "The plot twist"

Amanda Castañeda's profile image

amanda_castaeda shared a tip "That ending thought!!!"

andrea_osterholm shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

Audra Hurd's profile image

audra_hurd shared a tip "Suspenseful and engaging. I read every night before bed and I looked forward to seeing what happened next."

Cindy Prentice's profile image

cindy_prentice shared a tip "Totally did not see this coming. Great!!"

Ellia Brunacini's profile image

ellia_brunacini shared a tip "Anyone else get "Skeleton Key" vibes?"

Abbey Hepner's profile image

abbey_hepner shared a tip "Truly mind blowing. I could never have predicted the ending, such a good read!"

Amber Phillips's profile image

slashedupinsanity shared a tip "Very twisty"

annamarie_cavazos shared a tip "It was so good twists at every corner"

Allison Tucker's profile image

allison_tucker shared a tip "Loved it! I couldn’t put it down! Such a plot twist!"

anne_b_4236 shared a tip "Ending really did me in. Wasn’t expecting it at all."

andrea_spears shared a tip "Crazy good surprise ending!!!"

chrissy_tokarski shared a tip "Wow that ended was crazy!!"

Valerie Adinolfi's profile image

valerie_adinolfi shared a tip "Suspenseful."

maryanne_shulman shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

Melissa Robaina's profile image

melissa_robaina shared a tip "Never leave reviews but loved this book! I churned this book out quickly!!!"

Anna Litz's profile image

anna_litz_6972 shared a tip "While the majority of the book seemed predictable... the final twist really caught me off guard!"

Kristine Babauta's profile image

kristine_babauta shared a tip "Love the plot twist! Didn’t see it coming at all!"

gina_flores_3636 shared a tip "Didn’t see that coming great book"

Diana Masuda's profile image

diana_masuda shared a tip "It k"

Paulina Ledezma's profile image

paulina_ledezma shared a tip "Hell of an ending was not expecting that."

Haley McAbee's profile image

haley_mcabee_9689 shared a tip "What the…"

Sheyda Nellie's profile image

sheyda_nellie shared a tip "Loved!! The twist was everything"

stephanie martinez's profile image

stephanie_martinez_7198 shared a tip "Amazing! Kept me wondering until the last chapter!"

alex_prime shared a tip "5/5"

Andrea Bouchard's profile image

andrea_bouch shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Lauren Vierling's profile image

lauren_vierling shared a tip "Page turner. Differing view points."

johanna_bonilla shared a tip "the ending REALLY threw me"

Raelynn Migliozzi's profile image

raelynn_migliozzi shared a tip "stunning!!!"

Rachel Faulkner's profile image

rachel_faulkner shared a tip "This book is my all time favorite psychological thriller. You will never expect what is coming. Such a great read."

Pamela Lebeau's profile image

pamela_lebeau shared a tip "Simply different from everything that i’ve read before"

angela_gagliardo shared a tip "Twist; psychological suspense"

Truman Kewley's profile image

truman_kewley shared a tip "Really fun perspective. Enjoyable all the way through"

Samantha Hardin's profile image

samantha_hardin_223 shared a tip "Ending was a complete shock! Definitely kept me on my toes!"

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