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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “A superb suspense writer…Brava, Ruth Ware. I daresay even Henry James would be impressed.” —Maureen Corrigan, author of So We Read On “This appropriately twisty Turn of the Screw update finds the Woman in Cabin 10 author in her most menacing mode, unfurling a sho

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Author Ruth Ware

Pages 352

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2019-08-06

ISBN 1501188798 9781501188794


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Darya 🖤's profile image shared a tip "Super sad story. Interesting and suspenseful, but don't expect a happy ending :("

Courtney W's profile image

cw_5986 shared a tip "I enjoyed it, not a favorite. The ending was decent, not great. Left unanswered questions."

Canda Dixon's profile image

canda_dixon shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Dasha Kiryushina's profile image

dasha_kiryushina shared a tip "What was that ending about??? So confused, so many questions!!! Omg…"

Heather Ayers's profile image

heather_ayers_9346 shared a tip "This book was sooo good. Until the end. What the heck?!? I’m left sitting here wondering what the heck happened to Rowan/Rachel😩"

Emily G.'s profile image

emgonz0 shared a tip "7/10, I was actually bamboozled"

reese_battles shared a tip "I love Ruth ware’s writing style. Her plot twists are fantastic"

Chloe 's profile image

chloe_3419 shared a tip "It got good 3/4 of the way through, and the last page was unbelievably laughable. "

Tamara Self's profile image

tamara_self shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Lizzie Donahue's profile image

lizzie_donahue shared a tip "I just finished … and that was a very unexpected ending. One of my favorites now."

Sarah Womack's profile image

sarah_womack_4083 shared a tip "336 pages"

chris_chagnon shared a tip "Was a great read! Would recommend for a good psychological thriller"

Maura Schroeder's profile image

maura_schroeder shared a tip "My favorite of all her books!"

Liz 's profile image

liz_presnell shared a tip "LOVE THIS ONE!! I love the ghost story vibe!"

jamierae shared a tip "Not bad but not great. Kind of anticlimactic in my opinion."

Emily Gramaglia's profile image

emily_gramaglia shared a tip "Ruth aware always seems to throw the best twist into her books! I love them!"

Lushina 's profile image

Lushina shared a tip "Got kind of bored"

laura_lapointe shared a tip "Kept me guessing until the last page. Ruth Ware really has a way to build a story and immerse you in it. Loved it!"

r_282 shared a tip "This book was a page turner and was really good to read!"

Zoë Jenkins's profile image

zo_jenkins shared a tip "My all time favorite Ruth Ware book, the suspense and story were absolutely incredible, I could not put it down."

Amanda Leigh's profile image

amanda_leigh_1600 shared a tip "Loved this book! Did not see the twists coming! Read the entire book in only a few days!"

Leo Sherman's profile image

Nicolas_Helmer shared a tip "Oh I loved the secret garden that Maddy took her too"

sara_crane shared a tip "pretty fast read. had a few crazy twists at the end that i was definitely not expecting."

Brittany Farrell's profile image

brittany_farrell_932 shared a tip "The ending was one of the worst things I’ve ever read and it ruined the entire book for me"

Jody Baer-Swanson's profile image

jody_baer-swanson shared a tip "Pretty much a variation of 'Turn Of The Screw', but an easier read in my opinion."

brianna_diaz_6438 shared a tip "We turn a key and u don’t stop turning pages"

Brandilyn MacQueen's profile image

brandilyn_macqueen shared a tip "LOVED this book. Couldn’t put it down! Absolutely recommend"

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "April read"

melissa_giacco shared a tip "The housemaid right now"

Tacita Hayes's profile image

Cita shared a tip "The ending... ugh loved. Also the perspective it was written (her to her lawyer)."

Teddie Pearson's profile image

teddie_pearson shared a tip "Soo good"

Tania Carter's profile image

tlcgroomer shared a tip "Didn't expect the ending."

alexandria_naas shared a tip "I was not bored for 1 second while reading this book. High intensity from the beginning and holy sh*t the twist at the end 😱"

Lindsay Repp's profile image

lindsay_repp shared a tip "Was actually surprised by the ending"

Lindsay Repp's profile image

lindsay_repp shared a tip "Not yet, what do you recommend?"

Marla Ezzell Warren's profile image

marla_ezzell_warren shared a tip "I love everything Ruth Ware writes!"

Stephanie Schmidt's profile image

stephanie_schmidt_9656 shared a tip "One of Ruth Ware's best books."

kim_h_2718 shared a tip "Great book! Listened to it as an audiobook. Great narrator, didn’t want to stop listening."

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becky_b_590 shared a tip "Me too! Me too!"

ariel mayfield's profile image

ariel_mayfield shared a tip "Apples Never Fall. Any recommendations?"

Jen Birnbaum's profile image

jen_birnbaum shared a tip "Fabulous book… edge of your seat!!!!"

April Ruckman's profile image

april_ruckman shared a tip "Me too, this book was my first Ruth Ware book.... shes an amazing auther!"

Minda Johnson's profile image

minda_johnson shared a tip "It was a really slow build up and burn with less than mysterious twists."

Tori Petty's profile image

totallyyyytori shared a tip "Loved this book. Passed it down to my sister and she loved it"

Martina Prior's profile image

martina_prior shared a tip "This was such a great read . Also loved the fact that it is set in the Scottish Highlands . Just an added bonus"

Jacqueline Ponce's profile image

jacqueline_ponce shared a tip "Loved the twist and plot of this book! It was entertaining from start to end! Great thriller."

cressida_schaarschm shared a tip "This is what I’m reading now"

cressida_schaarschm shared a tip "It has a twisty end"

Adeline Slater's profile image

adeline_slater shared a tip "I did too. I am reading a history of wild places right now."

Samantha Davis's profile image

samantha_davis_4888 shared a tip "Just wrapped it up... couldn’t put it down. So good!"

Athena Lam's profile image

nerdygiraffe shared a tip "A great mystery book that kept me company during quarantine! Kept me thinking all along, and the ending still surprised me!"

Chelsea Swasey's profile image

chelsea_swasey shared a tip "Page turner. The ending had me shaking."

Chelsea Swasey's profile image

chelsea_swasey shared a tip "Page turner, keeps you wanting to read more"

Ashley P's profile image

ashley_p_9077 shared a tip "Unexpected twists. Really great read! Highly recommend"

J S's profile image

jasminereads shared a tip "Really nice read, lots of twists and turns and full of suspense."

Connie Schroth's profile image

connie_schroth shared a tip "Ruth ware is good!"

Brandi 's profile image

brandi_hickenbottom shared a tip "Had me hooked until the last page!! I didn’t see the ending coming!"

kya_whirley shared a tip "I LOVED this book! I think it is one of Ruth Ware's best books!"

Alexis Blackwell's profile image

alexis_blackwell_9263 shared a tip "one of my favorite books i have ever read!!"

Elizabeth Stueber's profile image

elizabeth_stueber shared a tip "Excellent author. All of her books are great."

Shelby Ford's profile image

shelby_ford_817 shared a tip "A good, spooky book. The ending… wow! Definitely didn’t see it coming."

ce_7624 shared a tip "The ending really hits hard."

Brandi Koziak's profile image

brandi_joy shared a tip "Very entertaining with enough intrigue to keep you wanting to turn the page."

georgia_stephens shared a tip "incredible!!!! Loved everything about it"

connie_masters shared a tip "This is possibly my favorite of Ruth Ware, but you really cannot go wrong with any of them!"

Sanah Ahmad's profile image

sanah_ahmad shared a tip "Such an amazing author!! I love all her books."

crystal_ourique shared a tip "I was hooked throughout the entire novel. I had such a hard time putting this book down, especially towards the end. Sooo good!"

Donna Carlino's profile image

donna_carlino shared a tip "Recently read this. I usually have it figured out before it ends. But, this I didn't. Not till the very end! Excellent"

joanna_9045 shared a tip "So many read"

Miranda Trevino's profile image

miranda_vasqz shared a tip "Read it in two days with a toddler! It was great until the very end."

Debbi Holihan's profile image

debbi_holihan shared a tip "Ruth Ware writes great mysteries with female leads."

Chanel Privett's profile image

chanel_privett shared a tip "I just read an ARC of Influenced by Eva Robinson that was really good :)"

Chanel Privett's profile image

chanel_privett shared a tip "I just read an ARC of Influenced by Eva Robinson that was really good :)"

Barbara Perez's profile image

barbara_perez_6438 shared a tip "One of my favorite mysteries ever! So creepy!"

Kristy Buschle's profile image

kristy_buschle shared a tip "An amazing read! You will love this book!"

Ashley Fiala's profile image

ashley_fiala shared a tip "Finished this book within a week. Love the science and suspense in this."

amber_braaten shared a tip "Loved the story, didn’t see the ending coming"

Kyle Paterson's profile image

kyle_paterson shared a tip "Very worth it. Keeps you wanting to keep reading."

Julia Suzanne's profile image

julia_suzanne shared a tip "yes for sure!! have you read any others of hers?"

megan_healy_1482 shared a tip "Heart-pounding. Couldn’t put it down!"

Anna Merkel's profile image

anna_merkel shared a tip "Just finished this book! Loved it, and a lot of surprises towards the end of the book that’s for sure!"

Anna Merkel's profile image

anna_merkel shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

seanna_3282 shared a tip "Really liked this one! It kept me guessing right to the end"

Kerry Christensen's profile image

kerry_christensen shared a tip "Awesome writing"

Sam Woodruff's profile image

sam_woodruff shared a tip "Love this book!"

Fay Etterpå's profile image

fay_etterp shared a tip "There were moments in this book that actually scared me!"

amanda_dale_7034 shared a tip "Plot twists! Amazing"

Emily j's profile image

emily_j_3562 shared a tip "At first I didn't question anything but I should have. The twist is nothing I would have thought of."

Jacqueline Reyna's profile image

jacqueline_reyna_5859 shared a tip "Ware paints a chilling picture of the environment, and keeps you guessing"

Allie Jo Mann's profile image

allie_jo_mann shared a tip "Favorite book EVER. I was on the edge of my seat up until the end."

kim_3052 shared a tip "This was a great book!"

Laura Cundiff Coburn's profile image

laura_cundiff_coburn shared a tip "Enjoy the plot twist! I'm jow on a mission to read all her books."

Jessie Coles's profile image

jessie_coles shared a tip "This one book is mystery"

cindy_senke shared a tip "Intriguing"

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