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NOW AN HBO® LIMITED SERIES STARRING AMY ADAMS, NOMINATED FOR EIGHT EMMY AWARDS, INCLUDING OUTSTANDING LIMITED SERIESFROM THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF GONE GIRLFresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tin

Author Gillian Flynn

Pages 272

Publisher Crown

Published Date 2006-09-26

ISBN 0307351483 9780307351487

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jory_sherwood shared a tip "The best of them all! Don’t wait to see it on HBO. Read that *****!"

ellery_hughes shared a tip "Really great book, a slowish burn and kept me engaged till the last page"

amber_4700 shared a tip "Yes! Quick and easy read, definitely keeps your attention!"

deva d's profile image

deva_d shared a tip "i am definitely watching the show"

Mackenzie L's profile image

mackenzie_l_9442 shared a tip "Interesting"

Jenn McLennan's profile image

jenn_mclennan shared a tip "Great book, TV show sucks."

Casey Sutherland's profile image

casey_sutherland shared a tip "Thought I had it all figured out, but I did not. A huge twist I did not see coming. A definite recommend!"

Chelsey Pottinger's profile image

chelsey_pottinger shared a tip "Great twists. You can’t help but feel bad for almost every character you meet for one reason or another..."

Rebecca Feinstein's profile image

rebecca_feinstein shared a tip "I have it! Say the word and I’ll bring it over!"

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lyn_8351 shared a tip "I just finished The Push - very dark but good... loved Before we were yours and Where the crawdads sing."

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allison_schultz_2271 shared a tip "Really good! I just finished the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I really enjoyed that. Hbu?"

Maggie Daleen's profile image

maggie_daleen shared a tip "Ooh favorite book is tough, there are so many good choices 😅I just read then she was gone by Lisa jewel which was fantastic!!"

Ashley Bedenbaugh's profile image

ashley_bedenbaugh shared a tip "Such a good book! I love all her books!"

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teresa_boyd_7633 shared a tip "The show on HBO was really good as well!"

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jess_slusher shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs Definitely! The HBO mini series was excellent as well."

alicia_diaz_4249 shared a tip "One of my favorites! Have you read Dark Places? I am currently reading The Paper Palace and I am enjoying it so far."

josee_leon shared a tip "Fantastic book! The series is well done too!"

Sydney Knaub's profile image

sydney_knaub shared a tip "Kind of odd but very intense, keeps you on the edge of your seat"

jami_keith shared a tip "Loved it!"

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jessica_andrade shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. Creepy and captivating"

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woodstock_williams shared a tip "Good book. Fantastic mini series."

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tara_franco shared a tip "Again Flynn takes readers through a dramatic,  borderline psychotic mystery. And Of course I love it."

Meghan McLaughlin's profile image

meghan_mclaughlin_55 shared a tip "I'm currently reading The Witch Elm by Tana French. I'm not a fan but committed to seeing it though 😫"

elizabeth_garvin shared a tip "I really enjoyed it but it can get pretty heavy at some points so that’s a little disclaimer, but totally would recommend."

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jessica_warmka shared a tip "Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris was amazing."

Sarah Moffett's profile image

sarah_moffett shared a tip "There is a show too! Quite similar to the book FYI!"

Shanelle 's profile image

shanelle27 shared a tip "Dark story line but great twists and turns that keep you staying up late to finish!"

karin_frederick shared a tip "Oh definitely! Better that the movie."

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gabby_cos shared a tip "behind closed doors!"

tamara_smith_5931 shared a tip "I have liked Flynn's books"

tamara_smith_5931 shared a tip "let me know what you think."

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yolanda_holmes_1090 shared a tip "I’ve read it five times. Each time you identify clues that you overlooked the last time"

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kathryn_ayer shared a tip "I read “The Good Sister” by Sally Hepworth and it was so good!"

Mala Chakravorty's profile image

mala_chakravorty shared a tip "Just finished Sea of Lost Girls by Carol Goodman. Very good!"

Tiara Vazquez's profile image

tiara_vazquez shared a tip "So far, my fave is Madam by Phoebe Wynne. You?"

wyntyr_oberlin shared a tip "The main character is so human and the story’s twists and turns leave you out of breath. Her best book but Don’t tell Momma."

Tareyn Osborn's profile image

tareyn_osborn shared a tip "It kept me interested. Not as big of a twist as I was hoping, but it was a good read."

beth_musker shared a tip "Been a while since I read it, but I think it was pretty good"

kelly_nesbitt-cullon shared a tip "Quick read, different from what I generally read as it was a grab off daughters bookshelf, but in all kept me turning the pages."

Gerald Herrera's profile image

gerald_herrera shared a tip "It was unpredictable! There was so many twists and turns you never knew what was going to happen next!"

Kayla Swann's profile image

kayla_swann shared a tip "Love it!"

nikki_barry shared a tip "Yes! I’m a huge fan of all of Gillian Flynn’s books! They’re all page turners and suck me in"

Emily Sienicki's profile image

emily_sienicki shared a tip "I’m reading Animal by Lisa Taddeo and it’s absolutely insane and amazing."

Alyssa Stoesz's profile image

alyssa_stoesz shared a tip "Currently "An Anonymous Girl". I read "The Wife between Us" first and loved it ❤"

peggy_olson_8044 shared a tip "thank you …. can’t wait to read it"

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lindsey_miller_3079 shared a tip "I love this book so much. It’s a psychological thriller. Definitely worth the read. The end makes you so surprised."

Merrie Baldwin's profile image

merrie_baldwin shared a tip "Yes. I read it and watched the miniseries. It's really a disturbing read and watch. But Gillian is famous for that."

Danielle Banks's profile image

danielle_banks shared a tip "I have found the author Joshilyn Jackson—not murder mystery, but good. Karin Slaughter books are great!"

Mary Ann Dugan's profile image

mary_ann_dugan shared a tip "Both"

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sharon_reid_8993 shared a tip "The Goldfinch"

Katie Freeman's profile image

katie_freeman_8307 shared a tip "Sooo good and crazy twist at the end!"

Courtney Lespreance's profile image

courtney_lespreance shared a tip "Unfortunately no, everything I've started has been disappointing."

Amanda Copley's profile image

amanda_copley shared a tip "American Dirt. The vanishing half."

elaine_bergida shared a tip "Yes it was very good."

Sally Gobel's profile image

sally_gobel shared a tip "Yes on audiobook!!!"

Melissa Grégoire's profile image

melissa_grgoire shared a tip "Love this book so much! It’s a page turner. The beginning it’s slow but it’s worth it!"

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woozy shared a tip "Good! A little over-the-top, but an indulgent weekend read!"

Stephanie Edwall's profile image

stephanie_edwall shared a tip "Could not put this down"

Debra Ortiz's profile image

debra_ortiz shared a tip "I liked it."

dawn_g shared a tip "I like this one and Gone Girl the best out of her pieces."

Monah 's profile image

monah shared a tip "Very messed up story"

danielle_e_vega shared a tip "One of my Top 5 favorite books of all time. If you like a twisty novel, you’re in for a treat!"

wendy_white_9542 shared a tip "Just finished this.. great book!!"

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joanne_peterson shared a tip "No, but I want to! Have you seen it? Is it good?"

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real_fan shared a tip "Camille"

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amber_moore_4482 shared a tip "Loved this book!"

Maddison Black's profile image

maddison_black shared a tip "Extremely intense, not for the faint of heart"

Rose Lawson's profile image

rose_lawson shared a tip "It really is"

Kristen Lea's profile image

kristen_lea shared a tip "The whole story is a slow but tantalizing burn and that ENDING!"

Curly Sue Mae's profile image

curly_sue_mae shared a tip "Book was amazing!! The twist at the end ! Loved it so much! Highly recommend if you like twisted thrillers!"

lisa_knutson shared a tip "Good, who done it!"

Lexie Wheeler's profile image

lexie_wheeler shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy yes!! this was my first book of hers, but gone girl was soooo good. i really like her style and her twists"

Josie 's profile image

josie.sinclairrr shared a tip "This book was crazy but I loved it"

Stacee Pina's profile image

stacee_pina shared a tip "The kind worth killing! What about you?"

carrie_dudley shared a tip "The institute by Stephen king"

Madyn Lewis's profile image

madyn_lewis shared a tip "Gone girl!"

Katie Barbeau's profile image

katie_barbeau shared a tip "I read fierce kingdom by Ginn Phillips, it was awesome!"

Shawna Marx's profile image

shawna_marx_3459 shared a tip "The wife between us"

caeli willard's profile image

caeli_willard shared a tip "The author has found a way to make poetry a novel. It’s intense yet gentle, and I couldn’t stop reading it!"

Taylor Paget's profile image

taylor_paget shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book, finally an ending I didn’t suspect !!"

MAI THALIA's profile image

mai_thalia shared a tip "Short read but fantastic!! One of my top reads this year"

Emily Hutnik's profile image

notablyemily shared a tip "(Trigger warning for self harm) This book is phenomenal. I liked it better than Gone Girl!"

Suzy Ralls's profile image

suzy_ralls shared a tip "Shocking, memorable terrible tale told well"

britt_johnson_2046 shared a tip "I hated it but that’s why I loved it too"

Jennifer Nye's profile image

jennifer_nye shared a tip "Twisted and enthralling"

kiki_sharpe shared a tip "YES"

carrie_rayner shared a tip "Started watching it but didn't really like it... You?"

Poorvi Cowkur's profile image

poorvi_cowkur shared a tip "Like always, the book is way better than the TV show."

Heather Peters's profile image

heather_peters shared a tip "I love her writing."

Quintessa Richards's profile image

quintessa_richards shared a tip "Did not see the ending coming"

Danielle Lee's profile image

danielle_lee_9549 shared a tip "It's Gillian Flynn...... Do I need to say anything else?!"

Sam Mills's profile image

sam_mills_7835 shared a tip "Thats a tough one, my first book i read by her was Gone Girl and then i was hooked"

Nikki Jay's profile image

nikki_jay shared a tip "Flynn is an excellent story teller.."

kirsten_4960 shared a tip "The Green Mile #stephenking #booktomovie"

Chloe Medeiros's profile image

chloe_medeiros shared a tip "This book is a masterpiece!! So unsettling, so smart, and strangely funny."

hunniebunny bee's profile image

hunniebunny_bee shared a tip "Me too, I haven't really been able to find a book that gives me the same suspense yet."

mary_bain_5311 shared a tip "Yes!"

tracey_winkler shared a tip "I liked everything about it. Especially loved the tv series."

diane_melo shared a tip "Enjoy"

marisa_stouf shared a tip "Kept my attention the entire time and I couldn’t put the book down"

Alana Suplido's profile image

alana_suplido shared a tip "I read this book in one 13 hour period. It was that enticing."

Jennifer Mann's profile image

jennifer_mann_2377 shared a tip "I loved all of out but the ending was great. Do you?"

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kimberly_morris_5965 shared a tip "Nope I'm looking lol"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1623381502892 shared a tip "This book was fantastic. I couldn't put it down. The story line kept me drawn in and every page left me needing more. 4.5/5"

Lauren Lordi's profile image

lauren_lordi shared a tip "Quick read that leaves you unsure of who is who and what is what."

Heather Galbraith's profile image

heather_galbraith_8029 shared a tip "The Wives by Tarryn Fisher! It is a MUST read!"

Anahi 's profile image

anahi_3746 shared a tip "Yes! Absolutely"

Trevor Brooks's profile image

brookstrevor shared a tip "Second half of the book really got me"

madison_mcbirney shared a tip "yes!!!"

Maude Doiron's profile image

maude_doiron shared a tip "really good"

AJ Knott's profile image

aj_knott shared a tip "A little long winded in the beginning, but still really good. The writing has... whimsy, which I love."

lexie_mitchell shared a tip "Not a feel good book but I LOVED it!"

Jaylen Houlihan's profile image

jaylen_houlihan shared a tip "4/5 ⭐️"

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