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A sexy standalone novel* from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy!She’s about to make a deal with the college bad boy…Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area of her life, she’s carting around a full se

Author Elle Kennedy

Pages 445

Publisher Elle Kennedy Inc.

Published Date 2017-07-31

ISBN 0994054408 9780994054401

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noorah ꨄ's profile image

noorah shared a tip "3/5"

bookwormjammie shared a tip "Yeah i liked this one it had me laughing and smiling throughout the book"

Ally Frey's profile image

ally_frey shared a tip "A very fun romance. The chemistry is so there! Steamy!"

Layla🍦 's profile image

SKRUNKLE shared a tip "just started this book and i’m already in love literally. The bad boy/ sport obsessed with the “nerdy” girl is amazing💪"

Courtney Patterson's profile image

courtney_patterson shared a tip "I loved the relationship between the two characters. This book was funny and romantic! Would definitely recommend."

Laci Homann's profile image

laci_homann shared a tip "This book was sooooo good! I read it in a day. I could not put it down! 10/10 recommendation! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"

Carley Banna 's profile image

carley_banna shared a tip "I loved everything about this book! 🥰 anyone read the rest of the series? If so was it as good?"

Nat 's profile image

nat.aliee shared a tip "GARRETT HAS MY WHOLE HEART"

Naveen g's profile image

naveen_g_9286 shared a tip "I would say “The Deal” is probably one of my favourite books but I also love “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover! How about you?"

Reid Goudeau's profile image

reid_goudeau shared a tip "this series is just so amazing"

ciara_sanchez_6825 shared a tip "for now probably rebecca by daphne du maurier"

amber_yusko shared a tip "Sweet and romantic with mild spice. Highly recommend."

mya_smith_5676 shared a tip "Me to this was the book that I realized I did like reading I just had to find the right books"

Hannah Lalonde's profile image

hannah_lalonde shared a tip "10/10 absolutely LOVE this book!!! So cute, a little spicy, read TW beforehand though!"

Teniolalad Ladenegan's profile image

teniolalad_ladenegan shared a tip "Yes I do. She's really good"

Teniolalad Ladenegan's profile image

teniolalad_ladenegan shared a tip "Have you tried any of her works yet"

erin_darling_2543 shared a tip "I enjoy Elle Kennedy’s writing so much. This book was one of my favs. The characters are so awesome."

Naziba Radia's profile image

naziba_radia shared a tip "My all time fav is it ends with us and in off campus series the deal is my favorite one"

Adi Yurkov's profile image

adi_yurkov shared a tip "I’m in love with the books archers voice and November 9! (By Mia sheridan, and Colleen hoover) they are amazing books!"

Destiny 's profile image

destiny_1838 shared a tip "Me personally cannot answer that question lol. But I can ask the same question for you if you have read it. 😝"

Kadance Hare's profile image

kadance_hare shared a tip "Oooo probably ACOTAR or the the Series when Sinners Play. They are amazing!"

fanny_bernier shared a tip "Spicy and sweet in just the right way! Loved it!!"

emily 's profile image

emilyytibbetts shared a tip "wanted it to be better, kind of a let down, ending felt very rushed and overall didn’t like the main characters"

Chantal Antoine Adel Ghaly's profile image

chantal_antoine_ade shared a tip "The Mistake by Elle Kennedy"

Dany Villacis Lobato's profile image

dany_villacis_lobato shared a tip "Love this whole series. I can get enough of her writing"

Anna Dorflinger's profile image

anna_dorflinger shared a tip "such a fun & easy read. steamy and comedic, while still touching on important topics. everything you want in a new adult novel."

Bella 's profile image

bella_1234 shared a tip "garret is one of my new favorite book boyfriends. love love loved this. offcampus is my new fav series 5/5"

someone take me to HSLOT's profile image

vhackerr.supremacy shared a tip "yes."

Haeley Deck's profile image

haeley_deck shared a tip "I could not put this down… seriously, I almost missed school for this book! I can’t wait to read the second one!"

ashley_tabotabo shared a tip "Read this one early in the month and I did like it. I’m considering reading the rest of the series."

catherine_gross shared a tip "Loved this whole series."

Kailynn Ketelson's profile image

kailynn_ketelson shared a tip "one of the books i can read over and over"

liz_peterson_3912 shared a tip "Loved the storyline and character development. Read the whole series!"

jillmary 's profile image

jilly_reads shared a tip "Garrett 🔥🥵"

zyana_ shared a tip "finished this book in record time because i just couldn’t put it down"

Indra Yunen's profile image

indra_yunen shared a tip "5/5⭐️"

Shannon Tong's profile image

shannon_tong shared a tip "absolutely loved this book. garrett had my interest from the very beginning and hannah's character is very likeable"

Emily Groves's profile image

emily_groves_2612 shared a tip "Loved it and some **** in there"

kate_pittman shared a tip "No"

deborah_hadjadj shared a tip "No favorites but I just read one of us is lying which is fire and also a book called never have I ever"

J Lynn's profile image

jocelyn_nieto shared a tip "Great book and I love the whole off-campus series. I’m planning on reading the other Briar books as well"

Valerie Marie's profile image

valerie_marie shared a tip "Sexy and incredibly adorable"

Sonia bamba's profile image

sonia_bamba shared a tip "Loved it"

daisy pooh's profile image

daisy_pooh shared a tip "This book was really good. I absolutely love Garret he is just perfect for Hannah. 💕"

Kim Fletcher's profile image

kim_fletcher shared a tip "#romance #comedy #drama"

jordan_sanders_3293 shared a tip "I finished it in three days! I never wanted to put it down."

nico 's profile image

br4inr0t shared a tip "I loved Hannah as a character and her whole dynamic with Garrett was so healthy and refreshing!"

marilena_maiello shared a tip "Yes, so if you like this book you will LOVE the kings of rittenhouse"

marilena_maiello shared a tip "so the first one is Shamless king, Reckless king, Ruthless king, fearless king, and heartless king all by Maya Hughes"

marilena_maiello shared a tip "They are stand alones as well. so you dont have to read in order but i always do"

chante whyte's profile image

chante_whyte shared a tip "This whole series is so good!! 10/10"

Tati 's profile image

iiamtatii shared a tip "Such a great sport- romance book. It’s such an easy read and very addicting. I could not put down this book."

madisen_delong shared a tip "My favorite book of the series and one of my favorite books."

willow 's profile image

nataliarendon shared a tip "SUPER GOOD"

lauren_bee9 shared a tip "6/10 I liked the story a lot but the writing just wasn’t there. Even the sexy scenes were just hard to read."

Mary Grace reynolds's profile image

mary_grace_reynolds shared a tip "One of my favorite books"

Mary Grace reynolds's profile image

mary_grace_reynolds shared a tip "100% worth reading! This series is SO good one of my favs for sure!"

jessica_lucas_1851 shared a tip "Super fun read!"

Alondra Castillo's profile image

alondra_castillo_4039 shared a tip "Love the **** in this it is hot"

Courtney Colella's profile image

courtney_colella shared a tip "This was honestly so cute!! The perfect amount of spice with the perfect plot! Starting the 2nd book in the series now!"

meredith_klika shared a tip "I love Garrett everyone needs a Garrett"

meredith_klika shared a tip "Garrett ❤️"

wildania baez's profile image

wildania_baez shared a tip "It’s so good I love it they are my comfort couple so cute"

kimberly_6930 shared a tip "Beautiful characters having believable problems and growing together. 10 out of 10 would recommend"

LiNa Zheng's profile image

lina_zheng shared a tip "🌶🌶🌶"

Ashley Chauvin's profile image

ashley_chauvin shared a tip "Starting this book today! 📚 Has anyone read it? Don’t spoil anything if you have😂"

jasmine_richardson_1212 shared a tip "I loved this book😭❤️"

Brisaes Mitchell's profile image

brisaes_mitchell shared a tip "loveee this book def recommend"

Selena Knowles's profile image

selenaknowles shared a tip "garret graham. that’s it. that’s the comment."

Stefany Ogle's profile image

stefany_ogle shared a tip "SPICE"

zainab ailmahn's profile image

zainab_ailmahn shared a tip "i loved this book it's the perfect amount of spice not too much and it has the cutest plot absolutely recommend"

731 Taty's profile image

731_taty shared a tip "#smutromance"

Madison Reed's profile image

madison_reed_4261 shared a tip "This book had me hooked the whole time! Best college rom-com"

makenna_5301 shared a tip "I started to read shatter me series again I’m on the fourth. It’s definitely my favourite"

makenna_5301 shared a tip "It’s so good, I can’t wait to buy the rest of the books!!"

Kira Prentice's profile image

kira_prentice_4279 shared a tip "Yes 100% it is my favourite book in the series"

Courtney Monroe's profile image

courtney_monroe_4588 shared a tip "Love love this whole series"

Ève Lafrance's profile image

ve_lafrance shared a tip "Amazing I loved it the plot is so good and the chemistry is so exciting definitely recommend"

Sara Henley's profile image

sara_henley shared a tip "Read in one day! I love the fake dating trope!"

katie_white_6052 shared a tip "This book shows the love between two characters that is entertaining to read and i didn’t want to put my book down."

serena_eugene shared a tip "Garett Graham is everything simple"

reagan_lockwood shared a tip "It’s just amazing"

Chelsea Land's profile image

chelsea_land shared a tip "I loved Hannah and Garrett. Their banter was always so good and storyline was amazing."

Stefanie C's profile image

bookscoffeeandtruecrime shared a tip "Loved this book! Quick read. Great mix of cute and flirty with a little spice. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series."

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "My favorite in the Off Campus Series by far."

Lauren Lasso's profile image

lauren_lasso shared a tip "So good"

clara_beth_souter shared a tip "✨Garrett Graham✨"

mawadda 's profile image

mawadda shared a tip "literally my favourite book"

taylor Mcm's profile image

taylor_mcm shared a tip "Great romance!! I couldn’t put the book down"

Ash 's profile image

ashbrwn shared a tip "no man will ever top Garret"

crystal_truong shared a tip "I just finished The Truth About Heartbreak series and I loved that series"

Cool Moon08's profile image

cool_moon08 shared a tip "Good book, over all most Def one I think about a bit"

Ahleeya Nicola 's profile image

ahleeya_nicola shared a tip "Garret Graham 🥵"

Charles Cooper's profile image

charles_cooper_5618 shared a tip "Love the book. If you are a hockey fan who also love romance books it is a definite read."

Rachelle Santana's profile image

rachelle_santana shared a tip "Great book has a plot as well as s3x I’ll give it a solid 8.5/10"

Kallyn Hunter's profile image

kallyn_hunter shared a tip "Love this series"

Paper Clip's profile image

paper_clip_9963 shared a tip "Loved it’s child like feel and thought it was a heartfelt romance."

🥸 's profile image

maniac_ shared a tip "Very cute, lots of fighting and pushing each other’s buttons. Would end up doing anything for each other, and the tension grows."

Tationna Brown's profile image

tationna_brown shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book so much!! It’s one of my favorite books now"

Katie Usher's profile image

katie_usher shared a tip "Garrett is the BEST book boyfriend ever!!"

Bekha Embrey's profile image

bekha_embrey shared a tip "Spicy, sweet, and full of wit! The perfect quick romance read!"

molly_mck shared a tip "Yep… worth the hype."

Random Des's profile image

random_desirae shared a tip "interesting. very interesting."

Breanna Duong's profile image

breeduong shared a tip "garrett and hannah <3"

gracelyn_brown shared a tip "Perfect frenemies to lovers trope"

brittany_mcenroe shared a tip "This book is much deeper than the blurb let’s on and was so awesome."

emily_czajka shared a tip "Spicy"

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