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Book one of the New York Times-bestselling All Souls trilogy—"a wonderfully imaginative grown-up fantasy with all the magic of Harry Potter and Twilight” (People).  Look for the hit TV series “A Discovery of Witches,” streaming on AMC Plus, Sundance Now and Shudder. Season 2 premieres January 9, 20

Author Deborah Harkness

Pages 592

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2011-02-08

ISBN 1101475692 9781101475690


Google 3.5


amy_miller_7366 shared a tip "I really enjoyed reading the series"

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moriah_deatley shared a tip "Love this book so much"

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wickedaveragemom shared a tip "I read the trilogy in three days! I couldn’t put it down!"

peggy_cunningham shared a tip "I enjoyed them and well with the read."

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carrie_doose shared a tip "read all series. slow sometimes but enjoyable"

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kimberly_carter_9261 shared a tip "Any book by Paula Brankston"

ashley_soulard shared a tip "Obsessed with the trilogy and the tv show"

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kim_sigelko shared a tip "Loved all 4 books in this series!"

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brooke_johnson_9648 shared a tip "Absolutely love this series! It may be slow in some parts but it is totally work it in the end!"

compassion_riley shared a tip "This is part of a series. It's pretty interesting, but has some dark themes in it along with romance"

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emily_mackay_2705 shared a tip "The books were highly entertaining and riveting... Harry Potter for adults!!"

cori_7828 shared a tip "The ending if this book or of the trilogy?"

amanda_lewis_5767 shared a tip "Absolutely!!! I love this book"

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kristen_white-woern shared a tip "Witches and history"

amanda_montya shared a tip "I have been loving the Bridgerton series right now. It’s a good read 😊 any books you are loving right now?"

tammy_burton_5833 shared a tip "I really liked it. It has everything I enjoy, super natural aspects, history, and a love story. 😜"

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jenna_hermany shared a tip "Honestly, the description of the library ^_^"

valerie_king shared a tip "Well written, fast paced and a steamy live story!"

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kayla_phillips_4477 shared a tip "Reincarnation Blues!"

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stacy_6052 shared a tip "It was an okay series for me. It needed more excitement."

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maria_steblyanko shared a tip "I think so. A bit soapy, but entertaining enough."

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teresa_3137 shared a tip "I've read it 2 times and listened to the audiobook 2 times."

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kathleen_currie shared a tip "Yes! When I wanted a nice easy and enjoyable read her writing style was perfect."

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nicole_russell_8018 shared a tip "A bit slow to begin but still kept me invested"

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curlymunroe shared a tip "Books binged.. audiobooks binged"

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rugbyprincess15 shared a tip "It's a bit long but if you like magic and mystery you should enjoy!"

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jordan_jordan shared a tip "A bit slow in the beginning but after a few chapters it’s amazing"

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alyshia_bondra shared a tip "One of my most favorite book series. Could not put the book down! Highly recommended!"

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tausha_griswold shared a tip "Love love LOVED these books!"

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roberta_colbert shared a tip "Do you watch the tv show"

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gaye_spivey shared a tip "My 2nd favorite show behind Outlander. Watch on Sundance."

devi_yungen shared a tip "Amazing book series. Couldn’t put them down. Re-read four times now."

cyra_kelly shared a tip "It was really good just finished it starting on the next book in the series now."

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amy_porter_3398 shared a tip "I just discovered the Throne of Glass series and am loving it!"

jackill shared a tip "Yes I'm reading a novel tittles Are awe There yet by Kathleen west but the genre is different. But an excellent book."

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rosa_jundt shared a tip "Yep!"

megan_benton_981 shared a tip "Sorry just now seeing this! Yes, I loved it. I thought it was worth it."

dar_9493 shared a tip "I loved this book! I couldn't put it down and I bought the rest of the books in the series."

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vesna_jasura shared a tip "I think so! 😜"

susan_peters_8138 shared a tip "It’s modern"

susan_peters_8138 shared a tip "It’s also part of a trilogy"

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brittany_anderson_6938 shared a tip "No not yet!"

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layla_reeves shared a tip "For sure the book! The actress in the show is a little meh."

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kianna_walls shared a tip "I personally love this whole series and it’s worth it IMO"

kailawyn flugum's profile image

kailawyn_flugum shared a tip "The grishaverse series!!"

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thechangeling_podca shared a tip "It is definitely worth it! Loved this book so much!"

jennifer_finley shared a tip "In this series or in general?"

theresa_ryan shared a tip "Everything"

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marian_arada shared a tip "It’s was a really good series."

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cathy_stoddert shared a tip "This trilogy is AWESOME. I’ve reread them at least 4 times. So good."

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jenny_collins_5499 shared a tip "I loved this series!"

nicole_240 shared a tip "Hi! I really like book 2 in general. I love the history stuff mixed in with the magic. What about you?"

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tracey_green shared a tip "It's the best quick read for a cool fall day!"

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alecia_veach shared a tip "I enjoyed every book of the All Souls Trilogy...had a hard time putting it down!"

leigh_hickerson shared a tip "This is a wondeeful gem! I love the magic entwined in a lovely story. It is also geared to an adult audience!"

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lanessia_miller shared a tip "I have only ready this series. It was fabulous."

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rhianna_bell shared a tip "Completely obsessed!"

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sabrina_wolfe_6692 shared a tip "Have you seen the show that SunDance is working on for this set? Book 2 season should be out soon if it isnt already."

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keshia_merkle shared a tip "Amazing trilogy!! I’ve read them probably 4 or more times!! Highly recommend if you like fantasy genre."

cassandra_tyler shared a tip "Absolutely loved the whole series!"

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amber_culver shared a tip "Bought hardcopies of the entire series and I've reread them all already."

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amber_cobbs shared a tip "My all time FAV series!!!! Will read again!!!!!"

victoria_harbin shared a tip "You’re welcome, it’s my favorite series!!!"

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nicole_strowenjans shared a tip "Loved this series!"

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sarah.lambert shared a tip "Intelligent and delightfully blends fantasy, history, and science. Slow burn romance for this book, but it pays off. Loved it!"

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rachel_k_1732 shared a tip "An amazing start to a wonderful series, a little magic, a little folklore, some romance and forbidden love."

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nicole_nicole shared a tip "Haven’t read the second, got bored. However the first is very captivating!"

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danica_mitchell shared a tip "Fast read, great flow."

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kate_anne_barber shared a tip "Loved this series! Had me waiting very impatiently for the next book to come out"

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meghan_aparri shared a tip "The best of everything. Science, mystery, slight thrill, and romance."

svitlana_obolenska shared a tip "Good book"

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candice_robertson_6740 shared a tip "Loved this book! The tv show follows it well. Of course the book is better."

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ashley_brown_5958 shared a tip "Loved how she mixed fantasy and history all in one trilogy. Wish there was more!!"

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rhonda_darlage shared a tip "Yea, this series kept me hooked the whole time. I loved the characters"

kristen_blanchette shared a tip "I liked the first book of the serious, but couodnt get into the test of them. Too slow and dragged out for me"

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deleted_user_1609207458447 shared a tip "Really really good. If your intrested in a love story with magic and a bit of a thriller you should read this series."

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kristy_biddix shared a tip "This book is a trip. Once I started I didnt want to put it down. Great love story."

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tina_ash_5174 shared a tip "Loved it!!!!!"

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autumn_uzonyi shared a tip "Great series, loved it. Trigger warning for rape in the last book for the first half though"

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andrea_dove shared a tip "Where's the next book. It had a very climatic ending with a cliff hanger"

akgarcia shared a tip "Amazing series!"

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stephanie_meredith shared a tip "@caitlin_praskovich i like this author, but I think this series is her best one"

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sarah_mcca shared a tip "This is an amazingly well written book. Its easy to immerse yourself in the world and invest in the characters lives."

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lauren_schaubert shared a tip "History, magic, and adventure"

Nicole Walsh's profile image

nicole_walsh_2304 shared a tip "In depth, wonderful development of characters"

connie_tylor shared a tip "Loved this story!"

kristy_harper shared a tip "Excellent read!"

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victoria_stamper shared a tip "While some of the character dialogue was unnecessary and over dramatized, I was still hooked to the complex plot development."

Cameron Paschall's profile image

cameron_paschall shared a tip "I think so. It reminds me of a more supernatural version of Outlander."

Lisa Clawson's profile image

lisa_clawson shared a tip "This is one of the few book series I have read more than once! It is one of my favorites!"

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jeenal_goyal shared a tip "Law abiding citizen is also really good one"

rachelle_9497 shared a tip "I am obsessed!!!!"

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sherry_mount shared a tip "I liked the whole trilogy. I haven't read any other books by that author"

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julia_b_3964 shared a tip "Love story with vampires, witches and daemons! Love all the characters"

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