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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   From the author of Survive the Night and Final Girls comes a tense and twisty thriller about a summer camp that’s impossible to forget—no matter how hard you try. Two Truths and a Lie. Vivian, Natalie, Allison, and Emma played it all the time in their cabin at

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Author Riley Sager

Pages 400

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019-04-02

ISBN 1524743097 9781524743093


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wine_bar shared a tip "Read this in three days. Looking forward to the upcoming amazon prime series based on this. Great twisty ending. Loved it."

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "7/10"

Sophie Leblond 's profile image

sophie_leblond shared a tip "God I loved it. I loved the ending and I didn't saw the ending. I give it a 9/10, I really suggest that book."

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rebecca_close shared a tip "This book will keep you guessing until the end. Riley Sager has definitely moved to my list of favorite authors."

brandi_carson shared a tip "Enjoyed!"

hallie_a shared a tip "LOVED this book! I wasn’t expecting the ending at all. Huge plot twist!"

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amanda_berrey shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Sergio Hernandez Palomares's profile image

sergio_hernandez_pa shared a tip "Great plot twist that ties all the loose ends"

Kayla Dee's profile image

kayladee27 shared a tip "One of the best books I read this Summer. The Private series meets All the Missing Girls"

Jessica  Davey's profile image

jessica_davey_8097 shared a tip "The past returns to haunt you"

Melissa Griffis Capps's profile image

melissa_griffis_cap shared a tip "The end was so good. I didn’t see that end coming!"

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elizabeth_jackson_6033 shared a tip "Genuinely caught off guard by the ending! A very good book."

Shawna Monroe's profile image

shawna_monroe shared a tip "I love Riley Sanger’s writing. He does not disappoint"

Hannah Foster's profile image

hannah_foster_9605 shared a tip "One of my favorite authors and I give the book a 5⭐️"

Ariana McClain's profile image

ariana_mcclain shared a tip "This one was my favorite Riley Sager book."

Nicole Doucene's profile image

nicole_spriggs shared a tip "If you don’t read thrillers, read this one. Absolutely captivating and exciting from the very first sentence. Must read."

Kaylee Conta's profile image

kaylee_conta shared a tip "Phenomenal storyline, with a plot twist. Highly recommend 4.4/5😁"

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "HOLY COW! This one had a twist that I didn't figure out. So worth the read."

laura_1920 shared a tip "Loved the summer camp vibes and the end was really good."

Shelby Rose's profile image

shelby_rose_6941 shared a tip "Such a good thriller!!! I didn’t even guess the ending!!"

Mandy Crider's profile image

mandy_crider shared a tip "My absolute favorite Sager book!"

Jillian Hartmann's profile image

jillian_hartmann shared a tip "The book started off pretty slow in my opinion, but I ended up getting drawn into solving the mystery."

tiffany_glascoe_9608 shared a tip "The twist made my jaw DROP!"

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victoria_723 shared a tip "Always a twist with Riley sager!"

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victoria_723 shared a tip "Have you ever tried the other woman? Really good twist!"

kya_whirley shared a tip "I couldn't put it down! Kept me guessing the whole book!"

Lauren Bresky's profile image

lauren_bresky shared a tip "So suspenseful and crazy turns"

Lexi Jones's profile image

lexi_jones_1883 shared a tip "Super good. I burned through it."

Alexis Fisher's profile image

alexis_fisher shared a tip "It was an awesome suspense novel with lots of unexpected twists!"

Molly Glover's profile image

molly_glover shared a tip "Written very well and I love all the twists!"

Abigail Little's profile image

snicket shared a tip "I LOVE the setting of this book. It’s almost its own character."

Kerri Petersen's profile image

kerri_petersen shared a tip "Yeah, I liked it a lot! I'm a fan of Riley Sager 😊"

Katrina Riggle's profile image

katrina_riggle shared a tip "Great quick thriller read! Same tone as If We Were Villians but a little quicker read."

anna_fischer_7576 shared a tip "Loved the surprising twists! I was genuinely shocked."

December O'Sullivan's profile image

december_osullivan shared a tip "Great mystery with a twist I did not see coming that came together beautifully in the end"

magses shared a tip "Hooked me from the start. It was a great mystery up until the end."

Amber Lynn Mancini's profile image

ambmannn shared a tip "So many twists!"

Liv Lively's profile image

livlively shared a tip "Very out of the box thriller"

Mackenzie Devlin's profile image

mackenzie_devlin shared a tip "Honestly this is my favorite Riley sager book."

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theresa_white_2313 shared a tip "I love a surprise ending"

alex_prime shared a tip "4/5"


brittney_ewing shared a tip ""

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amber_bell_7388 shared a tip "I like how it kept me wondering…good twist at the end!"

morgan_benner shared a tip "The ending caught me so off guard. Definitely a good book to read if you liked verity."

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