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Author Frank Herbert

Pages 704

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2005-08-02

ISBN 0441013597 9780441013593


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Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a lot of fun to read,a classic sci-fi book!"

Em&Ems 's profile image

emily98 shared a tip "I don’t get why many don’t like the book, the imagery you get from the text is amazing ❤️"

Book Hooked Kate 's profile image

kate_lunarskye_212 shared a tip "Is this worth the read? My dad didn’t like it much and he loves sci-fi like foundation. So just curious!"

Easton Guspyt's profile image

Easton2211 shared a tip "9/10"

Logan G's profile image

logan.g shared a tip "An extremely unique SiFi with a great plot and that's wonderfully written."

Emily Calleja's profile image

embeckini shared a tip "VERY very good. Dune is exciting and detailed, I loved this first installment, but am struggling with its sequel."

WitcherSchooloftheFox 's profile image

witcherschoolofthef shared a tip "An easy read with awesome world-building"

Alex McCain's profile image

alex_mccain shared a tip "Others tell me it's a great book. I think it's just not my genre."

Annabelle 's profile image

annabelle_lr shared a tip "5/5 Great for people who love a really detailed book. Intricately crafted universe and drama, filled with mystery and intrigue!"

Dragon Army's profile image

DragonArmyBooks shared a tip "Anyone excited about the upcoming Dune movie?"

Zenith 's profile image

space_goat shared a tip "Beloved for a reason. This book is definitely worth the read, the world-building is insane"

kirsten_charles shared a tip "Wow… If you think about the story and imperialism in the Middle East I think this will really be illuminating book for readers"

Skip Rooney's profile image

skip_rooney shared a tip "So boring!!!"

griimoiir shared a tip "A classic, must-read, foundational sci-fi space opera."

Shayzden Morrisseau's profile image

shayzden_morrisseau shared a tip "i love it so much"

Thash Machine's profile image

thash_machine shared a tip "Franks worldbuilding in this book captures religion,cultual practices and politics that are rich in story and meaning"

Em 's profile image

_em_ shared a tip "is this worth the read?? or should i skip and just watch the movie..??"

Loida Milian-Gonczarow's profile image

loida_milian-gonczarow shared a tip "This book entwined you in the imagery abd the characters. I ate this book up!"

Derice Edwards's profile image

namelessking007 shared a tip "After seeing the recent film, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I had to pick up the book. Already bought Dune Messiah!"

Latimer Johnson's profile image

latimer_johnson shared a tip "Yeah the first page 😂"

Tina Vandevalk's profile image

tina_vandevalk shared a tip "To dry"

susan_daniluk shared a tip "Lately: The House in the Cerulean Sea (TJ Klune) & Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman)"

bradley_lytle shared a tip "I’m listening to 1984 now. And the Star Wars High Republic series!"

K The Grey's profile image

k_the_grey shared a tip "Classic"

Vianey Asalyn's profile image

vianey_asalyn shared a tip "currently rereading :)"

eric_grimes shared a tip "Takes a little while to get hooked but great once you do."

Rachel Hana's profile image

rachel_hana shared a tip "I read the whole dune series"

compassion_riley shared a tip "Read it and or watch it."

compassion_riley shared a tip "Awesome book"

manon_ee shared a tip "The audiobook made this fly by, but I think it would have been a bit of a slog to read the full book."

nevaeh_9577 shared a tip "Same I am looking for the next :)"

robyn sukatski's profile image

robyn_sukatski shared a tip "Circe by Madeline Miller, you?"

ayron_con shared a tip "One of the goats"

Corgiandbella 's profile image

Corgi_And_Bella shared a tip "Hunger games divergentaze runner legend"

Turone Greenwood's profile image

turone_greenwood shared a tip "Excellent world building"

Bigmangeek 's profile image

Bigmangeek shared a tip "Greatest sci-fi novel ever written in my opinion!"

Alaina 's profile image

alainamnt23 shared a tip "From Mr. Phethean (3rd favorite book)"

Emma Hill's profile image

ehillwrites shared a tip "An Abundance of Katherines, by my friend’s request 😢 I really want to reread I, Robot again though!"

Jessica Floyd Alexander's profile image

jessica_floyd_alexa shared a tip "All political intrigue and world building."

john_paul_7037 shared a tip "If you’re looking for an intro to Science Fiction, this is the one."

kimberly_8199 shared a tip "Right now I'm reading "Out of the Dark" by David Weber. Different sort of book I think but well written so far"

michael_la_grassa shared a tip "Take your time reading it. Its a densely populated sci-fi epic that deserves all your attention."

Aya Knowledgegod's profile image

aya_knowledgegod shared a tip "good world building"

Tyler Atwood's profile image

shimloo shared a tip "Loved it, American classic"

Riley Kelley's profile image

riley_kelley_2517 shared a tip "I have never read the novel but I watched the movie. I would like to give it a read."

Jim Eddinger's profile image

jim_eddinger shared a tip "Currently reading Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown."

Alex Brooks's profile image

alex_brooks_6274 shared a tip "Just started the Wheel of time, also reading Currency Wars, The End is Always Near, and project Hail Mary"

Payten Springs's profile image

payten_springs shared a tip "I just started this. Does this book get less confusing?"

sean martin's profile image

sean_martin_4454 shared a tip "I haven’t read this one actually ! It’s up next after the Witcher series of books :) really looking forward to it"

Ajmal Haneef's profile image

ajmal_haneef shared a tip "Fantastic book 😍"

Matt Wiercinski's profile image

matt_wiercinski shared a tip "Such a great read. The storyline and character development is amazing."

Hannah Madsen's profile image

hannah_madsen shared a tip "Excellent sci-fi, immersive world building, vivid characters"

Wil White's profile image

wil_white shared a tip "It’s one of my all time favorites"

Krista Lane's profile image

krista_lane_6372 shared a tip "The Giver"

victoria_newton_5055 shared a tip "I remembered this from elementary, than read it again more recently. Still good"

jari_edinger shared a tip "Hmmm probably the duel with Jamis. How about you?"

James Hudson's profile image

james_hudson_19 shared a tip "Treachery, prophets and jihad. Quite the story and a wonderful novel!"

mark_3507 shared a tip "What Lord of the Rings is to fantasy, Dune is to sci-fi. There would be no Star Wars without Dune."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "5/10"

Lisa Armstrong's profile image

lisa_armstrong_5783 shared a tip "Really enjoyed this book. It came as a surprise. But it was a great read."

lewis_graves shared a tip "My last book, the Atlantis gene, a three book series"

luke_ponnet shared a tip "All that me fav"

Jennifer Walker's profile image

jennifer_walker_6552 shared a tip "When the find out the truth about Spice."

zach_denning shared a tip "Read faster than I thought it would. The ending was a bit abrupt and left you wondering what happens after."

N B's profile image

n_b_6145 shared a tip "It was amazing🤙🏻"

Kim Christensen's profile image

kim_christensen shared a tip "I became an Earth science teacher because of the influence this book had on me in my youth."

King lord Billiard's profile image

king_lord_billiard shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet but I ordered the audiobook version"

Sandra Collins's profile image

sandra_collins shared a tip "Love love!!"

kathy_libby shared a tip "A very deep story a great series"

Carri Sue 's profile image

carri_sue shared a tip "I love the sand worms. The whole of book is unforgettable. It's been a while, I need to reread it."

oscar_hernandez_2925 shared a tip "The rich tapestry woven by Herbert combines science and religion in an immersive world."

Norman Prather's profile image

norman_prather shared a tip "The use of ecological science as a political tool was facinating. The socio-political dynamics were compelling as well."

kahnr tesla's profile image

kahnr_tesla shared a tip "Definitely"

Maya Babeanu's profile image

mothpuddle shared a tip "One of the best books i have ever had the pleasure of reading... can’t reccommend this enough."

Wade Webster's profile image

wade_webster shared a tip "I'm still finishing up the sequels, but this one is pure gold."

Anthony Michalski's profile image

anthony_michalski shared a tip "Hello. I haven't finished the book yet😉"

Iris Garza's profile image

iris_garza shared a tip "Been wanting to start this series for a while now!"

Eli Scott's profile image

elijscott shared a tip "I think so, yes. A seminal work whose influence can be seen in more recent SciFi/Fantasy."

sarah_4262 shared a tip "So excited for the movie!!"

marty_sanchez shared a tip "Yes! Highly recommend it."

lara_ullman shared a tip "I just loved it. The “fear is the little death” quote stuck with me."

Christopher Loiodice's profile image

christopher_loiodice shared a tip "The Rage of Dragons by Evan White"

deborah_lynn shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

Zoe Grace's profile image

zoe_grace shared a tip "The book is a classic and worth a read. I read it for the first time and was totally entranced by the story!"

BrianAimee Kruse's profile image

brianaimee_kruse shared a tip "Project Hail Mary just wrapped up. Looking at When We Cease to Understand the World. Trying to find the next good science read."

Winsor 's profile image

winsor shared a tip "Great book!"

KaEllin Brown's profile image

kaellin_brown shared a tip "Right now I'm reading through several of David Baldacci series"

Stephanie Berman's profile image

stephanie_berman_6670 shared a tip "I would read the first one lol"

Brianne Johnson's profile image

brianne_johnson_5020 shared a tip "Epic involved but not too confusing. Take your time with this one."

samuel_robert shared a tip "I love the dune saga I find frank herberts writing style fantastic and his ideas to be profound."

teri_eitzengraves shared a tip "Turner, if you like the Dune series, ( movie is ok also). Try Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern. Outstanding books."

Agent Of Orange's profile image

agentOForange shared a tip "Once you power through the beginning it's an awesome read!"

ryan_yan shared a tip "Ready by it rn it’s pretty good"

Owen 's profile image

owen_2018 shared a tip "Absolutely gripping, well thought out story"

Nathan Wasner's profile image

nathan_wasner shared a tip "Heck yes! It's one of my all time favorites. An amazing adventure!"

B Sal's profile image

b_sal shared a tip "My favorite book! Finally finished it!"

Faith Glaudel's profile image

faith_glaudel shared a tip "Worth it"

Bryan Gonzalez's profile image

bryan_gonzalez_4114 shared a tip "I never got to finish it😅"

ronald payne's profile image

ronald_payne shared a tip "Really amazing world building!"

jo_7556 shared a tip "There's a reason this is so hyped, it deserves it all!"

diana_2372 shared a tip "Definitely read the book first - the movie doesn’t do a good job of explaining the background!!"

Corey Edmonds's profile image

corey_edmonds shared a tip "It's a sci-fi classic for a reason!"

Aquatricot 's profile image

aquatricot shared a tip "I've read this twice already, keeps getting better!"

Michael Young's profile image

michael_young_2666 shared a tip "Still one of the best!"

Theodore Whalen's profile image

theodore_whalen shared a tip "Beautifully built sci-fi world, dynamic characters, and a feudal war to top it all off."

sillyswim shared a tip "Herbert is a science fiction mastermind."

Leon 's profile image

werewolv shared a tip "I've read this three times in the last three months and I still have no idea, truly, what's going on sometimes. Still love it."

katie_r0257 shared a tip "Classic sci-fi! Great book."

kl_9738 shared a tip "Loved this book so much! Great for those who enjoy the whole chosen one trope"

calvin_pepper shared a tip "Science"

Best Beekeeper's profile image

best_beekeeper shared a tip "if you're into intrigue and far-future, intergalatic sci-fi, it's a must."

Jordan Marshall's profile image

jordan_marshall_9099 shared a tip "Loved this ❤"

Larry Virden's profile image

larry_virden shared a tip "My favorite sf serious novel."

PiphTheHippie 's profile image

piphthehippie shared a tip "It took awhile to adjust to the changing perspectives, but I genuinely enjoyed this book!"

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