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Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS's The Great American Read Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thin

Author Andy Weir

Pages 448

Publisher Broadway Books

Published Date 2015

ISBN 110190500X 9781101905005


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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "The book was even better than the movie"

Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "A terrific book. Hard science fiction at its finest"

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shemdani shared a tip "Love it!"

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Lisamorris shared a tip "A fun and engaging science fiction read"

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jess_effect shared a tip "Hilarious and very entertaining."

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Sarah.Maria shared a tip "Best as audible"

Hudson.Andrews shared a tip "Movie made me want to read this. Still planning on it."

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augusto_jose_trias shared a tip "i like"

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laura_littlefield shared a tip "It’s science heavy, but that doesn’t interfere with the storytelling. A hard thing to do, I imagine."

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jodilu shared a tip "A great book. Enough sci-fi without overwhelming, good comedy and and a lot of drama."

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seth_hibpshman shared a tip "Good book."

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rebecca_mcintosh shared a tip "Fantastic"

da_jaffe shared a tip "Favorite book of all time"

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dan_lefebvre shared a tip "Dune... Dune should be on everyone's must read list."

eric_jackson shared a tip "I have it on my bookshelf but haven't opened it yet! I'll definitely add it to my list to read soon"

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richmond_white shared a tip "It's a great book. Will Wheaton is the narrator for the Ebook. He does a great job"

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shannon_gill shared a tip "Pretty good movie"

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mike_francis shared a tip "I agree...and Michael Pena steals almost every scene he's in"

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hanxo shared a tip "Astronaut is stuck on Mars with nothing but science and his brain to get him back to earth"

Nathan Smith's profile image

nathan_smith shared a tip "What a gripping book! Full of science details, but easy to follow and enjoy. Really transports you to the surface of Mars."

Jeongmin Lee's profile image

jlee shared a tip "Also the scene of hacking an old computer in a vehicle was phenomena."

Jeongmin Lee's profile image

jlee shared a tip "To survive - It’s a serious matter in earth as well as in mars."

Elise Durand's profile image

elise_durand shared a tip "This book truly blew me away!!! I still think about it, years later."

joanne_garside shared a tip "Great read. The main character has a lot of wit about him."

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courtney_taylor_4754 shared a tip "Happy reading!"

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courtney_taylor_4754 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

quenot shared a tip "The audio book for The Martian is well done"

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check shared a tip "Way better than the film."

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anthony_dart shared a tip "Real great!"

Sartorius Swift's profile image

sartorius_swift shared a tip "Love the book, better then the movie."

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sutton_reads shared a tip "Great story that really draws you in. If profanity isn’t your thing, look for the school version."

nathan_shannon_8901 shared a tip "It really is! The movie is okay BUT the book is way better (like normal)"

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jenny_cook_5874 shared a tip "I enjoyed Hail Mary even more!"

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becky_trujillo shared a tip "I loved this book, the author kept to the science he created and it was full of laughs!"

lindsay_arnold_841 shared a tip "I don’t like science but I loved this book. It’s so funny! And it’s really about survival and humanity."

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tony_abbott shared a tip "It was I'm gonna science the sh*t of this. (or something like that)"

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some_kiddo shared a tip "One of my favorites. 😊"

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saunskar_mathew shared a tip "Yup! Enjoyed the book a little more though 😊"

Bryan Taylor's profile image

bryan_taylor shared a tip "I did and I really liked both of them"

jessica_steele shared a tip "This book was so amazing I loved every page the lengths that this man went to so he could survive is just out of this world"

Jacob Keeton's profile image

jacob_keeton shared a tip "I'm a big matt damon fan, so I really liked the movie. But enjoyed both very much."

Ryan Fortune's profile image

ryan_fortune shared a tip "Both were great but I'd have to say the book ultimately prevailed for me."

paige_pressler shared a tip "Possibly my favorite book of all time!"

Kevin Wildfong's profile image

kevin_wildfong shared a tip "I really enjoyed the movie and the book is just as good, if not better!"

Marie-Michèle Fauteux's profile image

marie-michle_fauteux_7708 shared a tip "It's been years since I've read it, but I remember being amazed at the potatoes and the end"

mozes_rodriguez shared a tip "Ready player two is awesome"

Mae Rhodes's profile image

mae_rhodes shared a tip "I’m reading “The Silent Patient” right now, but The Martian was amazing!!! I want his new book."

pwiese2 's profile image

pwiese2 shared a tip "Loved this book!! Surprised me that I did! Loved the movie too which follows book closely!"

Estrella Thoeni's profile image

estrella_thoeni shared a tip "I don't think i do, i like too many all the same level!"

Matt Gonzales's profile image

matt_gonzales_5980 shared a tip "Right now I'm loving Night Shift by Stephen King. I also can't wait to read Andy Weir's new book as well."

Mary Margaret Cottingham's profile image

mary_margaret_cotti shared a tip "Absolutely! I thought this book was hilarious and you really root for the main character."

Algamish Torres's profile image

algamish_torres shared a tip "I'm loving the orphan x books right now"

wendy_larsen shared a tip "Absolutely! I really enjoyed it!!! :-)"

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cindy_smith_8756 shared a tip "The movie was great"

Tiffani Nichole's profile image

tiffani_nichole shared a tip "I couldn't put this one down!"

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robert_powell_8017 shared a tip "It's a bit of a fun read."

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daniel_bonness shared a tip "I like the stormlight archive series by brandon sanderson"

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michael_kind_7807 shared a tip "Book is great, movie is good too but read the room first"

michael_romanenko shared a tip "I would highly recommend his new novel, Project Hail Mary, than."

joe_cornelius shared a tip "I really loved The Girl With All The Gifts...not the movie...the book."

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neel_patel_1800 shared a tip "Contact and Cosmos."

Nicole Dowding's profile image

nicole_dowding shared a tip "Great, grounded science fiction that is exciting while still being realistic."

Chris Farmer's profile image

chris_farmer_5305 shared a tip "Definitely, still trying to look for a book to top this this one though."

katlyn gillespie's profile image

katlyn_gillespie shared a tip "Right now I'm reading Easy Go by Michael crichton and it's pretty good."

collin_dudas shared a tip "Reading Hail Mary right now"

Deborah A Graves's profile image

deborah_a_graves shared a tip "Definitely! I have to say I thouroughly enjoyed the movie also but nothing beats the book. :)"

stevie_rhianna_brown shared a tip "Actually, being new here, I marked these more as a "to read."🙈🙉🙊"

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daniel_turner_2696 shared a tip "It seemed very plausible."

Matt Katz's profile image

matt_katz shared a tip "Really makes you feel like a middle aged astronaut trapped on Mars #GameReports"

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yoann_7694 shared a tip "Yes, definitely !"

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amber_petty_684 shared a tip "This one is sooooo good I loved it"

Elizabeth Dutan's profile image

elizabeth_dutan shared a tip "Love this movie so much,total recommend it to all the science lovers out there #action"

erika_baldassarre shared a tip "Yes I loved it actually!!!! I highly recommend"

ashley_bibliophile shared a tip "Suspenseful, witty, humorous and well researched. An excellent read!"

Christina Hammersmith's profile image

christina_hammersmith shared a tip "I loved it!"

Christena Rose's profile image

christena_rose shared a tip "I loved it! The book was even better! But Matt Damon killed it."

Michele Jones's profile image

scheherazade shared a tip "The book is far better than the movie, isn't that always the case? I loved the movie, and thought the book to be far superior."

Kathy Baehr's profile image

kathy_baehr shared a tip "Yes!"

Lisa Marchese 's profile image

lisa_marchese shared a tip "Hilarious and non stop action!"

Walter Sabine's profile image

walter_sabine shared a tip "Yes I have seen the movie"

Nicole Palacio's profile image

nicole_palacio shared a tip "One of my favorite books, I keep going back to it."

Cressa Moran's profile image

cressa_moran shared a tip "Yes. I do. His newest book hail Mary comes out this year and I liked it wvwn better than the Martian."

Karli Brophy's profile image

karli_brophy shared a tip "The movie was great, but the book made me laugh out loud. ❤️"

Stacey Chimilar's profile image

stacey_chimilar shared a tip "I have seen the movie. I watched the movie first actually."

Troy Grandel's profile image

troy_grandel shared a tip "Absolutely!"

claire_winters_1002 shared a tip "one of my all time favorites"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1622726090225 shared a tip "Definitely!"

Geoffrey Rankin's profile image

Ranks84 shared a tip "A little tough to get through at first but then I couldn’t put it down."

jessie_shu shared a tip "This book is hilarious and entertaining, and keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat. 110 out of 100!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1614011630408 shared a tip "Watched the movie first and loved it. Just finished the book, and loved it even more! Great humor and plot."

MandiJerry Sturgill's profile image

mandijerry_sturgill shared a tip "I almost couldn't put it down! Such a great read."

eric_savage shared a tip "Great science fiction and very funny at times too !"


rajat_patel shared a tip "Yes"

Danielle Pugsley's profile image

danielle_pugsley shared a tip "If you’re looking for something that you can’t put down, this book is it!"

Mark Rewald's profile image

mark_rewald shared a tip "Of course. Lived it. Book was way better."

Kassidee Batson's profile image

kassidee_batson shared a tip "Yes the movie was good but the book was great."

Isabel Rondo's profile image

isabel_rondo shared a tip "Hilarious 🤣"

Jessalyn 's profile image

jessalyn_6674 shared a tip "Love this book! Andy weir is very accurate in his science!"

Ali Berezin's profile image

ali_berezin shared a tip "So good! So so good"

Molly Gallegos's profile image

molly_gallegos shared a tip "Read it many times"

Elizabeth Oswalt 's profile image

elizabeth_oswalt shared a tip "I LOVE this audiobook. In my head Mark looks like Matt Damon and sounds like Will Wheaton. Perfect"

Kourtney Golling's profile image

kourtney_golling shared a tip "Yes I do"

Chris Quinn's profile image

chris_quinn shared a tip "Loved this book! Very funny and full of excitement"

Amber Ritz's profile image

amber_ritz shared a tip "Fantastic audio book!!! Made me want to buy a physical copy after listening."

David L. McPhillips's profile image

david_l._mcphillips shared a tip "Survival Tips"

Emma Herbison's profile image

cap_kaos shared a tip "This book had me laughing so much, but also at the edge of my seat!"

Melissa Marcantonio's profile image

melissa_marcantonio shared a tip "Losing Mars by Peter Cawdron, enjoying a lot of his first contact series"

Melissa Marcantonio's profile image

melissa_marcantonio shared a tip "Losing Mars by Peter Cawdron, enjoying a lot of his first contact series"

Samantha Paulino's profile image

samantha_paulino shared a tip "This is like putting Chuck Palahniuk on Mars with more structure. Amazing read."

jill_oughtred shared a tip "When looking through my past reads, I was reminded of ‘The Road’ . Do you like the dystopian genre?"

Gianni Tucci's profile image

gianni_tucci shared a tip "It’s a great book and keeps you at the edge of your seat."

Carl Hyman's profile image

carl_hyman shared a tip "Fantastic story and satisfying read"

Sean Reed's profile image

sean_reed_8332 shared a tip "Realistic sci-fi with fun characters"

Karyn Arnold's profile image

karyn_arnold shared a tip "I love Mark's witty sarcasm!"

Kim Groeger's profile image

kim_groeger shared a tip "Surprisingly upbeat! Amazing macgyver-like brilliance."

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